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Ashley's Teenage Feet, Part 1
(Posted on Wednesday, October 11, 2001)
This story was submitted by BobFootNut.

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Hi, I have written several stories in the past about my housekeeper Lorraine who has long red hair and gorgeous size 6 1/2 feet. Well, I don't think I mentioned that Lorraine married at age 18 and in the space of two years had two daughters, Carla and Dawn.

Carla, like Lorraine is a petite redhead with even smaller feet than Lorraine, a size five, which are also gorgeous. Both daughters, though nice, turned out to be sex maniacs and each had daughters at a very young age, 16, but because Dawn was quite ill, she gave up her daughter Ashley to Lorraine.

When Lorraine started cleaning for me, she would bring 5 year old Ashley along. That was 13 years ago. Ashley is now 18. Lorraine had stopped bringing Ashley as soon as she went to school and we would see her occassionly, but I hadn't seen her for a number of years. Well, we recently decided to all get together for the day and Ashey came along.

I was stunned at Ashley's looks and how she had developed. She was tall, with long legs and huge breasts, but what got my attention was her long red hair (down to her back), and her gorgeous feet.

We were having a nice day and after awhile, Ashley and I found ourselves alone while everyone else must have taken a bathroom break. She looked into my eyes and asked, "Bob, do you have a foot fetish?"

Stunned, but suddenly really turned on that this stunnng teen had noticed my foot fetish, I said, stumbling over my words, "Why would you say such a thing, Ashley?"

"Well, because you have been looking at my feet and Lorraine's all day."

Well, I guess I was caught, so I had to admit it. There was something incredibly arousing talking to this gorgeous teen about my foot fetish.

"Well, I knew it. Actually Lorraine told me that you have a foot fetish and that you are in love with her feet. Do you like my feet too?"

At this point I was really turned on talking to this young lady about my foot fetish. "Yes Ashley, they are gorgeous."

As the evening went on, we all went into a store to get some magazines. While the other ladies talked, Ashley and I browsed through the magazines. I love checking out all of the feet in the ladies and teen magazines.

Then Ashley picked up Teen Vogue. On the back cover was a full page ad for nail color and a gorgeous teenage foot in gold sandals, gold toe rings and bright blue toesnails. So Ashley says, "Well Bob, do you like that?"

"Gorgeous," I said. Then I asked, "Have you ever painted your toes that color?"

Ashley answered, "No, but would you like me to? I will think of you when I am painting my toenails."

I was ready to cum right there in the store. So I told Ashley that would be great. When the evening was over, I told Ashley to send me an e-mail. I was hoping that I could get her to chat with me about my foot fetish. I love chatting with women about my foot fetish, especially very young legal teens. What I really love though, is discussing feet over the phone as I sit there naked, stroking my huge cock.

Already I was thinking about gifts that I could buy Ashley for her feet and ways of getting to talk to her about my foot fetish. When Lorraine came over to clean the next time, I was surprised by her comments.

Are there any young women reading this who have had experiences with older guys getting turned on by their feet?  Many young women don't realize that just the act of wearing a pair of bare sandals in public can turn on a lot of guys. I would love your comments. I hope to hear from women about your experiences with older guys and your feet. 

This story was submitted by BobFootNut.

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