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My Mom's Feet, Part 1
(Posted on Sunday, September 9, 2001)
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I've had a strong foot fetish since I was six years old and I don't know why. All I know is that I love female feet and want to kiss them real badly. My first experience was in 1982. I was 7 years old and I had become interested in my mother's feet, the only female in my house (I have only two brothers).

All day long I would try to be near her feet, but I would fail in all of my attempts. My mother is a gorgeous woman, 5'2" with blond hair, green eyes, a sexy body and the most important thing, she has the feet of a goddess (she wears 38, which is a size 7 in the U.S.)!

I had always sniffed the insides of her shoes and had licked her work shoes, too. In fact, every day I licked the soles of all of her shoes clean, her sandals, mules, pumps and her flat shoes, but I wanted her feet also!

One night I decided to tell her that I was afraid to sleep alone and I wanted to sleep near her in bed, and of course she accepted because I was a little boy, During the night, it was the first time that I ever kissed a woman's feet.

I waited for her to sleep and I snuck under the covers to lay near feet. They were only 5 inches away from my face! I couldn't resist. I approached her feet and kissed one of her little toes. Oh my god! It was paradise! What a savouring experience! I began kissing all her lovely toes one by one with love, tenderly and passionately. Then I hugged her feet and pressed her soles onto my face and lips. I put my nose under her little toes and sniffed. What an odour! I sniffed, and sniffed, and sniffed until dawn!

After that day, I worshipped my mom's feet every night. I sucked her little pretty proportioned goddess toes for hours and placed kisses all around them as I licked her soles and toes. During this, I would always bark in a low voice. The little 7 year old puppy was happy!

For years I worshipped my mom's feet but, always when she was sleeping! She's not open-minded like my aunt Alice (read Aunt Alice's Feet), and of course something is missing for me. I had never realized my dream to be her dog. I always wanted to go down on all fours and bark in front of her and for her to give me the permission to lick her hands and feet! Perhaps one day

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This story was submitted by

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