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Aunt Alice's Feet
(Posted on Tuesday, August 28, 2001)
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What I will be telling you is a true story .

I had a foot fetish since I was a kid. I always watched female feet in malls, streets, on the beach, but I was very shy to tell someone my secret . I have an aunt called Alice. She's about 5 feet, 1 inches, and she's 50 years old . I had always admired her little pretty feet. Her foot sise is 37 (U.S. about size 6), with perfect and organised toes always painted in red. Her skin is very white and soft, She always cuted her toenails, but not too short, and weared pumps, or sandals and flat shoes.

She always showed off her feet by taking off her shoes and rubbing them on the floor or on her her shoes. She's very open minded and also very, very pretty and very nice. She has blond hair, brown eyes, white skin, and a very beautiful nose and lips. Every man would go down on his knees to please her and perhaps she would look upon him and thank him.

She's married and has four children. She works in public education with children from 8 a.m. until 4 p.m. All the teachers love her and treat her nicely because she's very frendly and polite. I always visit her in her house to talk and to see her gorgeous feet. She loves me a lot because I am her sister's son and I've always served her. I love to serve at her feet, but she never really paid it much attention.

When she comes home from work, she takes off her pumps and and wears sandals or a flat shoe. She always puts her work shoes in the bathroom, which I loved. I often picked up her work clothes and shoes, holding them to my nose as I would sniff the inside of her shoes for a long time without taking a breath. Then I would begin to lick the soles of her shoes clean like a crazy dog without paying any attention to any of the dirty things that would be stuck on them. In contrary, I would press my tongue very hard and lick all the spots that were not removed very easily. She was my aunt mistress (in my mind ), and it was my honor to clean her soles very well.

One day when she returned home from work, she was very tired. She saw me standing up close to her door, waiting for her. She opened the door and we sat in the  living room.

"How are you," I asked.

"Not very well, dear. My feet are killing me." She told me.

"You should take off your shoes to rest your feet," I said.

"That's a good idea, but I am so tired that I can't even move my arms." She explained to me.

I could not resist. It was my only chance to touch her feet. So I said, "Let me take off your shoes."

"No, honey, thank you. You are already doing a lot of things for me and it's too much. I can't accept your offer." She said.

"No, please. I want to do this. Please." I bowed down on my knees in front of her. I could not stop myself doing that and I could not go back.

She was a little surprised and looked down at me. She said with a laugh, "Ok, Ok. Stop begging. I will allow you to remove my shoes."

She tried to lift her foot to help me, but I stopped her. "No, please. I'll do that."

"Oh, thanks dear."

So I removed her shoes and placed her feet on my lap. She looked at me with a smile and said, "You should go to my bedroom and bring me my sandals or something, or do you prefer sitting here on the floor with my feet on you?"

"Aunt Alice, I have no problem with that. I started to massage her left foot. My dream had come true. Her foot was in my hands. What a foot! Soft, creamy, warm, gentle, a goddess foot.

She looked down at me with a weird look and said, "Honey, if I say to you that my feet are tired, you aren't obliged to give me a foot massage. Stop that."

"No, please, please let me massage your feet. You will see the difference."

"Ok, Ok, don't start beging again. Massage my feet." She relented.

I gave her a foot rub for an hour. While I was doing it, I took her other foot and put it on my shoulder near my cheek. She saw that and said nothing. Another half hour passed and I was still massaging her feet. I lifted my eyes to her. She was sleeping. Carefully, I turned my head to her foot placed on my shoulder and I began to kiss it. I kissed her ankle, her toes, and her sole. I was in paradise! Her foot was wonderful, soft and delicious. I coudn't believe myself. I had always dreamed of touching her feet and I was kissing her foot. I adored her little toes and I kissed each one.

Suddenly I heard her laugh. My aunt woke up and looked at me. "I that why you wanted to rub my feet?" She asked.

"Oh, no, I ... I couldn't stop myself." I confessed.

"Stop youself from doing what?" She asked.

"Kissing your feet. I love you very much, and I respect you, and I wanted to express this love."

"By kissing my feet?" She said as she laughed. "Honey, I love you too, and I know you love me, but you don't have to kiss my feet to show me your love."

"Aunt Alice, I want to show all my love and respect at your feet. I want to kiss your feet to show you how much I obey you. You are a goddess to me and I want to adore you like a slave does." I explained.

"What are you saying? Your goddess?" She questioned. "Listen, honey. You are my sister's son and I will not accept it for you to humilate yourself in front of me and be my slave or whatever."

I lifted her foot to my lips again and begin kissing it without stopping. "Please accept this from me. Please, please."

She looked up at me with pity. She put her hand on my head and said, "If you insist, I don't have any problem being worshipped. I simply refused because it's not right that I humilate you. But if you want it so much, I will please you. You can adore and worship me."

I took her hand and kissed it. "Thank you my aunt. Thank you very much."

She smiled and said, "You're welcome, my dear."

The next day when I visited her, she was sitting on the sofa watching TV. Her feet were resting on the floor in high heels. When she saw me, she motioned to me with her hand to come to her. I bowed down on all fours and began to crawl to her. When she saw that, she laughed.

"What are you doing? Are you crazy? You are like a dog."

"Ouaf, Ouaf," I said.

She begin laughing to tears. "Yesterday I though you are joking, but now I think that you are serious, dear. Come to me. What am I to do, call you doggie or puppy? Ah, ah, ah…."

"Ouaf, Ouaf." I barked at her.

"Ah, ah, aah… I think  it means doggie ah, ah,…" She said.

"Ouaf, Ouaf." I barked again.

Then, she whistled to me. "Come here doggie. Come. Come doggie, faster. Come to my feet doggie."

I went over to her as she place her hands on my cheeks. "Dear doggie, you are a nice doggie."

Then I begin to lick her hands like a true dog. Her hands were so delicious.

Playing along she said, "So, you don't bite right?"

I just barked. "Ouaf, Ouaf."

"Ah, Ah.. good doggie. But I want you to bite my feet. Since I was a kid I had always been afraid of dogs. I want to see you biting my feet. In that way, my fear will disappear." Then she lifted her foot and ordered me, "Bite my shoe doggie. Come on doggie, bite!"

Instead of biting, I began to kiss and lick her shoe with passion.

Then she yelled at me, and slapped me very hard on the face. "I see. The dog does not bite his mistress. I ordered you stupid dog. I said bite my feet!"

I opened my mouth and began biting the sole of her shoe.

"Harder idiot," she said.

I bit her heel with all my strengh. Suddenly she got up from the sofa and pushed her heel far as she could into my mouth.

"Bite harder doggie, bite!"

Then she tried to remove her feet, but I was still biting her heel and I wouldn't stop. Suddenly she fell on the sofa. Her shoe was still on her foot, but without the heel on it. I raised up my face to her, sucking her heel, which was still in my mouth.

Yhen she yelled at me, "Bow down at my feet idiot. You have just ruined my shoe." She began trampling my head with no mercy. "This is your place doggie, under my feet. You are nothing, just an animal. Now rise up on your knees." She commanded. She begin to slap my face with her shoe. Slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap! "Oh, my hands are tired," she said.

So I approached her and began kissing her hand. "Ouaf, Ouaf"

"So what, you want more?" She asked. Then she raised up her shoe and slapped me with it again. Slap, slap, slap, slap. Then she stopped. "You want more? Then you have to beg for it."

"Please Aunt Alice. Please beat me." I pleaded.

"Ah, ah, you are talking righ now. Beg some more."

"Please my aunt, my goddess," I said as I began to kiss her little toes.

"Suck my toes and I will see," she said.

I sucked her toes for an hour and licked her soles clean.

"OK, this is your reward," she said as she slapped me again. Slap, slap.

"Ouaf, Ouaf."

"Ah, ah, barking again, huh? I think that you are thanking me right now, right?" She asked.

"Ouaf, Ouaf."

"Good doggie. From now on I will not be afraid of dogs." She said.

After that, she switched on the TV and began watching a program. She laid on the sofa and ordered me to serve her as a footrest for the night. She placed her naked feet on my face, and sometimes without saying anything, she put her toes in my mouth just for fun or to be sucked.

My aunt Alice is a true Goddess.

I welcome each and everyone's comments. Please e-mail me at

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