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My Mom's Feet, Part 2
(Posted on Sunday, January 27, 2002)
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Like I said in part one, my dream was always to be my mom's footslave and her dog too !! but unfortunately she was not open mind like my Aunt Alice ( Please read Alice's Feet ) and I didn't know what to do to be at her feet .

My mother is a 53 years gorgeous woman with blond hair, green eyes and a pair of little white cute feet !!! These jewels was 37 with beautiful arches and the most delicious proportionnated toes like my Aunt's Alice toes !!! they are sisters right ? !!! I decided to be her slave maybe I could reach her feet one day … so, I began cleaning the house, cooking, washing dishes, being her chauffeur … she was very
surprised, and she tell me that I'am not obliged to do this !!! she said that she loves me even if I didn't do anything at all !!! Immediately I take her lovely hand and start kissing it :

" No mom !!!!! I must serve you !!!!!!! " and I increased kissing …

She didn't say anything, but she seams very surprised and she takes away her hand !!!!!

I made myself her slave for two month searching for the opportunity to be at her feet, but I haven't the chance until one day I saw my mom threw her bathroom
door taking off her panties to put it in the washing machine !!!! I couldn’t resist, so, I enter her bathroom and bow down in front of her on my knees ; she was shocked !!!! :

" what are you doing here ? " she asked me holding her used panties in her hand .

I decide to take my moove !!! so, I said to her : " Please mom !!! I beg you !!!!! let me wash your panties !!!!! please !!! " I begged to her . And before she reacted, I took her panties from her hand and I placed it on my nose and start sniffing
!!!!!! then I start kissing her panties with all my love !!!!!!

My mom's was staring at me with big eyes !!! she couldn't realise that her son was kneeling in front of her kissing and sniffing her used panties !!!!! But my surprise was most bigger than hers : " Ok honey, as you wish ; I give you the permission to wash my panties " she said and she walked away to leave the bathroom !!!

immediately I follow her on all my fours like a dog and I placed my head on her feet and start kissing and kissing !!!!!!!!! " thank you mom " I said .

" that's Ok darling ; and oh .. before I forget !!! there's more used panties in that basket : you can wash them also …. And if you want, you can also kiss and sniff them all this day but I wanted them clean tommorow !!! understand ? "

and she walked away .

To be continued.

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