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Rachel's Audition
(Posted on Thursday, May 16, 2002)
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Rachel had always wanted to be an actress, and boy did she have the looks for it.  She was a perky 18 year old with long, flowing blond hair, piercing blue eyes and full rosy lips completed her fresh, pretty face.  She was excited, as today was her first audition.  Her name was called out; she entered the room and sat in a chair about five feet from the panel.  She was wearing a short black skirt that showed off her smooth, sexy legs and a white cotton tank top clinging to her pert, teenage breasts.  On her feet, she wore white sneakers with white ankle socks.

There were three men on the panel, one in his 40ís, one in his 50ís, and one in his 60ís.  All of them were looking her up and down. "Iím sorry Rachel, but the part has been filled.  Sorry to waste your time."

"But I came all this way!" Rachel said, visibly upset.

The older guy whispered to the younger.  "Rachel, we may have a part for you in a different film." he said looking at her shoes.  "I see you have very small feet.Ē

Rachel looked confused, "Iím a size 5 why?"

"May we see your feet?" The oldest man inquired.


"Young lady, you wont get very far in this industry by asking questions like that"

"Well ...o...ok then?" she said nervously The youngest of the three men walked round and knelt in front of her. He undid the laces on her tiny sneakers. Rachel pulled her feet away. "Iíve been delivering flyers all day in the heat, they probably smell pretty bad."

"Donít worry Rachel, weíve smelt many girls feet.Ē  He slipped of her shoe to expose her sock clad foot.  He held it to his nose and sniffed.  Her sock was hot and moist.

"W...w...what are you doing?"

"Shhhhhh, just relax.Ē  The eldest man was now taking off her other shoe and having a good smell.  Rachel blushed as she caught a whiff of her own smelly socks.  She felt a finger slip inside her little sock, and then he eased it off, slowly exposing her bare toes.  She wriggled them slowly.  Rachel hated every moment of this but she had no choice but to take it.  He buried his nose between her toes and
sniffed in the intoxicating smell of the smelly teenagers feet.  Her other sock was also off and the third man was now smelling her other foot too.  She sat there, an innocent 18 year old with three middle-aged men sniffing her feet at their smelliest.

The younger guy had her foot in the palm of his left hand and was softly stroking the top of her foot with his right.  "Rachel, your feet are very sweaty, may I ask when you last washed them?Ē

Rachel blushed intensely, "Iím sorry," she blurted out. "Iíve been wearing these sneakers all day and itís so hot outside!"

"Relax, itís fine." he said reassuringly, giving her big toe a light kiss. "Well Rachel, you have beautiful feet.  Small, slim, high arches, straight toes and not a blemish.  Carefully pedicured with milky white soles.  Excellent. Mind if we see what they taste like?Ē

ďWhat?  Why?"

Right then he licked all the way from her heel to her toes.

"Eeeeeeew," Rachel said as she covered her blushing sweet face with her hands.  Her feet were still warm and moist and tasted very salty.  The other two went to work on her other foot, one sucking her heel and one licking her soft sole. The first guy ran his tongue over the tips of her toes.  "Eeew, I canít believe youíre doing this to my feet, they stink!" she said from behind her hands.

At that point, he slowly slipped her big toe into his mouth.  He sucked it gently swirling his tongue on the underside.  He slipped it out, gave it a wet kiss and slipped it back in.  He went to work on her smaller toes while the other two took care of the toes on the other foot.  He licked under all of her toes before softly nibbling her smallest toe.  These were the smelliest, sexiest, teen feet he had ever worshiped.  He then placed all of her toes in his mouth at once licking and sucking them passionately.

He turned his attentions to licking her sweaty sole making sure no part escaped.  Only when every inch of her smelly young feet was dripping in saliva did they stop.  Her legs were still out stretched, toes pointing up. Rachel still had her eyes closed. Her legs were far apart which exposed her white, cotton panties. He gave her a soft kiss on the lips and said, "Thanks for coming in, weíll be in touch.  May we keep your socks?" holding them up to his nose.

Rachel just nodded and she slipped her stinky feet back into her sneakers, sockless. She stood up and walked quickly out the door, feet squelching in her shoes. I guess some girls just donít know a good thing!

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