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Donna's College Feet
(Published on Thursday, January 27, 2005)
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Over the past several years I have written stories about my college foot experiences/fantasies. As foot lovers Iím sure that we all have had really fun and erotic experiences in our past that weíd like to remember. This story was written as a way for me to write down what I remember about Donna and our relationship. The following story is true.

The year was 1998. I had just gotten out of the service after five years on active duty. I was attending the University of North Carolina at Wilmington as a Political Science major. When I wasnít in class I was a work study student in the universityís Veteran's Affairs office. That is where I first met Donna.

One of my duties as a work study was to help other veterans get their GI Bill benefits going. Donna was NOT a veteran, but her father was, and she was entitled to education benefits. Donna came in one afternoon, and my boss asked me to help her. We went back to a private room to see what we could do for her. My first impression of Donna was that she was very friendly, and had a great sense of humor. We hit it off instantly.

That first meeting in the Veteran's Affairs office was in the late winter, and Donna was wearing a yellow sweater, khaki pants, and black boots. Donna was probably about 5'4" and 135 pounds. She had straight dark hair, which was worn down past her shoulders. She had flawless skin, which looked like a nice creamy white. Donna was from North Carolina, the COUNTRY too. She had a serious southern accent that was just a few steps below being annoying. If you would have heard her on the phone, and not seen her, you might have expected to see your typical trailer-park girl stereotype. Nothing could have been further from the truth. Donna dressed very well, almost preppie, and took very good care of herself.

As I mentioned before, Donna and I hit it off right from the start. Subtle flirting and making jokes. I would say that we were friends from the start. We began to see each other around campus, and our friendship grew from there. Sadly, I was married at the time, and she had a boyfriend, so there wasnít a real chance to take things much further than they already were.

I donít remember when feet first came up between us. However, I do remember that it was something we joked about before I had ever seen her feet. It was a cold winter, and she always had closed-toed shoes on. As the fall semester slowly turned into the spring semester, all that would soon change! During spring registration, Donna and I made sure to have as many classes as we could together.

One of the main reasons for writing this story, as I mentioned earlier, was a way to document our relationship. I donít remember anymore the first time I saw Donnaís feet, nor do I remember the first time I got my hands on them either. Iím sure the first time I massaged them was awesome, and I am pissed I canít remember it. Hence, writing this down before more details are lost.

Seeing as how I was married to someone who always wanted to know where I was, it was difficult for Donna and I to hang out after school. Donna had her own apartment (no roommates!) right down the street from campus. Since our spring schedule was done together, we ended up having all the same breaks, and would also skip classes together.

Iím sure if you are still reading this story that you are wondering when I was going to get to the foot stuff! I wanted to give you a sense of the relationship, and how it came to be. Now that we have established that, it's time to remember our foot fun.

Alright, it is somewhere in the late spring semester. Donna and I are sitting on her bed at her apartment. She is wearing blue jeans with running shoes, and white cotton ankle socks. Class is done for the day, and we have a few hours. We are sitting and talking. She is leaning back against her headboard with pillows behind her back. I am at sitting at the foot of her bed, of course! She gets a phone call, and I reach up and pull her feet into my lap. I slowly untie and remove each of her shoes. Her socks feel warm and slightly damp. Her feet donít stink, as in they arenít offensive, but there is a strong scent of sweaty feet. I put both socked feet up to my face, and smell her feet in her socks for a bit. She is just sitting there chatting away like nothing is happening at all.

I turn and face her on the bed, and bring my feet up on the bed with my knees bent. I cross my ankles to create a space between my knees that I place her legs in. Her legs are fully extended, and rest comfortably between my knees. Donnaís legs are supported around the middle of her calves, so I have total access to her feet.

I start by pushing the legs of her jeans back, massaging her feet over her socks. Donna has a well defined ankle, and I love the way her calves are joined to her feet by a narrow Achille's tendon. I make sure to bend and flex her feet while I massage them. The dampness of the socks is a real turn on. I need to see those bare soles, so I curl my fingers under the tops of her socks. I peel each sock slowly off of her pink heels one at a time. I take time to roll each sock off of her foot so I can watch every inch of her skin as it is exposed. Once her socks are completely off, I lean forward and plant kisses on the balls of her feet. Her ankles are held together side by side between my knees. As I kiss the balls of her feet, I am smelling her toes.

Donnaís feet are about a size six and a half to seven if I remember right. I just know they were smaller than most. I know everybody always describes a girlís feet in their stories as "perfect." I wish I had a better way to describe them, but they really were my ideal feet. Donnaís feet were small with a pretty high arch. Hers were well defined, and had great lines. The word "sculpted" really does a good job of describing them. Her arches curved in gradually from her heels, and her toes were well defined. They werenít small and pudgy, nor were they long and boney. The perfect combination of both, and tapered well from the big one on down. Donna had soft yet athletic feet.

That afternoon her toenails are painted a dark plum or a dark red wine type color. It contrasted nicely with her white toes. Once I had stripped her socks off, I just sat back and looked at her creamy, milky white soles. She had a freckle on the sole of one foot near her arch and heel. A few lines in her skin cris-crossed back and forth on her soles. I traced those lines with my finger as I stared in awe at what was sitting inches from my face. Her soles felt warm and kinda "clammy" from being in shoes and socks all day. I think the shoe and sock combo with the moisture from her socks made her soles extremely soft.

I started to lick and kiss the soles of her feet as she talked on the phone. I nibbled a bit on the underside of each of her toe pads, and the balls of her feet. My tongue would dart in between each toe too. She would twitch and giggle as I did it, still trying to talk on the phone. If the tickling with my mouth became too much, she would cover the receiver on the phone with a hand, and mouth playful protests motioning to me with her eyes that she was talking on the phone. I didnít stop.

Soon she was off the phone and playfully pushed me away with a foot as if to scold me for making her conversation difficult. I threw her legs off to one side and pulled her down from where she sat. We started to playfully wrestle, and she was strong, so it wasnít always easy! We tried pinning each other down on the bed, and I got her face down on the bed. I turned and straddled her legs, sitting back on her butt. I reached down and grabbed her ankles, and brought both feet up to the middle of my chest.

I remember looking over and seeing our refection in the large mirror Donna had on her dresser. We were laying perpendicular on her bed, and the image I saw was our profiles. I looked at her feet in the mirror, and I remember it was a really big turn on for some reason. It was kinda like I was watching all of this happen like in a foot porn flick or something. I leaned in and began to suck on each of her toes, and lick the soles of her feet with a fever. As I smelled, kissed, licked, and tickled Donnaís feet in that position, I watched every move in the mirror. I had her change positions a few times so I could watch from different angles. This session lasted a good while, and soon it was time for me to leave. Donna got up, went to the bathroom, and I stuck her tiny, sweaty socks in my pocket!

Since Donna and I were the same major, we shared most classes. One I remember specificly was "Women in Politics." It was an ironic twist for me to be placed in that class where the students numbered about fifty, and I was one of three guys in the class. In the warm months that class was a foot fetishist DREAM!! Being in that class reminded me of Greek mythology, and the story of Tantalus. Tantalus in Hades standing in a river with a fruit tree hanging over his head. He is starving and thirsty. Every time he reaches for the fruit, a gust of wind blows it right out of his reach. When he bends down to drink, the water flows through his hands. That is what I felt like being married, and being in a class such as that surrounded by feet. Anyhow, excuse the rambling!

Donna sat right behind me in the back of the class. During class she would sometimes slip one of her shoes off, and bring that foot around me and place it in my lap. I'd look down to find a beautiful bare foot laying on it's side with the sexy arch staring up at me. I'd stop taking notes, and massage that foot until it was joined by the other one. I loved it because the girls who sat around us would see all of this happening. They never made mention of it, nor did we know any of them, but I liked them seeing and knowing what I was doing with Donna's feet.

I had lots of quick memories about things that happened between us, but only a few complete memories. Needless to say, whenever we were around each other, Donna's feet were being played with!

The only other complete memory I have is the one and only time Donna came to my apartment. The wife (ex) was at work, and it wasn't long before she'd be home. Donna is wearing green pants with flip flops. Throughout our relationship, nothing besides feet ever happened. I think we may have kissed once or twice before, but that was it. This time we are on my sofa, and I am rubbing her feet. Somehow we end up making out hot and heavy, which hardly ever happened. Anyhow, I had been slobbering away on Donna's bare feet before we started making out. I knew from talking to Donna that she liked giving head, and it was always a big fantasy of mine to see my cock between those big lips of hers as I gazed at her soles.

So we are locked in a hard french kiss that shows the pent-up lust between us. We had been playing sexual games for months now, and she always knew how hard it made me to play with her feet. Sometimes she would touch a foot to it and wink about how impressed she was that I was so hard. As we made out, I took him out of his confines, and she bent down and took me in her mouth for a second. I tried telling her to lay on the sofa so I could see her soles as she sucked on me, but it happened too fast, and she stopped remembering our other relationship.

I laid her on the sofa, face down. Her feet were hanging off the arm rest on the couch, soles facing up. I knelt down behind the arm rest and went to TOWN licking her soles. I was sucking her toes and licking every single inch of her soles. I even lifted her feet up and licked the tops I was so horny. As I licked Donna's bare feet, I took my cock out and began to masturbate. Her flip flops were under me and I had a given serious thought to cumming all over them. For some reason I didn't cum for whatever reason. I can't imagine now, but I didn't. New memory from that afternoon was her kneeling on my balcony looking over the edge. I took a camera and snapped a few quick shots of her soles. Pictures that were later discovered by you know who and destroyed.

Our little foot fling lasted until I was accepted to a school in Florida and moved away. I had tried to keep in touch with her over the years, but contact has been sparse at best. I hope you enjoyed reading my memories of Donna and her great feet.

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