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Ashley's Feet In College
(Published on Tuesday, September 28, 2004)
This illustrated story was submitted by BobFootNut.

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Hi All,

Some of you may remember my stories about "Ashley's Teenage Feet." Well she is now older and just graduated College, and we have had many frank conversations about her experiences in college.

She told me that thanks to me I have REALLY raised her awareness about the importance of keeping her feet nice. Though she has a boyfriend, she told me that she was quite surprized to learn just how many bi women in college have foot fetishes. When I asked how she found that out, she reminded me of the pedicure parties I used to give for her and her friends before she went to college, and how much she enjoyed them.

Well, she said, that when she suggested having a pedicure party in her dorm, she was just amazed at how my fellow students jumped at the idea. First they would all congregate in one big room to paint each other's toes, but after a while, she noticed friends were pairing off and going off to their rooms.

Curious, she discreetly followed and peeked through a crack in the door only to find her best friend sucking the toes of another girl. All at once she felt jealous, angry, hurt, but AMAZINGLY turned on. She did not know what to do, but she did know that she wanted her friend, Allyson to suck HER toes, so she hatched a plan.

Since the girls had to do their toes anyway, Ashley suggested that they make the pedicure party a regular two-week thing. The girls agreed. So every other Sunday afternoon they all got together to paint each other's toes. Ashley told Allyson she wanted her to be her partner. So when the party started, Allyson began painting Ashley's toes. Since they were sitting accross from each other, Ashley slowly began to inch
her free foot toward Allyson's crotch until she lightly brushed it with her toes. Startled, Allyson twitched, looked Ashley straight in the eye with lust, and asked if they could finish the pedicure in Allyson's room.

Next, I will tell you what happened, but meanwhile, if there are any other bi women who have had similar experiences  with other women's feet, drop me a line.

Here are some photos of Ashely's feet. We were told, "Well,
I finally got a digital camera and was able to take some
photos of her feet at her recent graduation from college."

This illustrated story was submitted by BobFootNut.

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