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Trapped And Humiliated Under My Girlfriend’s Feet
…and I Enjoyed It
(Published on Thursday, October 24, 2002)
This story was submitted by Robert Tarin.

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John was an average thirty three year old male who spent most of his days working. The one thing he looked forward to were his weekends off so he could spend time with his new wife, an eighteen year old Philipina beauty named Maria. He met her in the Philippines when he spent six months there while in the Navy.

Even though Maria was only eighteen years old, she could have easily passed for a sixteen year old. She was very small in stature and maybe weighed about a hundred pounds. The one thing about Maria that John was very attracted to were her feet. As far back as he could remember he was always into women’s feet, although never having had the opportunity too fully enjoy his fetish. He mostly kept that secret to himself, only revealing it once to a female friend in high school that was on the cheerleading team. She let John massage her feet in the back of his car. That was the only fantasy he lived out until he met Maria.

Only a few months into their recent marriage, John had done almost everything possible with Maria’s feet. Maria was a nurse in the Philippines and that was how he met her. He had to spend a few weeks in the hospital and Maria was one of the nurses there on duty. As soon as John laid eyes on Maria he knew he wanted her, especially when he saw what sexy feet she had. Maria caught John looking at her feet once and after that she made it a point to tease him by removing one of her shoes from her feet when she was around him. She would also sit on one of the chairs that was in his room, take off her shoe and rub her foot right in front of him.

Although Maria already knew it, John had enough courage one evening to reveal his lust he had for her feet, finally admitting that he was very attracted to Maria and especially her sexy feet. Maria told John that she already knew, and told him that she was going to do something for him that would make him feel much better. She took a seat right next to John’s bed, took her right foot out from her shoe, extended her sexy leg towards John’s face, sticking that small sexy foot right under his nose. As soon as she did that, John almost shot his load instantly. Her foot was very warm and as Maria began to rub it on his face he could feel that it was very damp from the sweat it was covered in.

Maria then removed the other shoe from her foot, told John to take his cock out from underneath the hospital gown that he was wearing, and then placed both of her feet on his now growing cock. Up and down went Maria’s feet, slowly pleasuring him. After only a few minutes of manipulation from Maria’s feet, and as she began squeezing the head of John’s cock between her toes, John shot out huge ropes of cum all over her feet.

The foot worshipping had gotten kinkier once they were both back in the states. John continued living out many foot fetish fantasies he had. He would soon be living out one of Maria’s. Maria continued working as a nurse, often working long hours. She would be on her feet all day. She often wore her white nurse’s shoes with no socks or stockings on, noticing that her feet sweated profusely, knowing that John would truly appreciate the smell and sweatiness once she got home.

Maria met a lot of men at the hospital. Coincidentally, there was another patient there, a man about the same age as John who also became attracted to Maria’s feet. Even when his small group of friend’s came visiting him in the hospital, they all started hitting on her. Maria just played along with them, but an idea popped into her head, a new fantasy that she would soon be living out with John.
Maria had that group of men follow her home one evening as soon as that patient was released from the hospital. She told them to wait for her outside while she went in and readied John for the surprise she had in store for him.

Once inside, Maria had John lie down on the floor at her feet. She removed the white nurse shoes she had on throughout her entire twelve hour shift. Once she placed both of them right on top of John’s face, he began moaning out in pleasure, quickly grabbing his hard cock in one hand and slowly jerking it. Maria rubbed her hot and sticky feet all over his face, jamming one of them deep into his mouth. He had no other choice but to suck on her sweat-soaked toes.

Right underneath the couch that Maria sat on was an iron bar that on their more kinkier evenings. John would handcuff Maria to it. This time it was his turn to be handcuffed to that bar. Once fully secured to it, John was completely at Maria’s mercy as he laid there on the floor, completely naked, not able too manipulate his cock, and now, Maria placed a blindfold over John’s eyes. He began to worry now not knowing what was in store for him.

Maria quickly went to her front door, waving for those five men that were outside waiting for her to call them, and they quickly went inside. Seeing Maria’s husband there naked on the living room floor, she motioned for them not to make a sound, but told them to take off all their clothes while she sat back down on the couch. Right above where John was laying, she placed both of her smelly and sweaty feet back onto his face.

John felt that there was definitely something different about Maria. She was a little more rough this evening and for some reason, he could sense that they weren’t alone. Gathered around Maria and John were those five men, now completely nude, rubbing their hard cocks while watching Maria abuse her husband’s face and cock with her feet. She rubbed both of her feet forcefully all over his face, trying to jam both of them into his mouth, nearly choking him with her tiny feet. She also rubbed them all over the pre-cum coated length of John’s hard cock. Every now and then she would tightly squeeze the head of it between the toes of both her feet. That caused a little pain for John as his ass rose off the floor every time that Maria did that.

After a few minutes of masturbating John with her feet, Maria placed both of her now cum slicked soles right back on top of his face, giving him a taste of his own cum. Still not knowing that those other men were there yet, he would soon find out. After already spending half an hour of watching this sexy lady torment her husband with her feet, one by one the men began to erupt. Maria directed each one to shoot their load right on top of her feet. There was nothing John could do as both his hands were still fastened to that iron bar underneath the couch. Load after load shot onto the tops of Maria’s feet, slowly leaking down between her toes, and as she rubbed them back and forth all over John’s face, another cock shot off. It was another thick load added to the others that already covered both of Maria’s feet, and now John’s face.

It was finally John’s turn to cum as Maria placed both of her cum covered feet back onto his cock. It only took a few minutes for him to explode and add his cum to the rest that still covered her tiny feet. John was now covered with his own, as well as the cum from the five other men. His own cum load was all over his thighs and stomach as well as on Maria’s feet, and the now drying cum of those other men was on his face. This was something he had never done before, nor had he ever imagined he would ever do. It wasn’t one of his fantasies though, it was Maria’s. Although he didn’t mind it, in fact he seemed to enjoy it, that was just one of the many fantasies John and Maria would enjoy.

This story was submitted by Robert Tarin.

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