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A Fast Solejob
(Published on Saturday, September 18, 2010)

This story was submitted by Chris.

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So as you know, I wrote a story about a month ago about me paying for a footjob and some foot fun. Well it happened last week. This time not paying for it. It was Friday of last week, and horny as alwasys, so I called my ex to see if she wanted to play.

So I called her, and she was down to play, so I showed up there. We smoked a couple bowls like we always do. I got to paint her toes red; my fav color. After that I got to suck her toes for a while and lick her feet.

I like my cocked stepped on with sandals on, so I asked my ex if she wanted to try that, and she said, "Yes." So we went to her room, and picked out two pairs to use.

After she started, her phone rang, but she didn't pick it up. I asked who was it, and she said it was her dad.

Jenna kept playing with my now hard cock with her sandals clad feet. I told her, "Hey it would be a huge turn on if you were to pick the phone up and talk to your dad while you step on my cock."

To my surprise she agreed. So about 3 minutes went by, and her dad called again. This time she picked up. Boy, did this get me horny as ever. So while she was talking to her dad, she was rubbing my cock.

As soon as she got off, she told ne her dad was coming over in about 20 minutes, so we needed to finish. I told her, "Okay," and then asked her to finish me off with a solejob. She was good at that.

She went to get the lube, then I put it on my cock and her feet, and she started to rub it fast. I told her to go as fast as she could rub so that we would finish.

Not two minutess later I was getting ready to blow, so I grabed her ankles, and fucked her soles fast. I told Jenna, "I'm about to blow." It took two pumps, and I shot rivers of cum all over her soles and toes.

She said, "Man! That was a lot of cum!"

I said, "You milked me good tonight."

I thanked her, and then I was gone before her dad showed up.

This story was submitted by Chris.

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