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Tina's Ticklish Sunday
Published on Monday, December 11, 2006

This illustrated story was submitted by Jim at

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Before I start a little background is in order. My girlfriend Tina and I have been together for three years and living together for the past two. Tina discovered my intense foot fetish on our first date, and it has been a part of our daily lives ever since.

Tina has probably the BEST feet of any woman I personally have ever dated. Her attitude towards the whole thing is great too. She is a realist when it comes to feet in the respect that she enjoys foot play, but it isnít some major fantasy of hers. She will do or let me do anything with her feet that I want to. Itís great.

Ever since we started dating, I have been taking photographs, and recently video of Tinaís feet in all different aspects of the fetish. Foot worship, foot smelling, bondage, tickling, dirty feet, foot sex; you name it. She is always a good sport when it comes to posing her feet. Here are a few pictures so you can see Tinaís feet.

So now that you have some background and images to imagine, Iíll continue with the story.

There is one guy I got to know on-line who went bonkers for Tinaís feet. He and I would write back and forth about her, and her feet. Well, it just so happens that this guy only lived about twenty minutes away from us.

He had asked if he could meet us someday, and Tina didnít have a problem with it, so I said sure. I had never seen him or talked to him in person, so I was somewhat nervous meeting him. He has a major tickle fetish, so we decided to come up with something a little different to try on her.

I gave him directions to our house, and we arranged a time for him to show up. I told Tina that I wanted to do a tickle set with her feet locked in my wooden stocks. She got cleaned up, and dressed up a bit for the shoot. About ten minutes before he was supposed to arrive, I locked Tinaís ankles in the stocks. From an eye bolt in the ceiling, I dangled a rope down, tied her wrists together, and pulled them up above her head. I secured a large blindfold over her eyes, and told her to get comfortable as I was setting up the tripod. She sat quietly as I asked.

Our guy arrived right on time, and I met him out front of the house. I whispered what room she was in, and went back to setting up the outside Christmas decorations. The room where Tina was faced, the backyard and the window was open. I wanted to give them some privacy, but stayed close just in case.

Not two minutes later I hear Tina burst out in laughter. Tina is extremely ticklish, and she canít handle a long session without breaks. It was SO wild to be outside near the window, and not be able to see what was happening, but to hear it all. Tina was doing a mixture of laughing, screaming, begging, and pleading.

The laughing stopped, and I peeked my head around the corner to see him placing small ropes around each of her big toes, and pulling them back to stretch her soles out. When I built the stocks, I screwed small eye bolts into the top of the stocks just for that purpose.

Once he had my girlfriend bound like he wanted, he went back on the attack. He was using his fingers, and a fork to assault her soft sensitive soles. Tina was bucking and thrashing around while laughing wildly. What happened next blew my mind. He gave her a break, and Tinaís torso hung limp for the rope holding her arms above her head. Her hair was a mess from thrashing her head side to side.

He leaned down, and began to lick the soles of her feet from heel to toe. He was licking every single inch of her soles, and also between each of her toes. He laid flat on his stomach, and used both hands to hold on to one of her feet while he licked the balls of that foot, and between each of her toes. His fingers were massaging the foot that his mouth was sucking. Tina began to moan and rock her hips while staying quiet. She was so getting off on it!

The best thing was that she thought it was me! After spending about an hour in there with her, he left the room. He met back outside, and he thanked me. We made a plan to do it again with her knowledge this time. It was a fun experiment though!

This illustrated story was submitted by Jim at

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