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My Brother's Fetish, Part 4
(Posted on Sunday, July 30, 2000)
This story was submitted by Soly.

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The next morning I woke up and I knew that things would never be the same for me. The last day's events were special. I didn't know what I felt or why. "Am I sick like my brother who used to lick and suck my feet?" I thought to myself. I decided to look for info on the web about it.

At first I didn't know what to look for. I didn't know even what to call this strange desire for my feet, so I  decided to search. I got to the yahoo search line and typed Sex+feet. After the search result page appeared, I discovered a new world and my life changed ever since.

On the search result page there were many sites about foot+sex. There were sites about footjobs, foot fetishes, foot worship, high heels and much more. I didn't know were to start, but I was very happy to know that I'm not the only sick person in the world. I decided to surf the various sites by the order that they appeared. I entered few sites, one by one. After I realized it was getting late, I logged out and went to bed.

I tried to sleep, but I couldn't. My mind was full of thoughts about what I had seen and read. I saw many things. It wasn't just about feet, soles and toes, high heels and boots. I saw men and woman licking, kissing, sucking and tonguing other women's feet. I saw women lick their own feet like I had. I saw pictures of dirty feet, celebrity feet, and long toenails.

On some sites, women trampled men. Other women wore high heels or simply trampled men in their barefeet. Some women crush things like food and small toys, (and even insects). I saw women giving men footjobs and women crushing men's balls and cocks. I also read stories from people about their experiences and fantasies about women's feet. There was so much info in such a short time. Finally I fell asleep and I knew that things would be different from then on.

The next day I woke up with clear thoughts in my head. I knew that many people are into women's feet. People like various things such as high heels, dirty feet, and much more. I knew not every woman would like these things and that some would even be disgusted by these things. I also learned that many men will do anything to touch, kiss, lick, suck and to worship women's feet.

I knew that since people worshiped Gods, and that since my brother worshipped my feet, I must be a goddess. I felt this strange power in me, a power that I had never felt before. I felt very strange and very sexy. It was very exciting to feel this way. So when my parents told me and my older brother that they were going away for the weekend to visit our uncles, and that my brother and I would be staying alone, I knew that it would be a best time to act. A best time to get my revenge. I still didn't knew what to do, but I knew that I would do it.

That evening I surfed again in some foot fetish sites and after I saw a lot of pictures and read a lot of stories, I knew (in general) what I would do. When I went to bed, it felt really strange. For some reason, just thinking of what I was going to do made me horny. I couldn't stop myself and I masturbated. God, it was so good!

The next morning my parents called me and my brother before they left and told us to behave ourselves. They told us to keep the house clean and settled. "Take care of Soly" They told my brother. "You are the older one, so you're responsible for the house." My parents couldn't even imagine that I had other plans in mind. Very different plans for my responsible brother. After my parents left, I told my brother that I was going to visit my friends and that i would be back later.

After a few hours in the mall with Lisa and my other girlfriend, Shannon, I came back to the house. My brother was sitting in the living room watching t.v. I went to my room and changed to my night clothes. Then I went down to the living room. "Have you seen my skates?" I asked my brother. "The girls and I have plans to go to the park tomorrow and I can't find my skates."

"Maybe mother put them down in the basement." My brother replied. "You should look there." Of course, I already knew that they were there.

"Thanks." I told him. So I went to the basement. Needless to say, I was barefoot. When I reached the basement, I retrieved the skates very quickly and then started to do what I really wanted. The basement floor was still very dirty, so I dragged my feet all over it, making sure to catch as much dirt as I could. I removed our old desk and under it, the floor hadn't been touched for years.

I started to walk backward and foreword until my feet were completely black from the dirt. After that, I took the skates and went back. "What took you so long?" My brother asked me.

"I didn't find them at first." I told him. "Mother should clean that basement." I said to him. "Look at my feet. They are full of dirt." I said, showing him my left foot. "I should take a shower, but I'm too tired right now. Mother isn't here, so I will do it in the morning. Good night."

Then I went to my room. I could only think of how aroused he must have been. Here he was, alone with me in the house. My feet, which he liked so much, were dirty which is something he liked the most. I thought that he surely must have many plans for the night for me and my feet. If only he had known that I had plans too.

I went to my bed and waited. I knew by then that he would be around in about an hour. So I got into the sleeping position that I had planned. I slept on my back near the left side of the bed. My left leg was out from under the bed sheet, so my left foot was almost touching the floor. Just like I thought, after a few moments I heard the door. I knew that my brother got inside. I quickly closed my eyes so that it looked like I was sleeping.

My brother must have thought that this was the best day of his life when he saw me sleeping in that position. He didn't waste any time. He got down on the floor and started to touch my feet. When he made sure that I was sleeping (I didn't move a bit), he changed his place. He laid on his back beside my bed. His head was near my feet and his legs were near my head on the floor.

Then he moved closer to the bed, lifted my feet, and put them on his chest. Then he moved again so that my feet were on his face as my toes were on his lips. He then opened his mouth and started to suck my big toe. Then he moved to my other toes. I knew that it was the time to act. I knew that I might not have another opportunity to do what I really wanted.

I decided to act now.

To be continued….. Click here for Part 5

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This story was submitted by Soly.

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