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Smelly Socks
(Published on Thursday, October 3, 2002)
This story was submitted by Robert Tarin.

There wasn’t anyone home that afternoon, just my girlfriend, her niece and myself. My girlfriend’s niece was a lovely eighteen-year-old mixed girl, Salvadoranian and Mexican. I had been attracted to her since she had become a teenager. But now as she was becoming a young woman, it was becoming hard for me too keep my eyes off of her whenever her and I were in the same room.

When she got home from school that afternoon, it was no different than any of the other times, we always seemed to joke around with each other. To me it seemed as if she always wore the same shoes every day, and in my mind I thought about how those shoes must have smelled from their constantly being on her feet. Actually, I had smelled them once before, but I think that she had just gotten them because they had no smell to them at all. But that was months ago, and those were the only shoes that I had ever seen her wear.

We sat around for a little while, and then she got up and went up stairs and didn’t come back down for a while. When she did come back down I noticed that she was no longer wearing shoes, in fact she had on some tight shorts and a t-shirt, and she was walking around barefoot, a habit that I always remember her having since she was a little girl. But this time I couldn’t take my eyes off of her feet. Her long legs were a nice tan color, and her feet, maybe from up around the ankle, were white, as if they had been sweating in shoes all day. To me it seemed that they almost looked damp, but I knew that it was because her feet had been sweating all day in those shoes that she was wearing.

My girlfriend and I sat on the couch watching the television, but I was starting to find it difficult to concentrate with the sexy pair of feet that were sitting across the room. I would occasionally gaze in my girlfriend’s niece's direction every now and then, and I would look down at her feet, wishing that I could have had my nose pressed up against her toes. She was also very playful with her feet, stretching them, and opening her toes apart, how I wish I could have stuck my tongue between them. I was hoping that my girlfriend wouldn’t catch me looking at her niece’s feet, but I’m sure that her niece noticed me staring at them a few times, but she never said anything about it. It seemed that the little foot flexing that she was doing was a little show that she was putting on for me, because she knew that I was looking at her feet.

I was finding it hard to concentrate on anything but those feet. I had too get out of there for a while or I would go nuts. So I got up and went to the bathroom upstairs. When I got up there, I splashed some cool water on my face. I was starting too feel more relaxed now, that was until I turned around too dry my face off with the towel that was hanging behind me. I hadn’t noticed, but there on the floor were those shoes, and inside each shoe was a sock.

I immediately became excited when I saw those shoes there on the bathroom floor. My heart started racing and I knew that soon I would be bringing them up to my nose and smelling them. I opened the bathroom door and looked out, making sure that no one was in the hall, my girlfriend had a habit of coming to look for me if I was gone for a few minutes. But I had been in the bathroom for at least a good ten minutes already and she hadn’t come looking for me yet. I just made sure that the door was locked. I then picked up my treasure that I had found there on the bathroom floor.

I picked up the shoes from the floor and I placed them on top of the bathroom sink. My hands were trembling as I reached for one of them. I slowly pulled one of the socks out from the shoe and I immediately held it up to my nose. I could feel the wetness already, and my cock started growing inside my pants. When I placed the sock up against my nose I couldn’t believe how wonderful they smelled. I quickly took the other sock out of the shoe and I now had both socks covering my face. As I stood there in front of the bathroom mirror I couldn’t see myself because I had both socks covering my face, but I could imagine how silly I must have looked.

The smells of these socks were just as I had imagined they would be. It's kind of hard too describe the smell though, unless you’re into feet. Another person wouldn’t appreciate the odor that my nose was sucking in. And I couldn’t believe how wet the socks were, after taking the socks off, my girlfriend’s niece must have just stuck them right into her shoes. If anyone would have walked in and seen me with those socks over my face, they wouldn’t have believed it. Even though my girlfriend was totally into me worshipping her feet, I don’t know how she would have reacted seeing me enjoying myself with her nieces’ socks and tennis shoes.

I felt as if they were getting a little suspicious of my being up in the bathroom so long, so I put the socks back into the shoes and I went back down stairs. I flushed the toilet too make it seem as if I had just used it. When I went back down, my girlfriend asked if there was anything wrong with me. I told her that I had a little case of indigestion and that I was using the toilet. She said that she and her niece were going to the store and if I wanted too come along. I said that I didn’t and that I would stay here in her house, just in case I got another stomach ache. She said that it was alright and they both left for the store.

I made sure that she was gone for a few minutes before I went back into the bathroom. When I felt as though she wouldn’t be back for a while, I headed back up for the bathroom. This time when I got into the bathroom I took my shorts off and I sat down on the toilet. I took the socks back out of the shoes and I placed them back on my face like I did before. I started pulling on my growing cock, all the while inhaling the sweat-soaked socks that were covering my face. I knew that any minute I was sure to cum. But I wasn’t ready to cum just yet. I wanted to enjoy what I was doing for a little while longer, and I didn’t want to cum in the position that I was in. I got down on the bathroom floor, on my knees, and I placed one of the socks on my fully-grown erection and I continued pulling on it. I felt kind of funny because I wasn’t used too jacking off with my cock covered with something. As a matter of fact, I didn’t even like wearing a condom, so this sock wasn’t exactly something that I would use often.

I guess the only reason that I didn’t mind jacking off like this now is because of the excitement that I was feeling, knowing that these two socks were covering the most sexiest pair of teenage girl’s feet that I had ever seen. Well, I had seen others, but I know that I would never be in a position like this with their socks and shoes. As I stroked and thought about the feet that I was seeing earlier, I was bringing myself ever so close to an orgasm. I put the sock that I had on my face down on top of the sink, I then picked up one of those tennis shoes, a size nine the fading label said.

Before I picked it up though, I stuck my hand into it and I could feel the moisture that was still in it, even after at least more than an hour since she had taken them off, the insides of these shoes were still wet!

After I felt the insides of the shoe, rubbed the insides of them, feeling the contours that her feet had left in them, I brought one up to my nose and the shoes smelled just as the socks did, maybe even better. I continued pulling on my cock as I now inhaled the wonderful shoe odor. I took the sock off and I inserted my cock in the shoe and started rubbing it back and forth on my cock. I didn’t want to shoot my loads inside the shoe because I had the feeling that I would get caught, so I put the sock back onto my cock and I once again placed the other one back up to my nose and I shot my heavy load into that sweaty sock.

I continued sitting there on the bathroom floor, trying too catch my breath and thinking to myself about what I had just done. My limp cock was still stuck in that little white sock, now drenched with my sperm. I was now feeling a little guilty about what I had just done, but I wasn’t regretting it. I knew that I probably wouldn’t get a chance like this again, but somehow I knew that if I could help it, I would find a way to do it again.

I finally took the sock off of myself, and it was practically stuck to me, with all the sperm that I had shot into it. I took both of the socks and I put them at the bottom of the clothes hamper. I figured that by the time that anyone got to it, it would be dry already.

I have done this a few other times. Once I was even lucky enough to be in the same room while she took her shoes and socks off and just left them there on the floor, right in front of me. And when she left the room, I got one of the freshly removed socks and I smelled it, and it was even sweatier than the last time.

This story was submitted by Robert Tarin.

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