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Another great experience with my Aunt
(Posted on Wednesday, February 27, 2002)
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Hi friends,its been quite long since my last story was published by the name of "worshipping my aunts's feet",on this site. It was about my experience when i
was 13 years old. Now i am 20.Since then i had no other experiences until last night when my aunt Farzana came to my home for night stay.Her children(She is married and have 3 lovely children) were sataying with there father.My aunt is 5'8".She has a great body and yes her feet are just too good.

Anyway she came to my house and all our family dine together.Afterward she and me sit on a couch in living room and start watching T.V.After some time she asked me to fetch her a glass of water.So i did as i was told. i thought this is the time to do something so after hading over the glass to her i took the pillow and laid on the carpet in front of couch near her feet.She was involved in watching a movie so she didn't notice much and i put my hand on her feet.

After sometime she noticed that i am on floor so she suddenly put her feet on my stomach and believe me i was shocked and amazed at this and my heart start beating very fast. But she didn't say anything and just behaved normally.She
then crossed her leg so now her foot was hanging two or three inches above my face.It was become very difficult for mw to concentrate on movie although i
was trying to act normally.

I guess she was remebering the old time when she used to have me as her foot stool. I was amazaed that she wasn't saying anything as it is nothing to use me as her footrest but i  was enjoying to the greatest extent.I always dreamed about such a situation.

After 15 to 20 minutes she suddenly said "Sharmeen! massage my feet".

her tone  was quite dominant.I was waiting for this so i started doing it.All this continued for around 2 hours.Unfortunately the movies came to end and so did
the whole thing.During this whole time she had her feet on chest and stomach.I was massaging her feet all the time.At the end she just strike her feet on my
face with love and thanked me for giving her a good massage and then we both went to sleep.

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