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Worshipping My Aunt's Feet
(Posted on Thursday, August 23, 2001)
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What I will be telling you people is a true story and in fact, this is the cause of my foot fetish. I lived in a joint family system in Karachi, Pakistan. I had an aunt called Farzana. When I was 13, she was 19. She studied in college. She was quite dominant and always bossed me around, but I liked to be dominated by her.

Her favorite chore was ordering me to massage her feet. She ordered me to massage her feet quite frequently. Her favorite chore then become my favorite fetish. Whenever we were watching television and she was sitting on a couch, I always tried to sit at the floor so that she could put her feet on my chest or  stomach.

The particular incident that I would like to quote was about one night. Even though she dominates me a lot, she loves me and brings toffees and chocolates. One night she asked me to sleep with her in her room. I agreed. That night, she and I were tired as we had returned from a party, so I asked my parents if I could take a pillow to her room. She slept on a single bed. So I put my pillow besides her and lay myself down.

But she suddenly told me that I couldn't sleep just then as I had to massage her feet. So I sat on the opposite side of the bed and started massaging her feet. I was pretty tired myself, so I wanted to lay down as I massaged her feet. She told me that I could lay down, which I did. I laid down so that my head was at her feet.

Then she put her feet on my chest and ordered me to massage them. I massaged her feet for more than two hours. I hadn't realized that she had fallen asleep. When I realized it, I stopped and tried to get some sleep myself. Suddenly I was kicked in the face.She had one of her feet on my face and told me not to stop. Her voice was so dominating that I continued. I massaged her feet for a long time. Then I went to sleep as well.

When I woke up, here feet were still on my chest and stomach. That was the incident that started my foot fetish and it's something that I will never forget. When that incident happened, I was 13. Now I am 19. I love it when a female dominates me by commanding me to worship her feet.

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