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The Best Soles-Up Footjob Ever!
(Published on Tuesday, August 10, 2010)
This story was submitted by Chris.

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Editor's note: Keep in mind that in the United States, payment in exchange for
sex is only legal in some areas of Nevada. In the cities of Las Vegas and Reno
for instance, prostitution is illegal. Furthermore, even in areas of Nevada where
prostituion is legal, it is heavily regulated, and can only be performed in licensed facilities.

As such, this story is only a fantasy.

My name is Chris. I dated this girl name Jenna in high school. She was 3 years younger than me, and she loves older men. I have always liked her feet, and other women's feet for a long time. Anyway, here's my story, which of course happened a few years after we graduated.

Jenna knows I like feet, and I always wanted to do some stuff to her feet. Mind you, she was dating my best friend. Still, I got the nerve to ask, "Do you know anyone who needs extra money that they can make for some foot favors?"

She replied, "No."

So I asked, "What about you?"

"Sure," she told me.

"Bingo!" I thought to myself. So I gave her $150.00 and asked, "So what do I get to do?"

She told me that I could rub her feet, suck her toes, lick her feet, and also take 4 pairs of sandals that she no longer wore.

The day of our arrangement took forever, but it finally came. I was so happy to do this. She has size 9 feet, which are a bit thick, but not too thick.
After I rubbed her feet, I asked if she could give me a footjob, and step on my cock the next time for $200.00.

She replied, "Sure."

I was really happy, so about a week later while her man was at work, I went over to her house, and I got to rub her feet for a bit. Then I asked her to start to rubbing my cock with her feet. She did for a bit, and I got so hard. When I pulled my cock out, her eyes got really big because she liked my cock. After her rubbing my cock for a bit, I asked her to step on my cock, and she happily complied. I told her to get her Jessica Simpson shoes on, and step on my cock with them, which she did for a bit.

I suggested that she should finish me off on the chair, so she did. She gave me the best soles-up footjob ever!

This story was submitted by Chris.

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