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My Brother's Fetish
(Posted on Monday, July 3, 2000)
This story was submitted by Soly.

Webmaster's Note: While this story depicts a
non-consensual event, which of course is never
condoned, it has been published to further
advance the good-intentioned idea behind it.
Clearly this is a story about a girl who, though
confused, enjoys the foot fetishism of her brother.

Actual non-consensual sexual relations are never condoned.

My story began few years ago when I was 18 years old. I don't know when it started, but I remember strange feelings during my sleep. I felt like someone was touching me, my feet to be exact. Usually I  fall asleep very fast, a few moments after I go to bed.

One day I slept in the afternoon after staying all night at one of my friend's parties. That night I couldnít sleep, so I just laid in bed waiting to fall asleep. The light of course, was off. Suddenly I felt something touching my feet. At first I was very afraid, but afterwards I got some courage to open my eyes. What I saw put me immediately into shock.

My older brother was sitting at the and of my bed and he was kissing my feet! I couldn't believe it! There he was with his tongue licking my soles and toes. I wanted to scream to my parents, but I was too shocked to do anything, so I just kept laying in the bed and hoping that he would go away. After a few moments, he left my room. I was still in shock. I realized that all the strange touching that I had felt for so many nights was from him, my older brother. He had been touching my foot while I slept. I didn't know want to do.

My parents were very conservative and telling them about their sick son, my brother, would ruin them completely. I realized that I would have to deal with it myself. I though that I should make him stop, because the idea of it really made me sick. My thoughts continued and finally I fell asleep.

The next day I came up with an idea that I thought would cause him to stop. It was after gym class as all of us girls went to the locker room to take a shower and change clothes. The smell of the girls' feet after the practice gave me the idea. I hadnít showerd that day and after school I went went home and stayed with my sneakers on for the whole day.

Only when it was time to go to bed did I remove them. The smell was awful. I could barely breathe. That was the idea. I had hoped that the awful smell would cause my brother to be so disgusted that he wouldn't touch my feet anymore. I didnít remove my socks and went to bed. My legs were in the end of the bed.

I didn't sleep. I waited. After an hour or so (my brother must have known by now my sleeping habits), I saw the door open slowly and my brother came in. I saw him getting close to my feet and then he moved backwards quickly. I thought to myself that he must have smelled my smelly and sticky feet and that he couldnít bear it. I thought that he would leave any minute. To my surprise, he didn't leave.

I saw his head back near my foot. He was sniffing my smelly feet! At first, he smelled them very slowly, but then harder and harder until he was heavily sniffing them. Then he lifted my foot (he still thought that I was sleeping heavily) and removed my left sock. He took it and smelled it heavily. Then he put it into his mouth. I couldn't believe it. Instead of having my smelly feet turn him off, it turned him on!

After he removed my second sock, he lowered his head to my foot and started to smell it. Then he put his nose between my toes. After a few minutes of sniffing, he started to suck my toes one by one and then he moved to the other parts of  my feet. He licked my feet with his tongue and was probably having thre time of his life. After half an hour this nightmare ended. He finally left my room.

There I was in my bed, lying there with my head full of all kinds of thoughts. "How could I stop this sick brother of mine?" I thought to myself. Clearly the smell of sweaty feet really turned him on. I kept thinking. Then I came up with the idea that if the smell didn't bother him, maybe the look ofmy feet would.

The next day after I returned from school, I removed my shoes and socks and stayed barefoot  the whole day. I deliberately walked all around the house barefoot and even went to the basement that way. The floor of the basement hadn't been cleaned for some time. It was full of dust and dirt. I walked around, dragging my feet all over the floor in order to make them as filthy as possible.

It was already evening and my parents and my older brother were sitting in the living room watching television. I joined them and laid on my stomach in front of the TV. We watched a movie together and I moved my legs from time to time, making sure that my brother could see my dirty soles. After the movie had finished, we were about to go to sleep when my mother told me that I had better take a bath as my feet were very dirty. "They are completely black!" She said to me.

"I'm too tired now. I will shower in the morning." I told her, making sure that my brother heard me. I went to my room and sat on my bad looking at my feet. They were very dirty, so dirty that you couldnít see my skin. My feet were actually black! "There is no way that my brother will touch or lick such dirty feet." I thought to myself.

I turned the light off and went to bed. I stayed awake and waited. An  hour passed and my brother hadnít shown up. I thought that I had made it. He must have seen my dirty feet and decided to avoid them. After all, even sick people have their limits. I was very tired because I hadn't sleept well for two nights. "Finally I will sleep quietly." I thought.

I almost fell asleep when to my great surprise, the door of my room opened and in walked my brother. He removed my blanket very gently off of my foot. I almost didnít feel it when he removed the banket. By now, he was an expert. Even with the lights off, you could see that my feet were very dirty. The darkness only made them look worse. That didn't bother him at all. Like usual, he started to lick my feet again.

I had hoped that the dirt would leave a bad taste in his mouth and that he would stop, but he didn't. He just continued to lick and lick much harder than before. I was so tired and sad from my situation that I fell asleep as my sick brother was still licking my dirty feet.

I donít know how much time he continued with my feet. The next day when I woke up, I was very confused from the previous night's events. I didn't know whether or not I had a dream, or if something had really happened. I looked at my feet. I was in complete shock. My dirty, almost entirely black feet were now completely clean! Not a single bit of dirt were on them! If I hadnít have known better, I would have thought that someone had washed my feet. Actually, someone had! My sick brother and his his tongue!

To be continued ...

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This story was submitted by Soly.

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