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My Girlfriend & Her Friend’s Feet
(Published on Wednesday, October 9, 2002)
This story was submitted by Robert Tarin.

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About a year ago I was driving down the street, just having come out of work, and what I thought was going to be an average Friday night turned out to be more than just average. I saw a familiar car coming up ahead of me. When it got a little closer, the driver started flashing me with its headlights. I already knew that it was my girlfriend, so I pulled over too see what she wanted.

As I approached her car I noticed that there was another person sitting in there. It was her friend. My girlfriend had rented a video and she was going over to her friend’s apartment to watch it, so she asked me if I wanted to watch it with them. Well, I wasn’t really in the mood too see a movie, as I was kind of tired, but I decided to go just for a little while. So I got back into my car and followed them over to my girlfriend’s friend’s apartment.

It was a small apartment, but we made ourselves comfortable in the living room. My girlfriend and I sat on the sofa while her girlfriend sat on the floor in front of us. As the video began to play, both girls sat there and made small talk, not even paying attention to the movie. What came next was something that I totally didn’t expect. I had already noticed that my girlfriend’s friend had a pair of sandals on, nothing special, just ordinary sandals, but she began to take them off as she continued to talk with my girlfriend. I was watching her through the side of my eyes as she took one, and then the other sandal off.

I didn’t want my girlfriend to know that I was checking out her friends feet. But what this girl did next took me totally by surprise. She brought one foot up to her nose and made a funny gesture with her face, as if her feet smelled. My girlfriend noticed that she had done that and but both of them started laughing as if it was a silly joke. I could see that my girlfriend was watching me, probably wondering if I had noticed what her friend just did.

A few minutes went by and they were both still talking. I on the other hand was slightly hanging my head; I could barely keep my eyes open. My girlfriend noticed and nudged me on the shoulder, telling me not to sleep. I made a comment that the movie was boring and jokingly told them that they should have rented a porn video instead. My girlfriend joked back and laughingly said that why would I want to watch a porn video there, I wouldn’t be able to jack off anyway.

We all got quiet. No one said anything for a few minutes. I was thinking of a reply that I could tell my girlfriend. I finally told her that how did she know that I wouldn’t jack off; I wouldn’t be embarrassed. Both girls started laughing. They weren’t taking any of what I said seriously. The fact of the matter was is that I was very serious; I would have brought my cock out right then and jacked it off while both of them watched.

I was still going on about the porno video, but both girl’s continued to ignore me and kept on making silly jokes amongst themselves. I knew they were hearing what I was saying, but I think that they were just trying to pretend as if they didn’t. Finally, I guess that I was going a little farther than I should have been, my girlfriend told me to shut up already, that they didn’t rent a porno video. In fact, she kind of yelled at me while she was saying that. I just looked at her and her friend as they both finally stopped talking. After a few minutes of no one saying a word, my girlfriend said out loudly, that even though we don’t have a porno video that her and her friend wouldn’t mind watching me jack off anyway, if I wasn’t too tired.

I looked at both of them to try and see what kind of faces they had, if they had serious looks to them or joking looks. Both of them weren’t laughing, so I assumed that they were serious. The next thing my girlfriend said was that I could even smell her friend’s feet if I wanted too. Now when she said that, they both had smirks on their faces, as if they had already had this planned. My girlfriend told me that she caught me staring at her friend’s feet when she was taking off her sandals, and for me not to deny it. She also said that her friend probably wouldn’t mind if I would smell them.

Her friend just looked at her, laughing, moving her head as if too say no, that she wouldn’t mind. My girlfriend made me get off the sofa and told her friend to come up and sit with her. I on the other hand was to lie on the floor and pull my pants down and play with my cock, while they both watched.

They didn’t have to ask me twice as I was down on the floor in a flash, fumbling with the zipper of my pants trying to take my cock out and start jacking off. I finally freed my cock and I was busy jerking it, trying too get it to its full length. I spit in my hand and wiped some of it onto the head of my cock, now it felt a little better as I pulled my now raging hard on for both girls' pleasure.

I wasn’t paying too much attention to what they were doing. I knew that they were both laughing again, but I had my eyes closed, so I didn’t know what they were up to. Suddenly, as I was busy pulling away at my now slippery piece of flesh that I held in my hand, I felt something prop itself onto my face. I didn’t have too ask what it was because I knew exactly what it was. From the smell of it I knew that someone had put their feet on my face.

Now, I had smelled my girlfriend’s feet many times, so I knew that these weren’t hers. In fact, these smelled even stronger. Now I was really pulling my cock, as these pair of feet moved back and forth all over my face. I tried breathing in as much of the smell that I could, but I was so excited that between smelling and pulling on my cock, I was quickly running out of breath. I could hear my girlfriend saying to me to calm down, not to pull so hard or that I would cum too fast. She knew that I was enjoying the smell of her friend’s feet, and I knew that they were laughing about what I was doing because I could hear them saying things and laughing, but I didn’t know what they were saying, nor did I care. I was too busy enjoying myself.

As those wonderfully smelly feet rubbed back and forth all over my face, forcing themselves into my mouth so that I could lick them, I could feel another pair of feet push my hand away from my cock and begin giving me the most wonderful foot job that I had ever had. I was so busy concentrating on the feet that were on my face that I hadn’t noticed that my girlfriend had removed her own shoes and was now jacking me off with her feet. I was now enjoying two pair of feet, and I didn’t want any of this to end soon.

At times, both girls would place their feet on my face and I was forced too lick all four feet at the same time. They were both laughing, and I could hear my girlfriend’s friend say to her that she had never seen anything like this before. When my girlfriend put her feet back onto my cock and started rubbing it again, I looked at her and told her that I wanted to fuck her. Well, I actually mouthed the words silently to her so that her friend wouldn’t hear. But she said back to me, and asked me loudly whether or not I wanted to fuck her here, in her friend’s apartment. I didn’t know what to say.

Both of them started laughing again, and I heard my girlfriend ask her friend if it was alright if we would make love right there on the floor, that I was already lying on. She said to my girlfriend that she didn’t mind, and she said that she would go into her room if we wanted privacy. But my girlfriend told her no, that it was alright if she stood there and watched. I was hoping she would stay because it was a big fantasy of mine to fuck my girlfriend in front of another person.

Her friend agreed, so my girlfriend quickly undressed and got on top of my cock and started bouncing up and down on it. We fucked in that position for a few minutes, my girlfriend’s huge tits bouncing up and down with each movement she made. I had her in every position that I could think of, finally ending up in the good old fashion missionary position. I alternated between looking at my girlfriend and looking at her friend, as she sat on the sofa watching as I fucked my girlfriend, every now and then lowering her hand to her crotch, and I would catch her with her eyes closed as she rubbed her hand back and forth.

I felt as though any minute I would begin to cum, so I started pumping into my girlfriend faster, helping her reach her orgasm. I knew she was almost there because I could feel her breathing faster and she was screaming out loud. So, while my girlfriend laid there with her eyes closed with me pumping my erection into her, I gestured over to her friend and asked her to place her feet nearer to me so that I could smell them for one last time.

As I continued pumping faster and faster into my girlfriend, I smelled and licked her friend’s feet that she had placed between mine and my girlfriend’s face. My girlfriend didn’t even notice that her friend’s feet were just inches away from her face, but I kept pumping and smelling. Now I knew that my girlfriend was having an orgasm because her body was tightening and her breathing was heavier, so with a few more thrusts I began to unleash what was probably the biggest load into my girlfriend’s tight pussy, while I continued smelling the wonderful aroma from my girlfriend’s friend’s feet.

Once my orgasm subsided, I lay there on top of my girlfriend; we were both covered with sweat. And as we both glanced over to the sofa that her friend was sitting on, we both noticed that she had her eyes closed and both of her hands were busily playing with her pussy. My girlfriend and I both watched as her friend gave herself an orgasm.

It was late, so we decided to spend the night. The next morning we went out for breakfast and then we dropped my girlfriend’s friend back home, and then we left. My girlfriend surprised me later on that evening as she walked out from her bedroom wearing those same sandals that her friend had on the previous evening. She told me that being that I enjoyed them so much, or she should say the way that they made her friends feet smell, that she decided to give them to my girlfriend. And there hasn’t been a fuck session that we didn’t enjoy while my girlfriend wears those sandals.

This story was submitted by Robert Tarin.

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