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Forced Orgasms
Published on Friday, January 11, 2007

This story was submitted anonymously.

(The names used in this story have been changed to protect everyone's privacy)

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Enjoy the story.

Author's note: This story is only a fantasy, but like previous fantasies that
have been revealed, this is one that this author hopes to make true one day.
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When my wife and I greeted Eddie in whispers after quietly slipping into his house, we could tell he was quite nervous. We had come into his house just minutes before on our own through a door that he had left unlocked. We waited in his living room until he came out to greet us.

"Hi," Eddie nervously whispered. "She's ready. I just hope that she doesn't freak out."

We knew exactly what he meant. Eddie's wife Sheila had no idea that we would be arriving. "Don't worry," my wife assured him. "Everything will be fine."

My wife was well aware of Eddie's possible predicament. Not long after we had first met, she had been in the same situation as Eddie's wife. Just like Sheila, my blindfolded wife had been tied down on our bed when I surprised her with another man
. But also like Eddie had done with Sheila, my wife had been warmed up to the idea of bringing others into our bedroom because I would sometimes tease her about doing it when we got kinky on our own. My wife hadn't really taken me seriously. Chances are, Sheila hadn't taken Eddie seriously, either, but we were prepared for that.

My wife and I didn't undress right away. As we explained to Eddie, Sheila might not react in the way that we all hoped she would once she realized that she wasn't alone with him. So if she freaked out as Eddie had put it, we would make a quick exit, and let the two of them sort out our involvement.

As planned, I slipped in to take Eddie's place so that his wife would still only feel one person. My wife and I had gotten to know Eddie quite well over the last few months on-line, so we both knew what he did to please his wife, and we were prepared to duplicate his techniques.

Like my own wife, Eddie's wife also had perfect feet. She had nice arches, soft skin, and pedicured toes that were perfectly shaped. I lightly tickled one of her soles, and to my delight, her sole wrinkled as she scrunched her toes from the light tickling. I also kissed each of her toes, and tongued them while shrimping them with my mouth. As she had enjoyed it with her husband, she clearly enjoyed it with me as well. I smiled, and looked over to my wife who had by them stripped herself naked, and kneeled next to me. I motioned to her to take my place as I moved to the right so that my wife could take over.

My wife stretched her arms, and lightly traced her fingers up along each of Sheila's soles at the same time. Eddie had done this many times before while pretending to be two people, so Sheila was unaware that my wife was the one who was touching her. My wife gave me a big smile, and then gave a thumbs-up to Eddie as she continued to explore Sheila's naked, and bound body. She traced her fingers up along Sheila's inner thighs, and around her public bones. She got onto the bed in between Sheila's legs, and lightly tickled her upper body, including her arms, breasts, and nipples.

So far, so good. Evidently, Sheila wasn't aware that there were three of us in the room with her. Each of us took turns to tease, and titillate her from head to toe, altrnating as we pleased. By now, Sheila's pussy was dripping from the wetness of her arousal, and it was time to subtly let her discover that Eddie wasn't the only person playing with her.

Eddie put up one finger to signal that he was close having us reveal ourselves to her as we had planned. He inserted a vibrating egg into Sheila's pussy, and then began to stimulate her clitoris with one of her favorite vibrators. My wife and I paid careful attention to the moment that Sheila's body started to tense up. As soon as Sheila's body started convulsing with her first orgasm of the day, my wife gently, but firmly grabbed one of Sheila's feet while sucking her toes, and I did the same with Sheila's other foot. The timing was perfect. Sheila's climax turned into multiple orgasms as the three of us continued to stimulate her.

Sheila's reaction to the sudden realization that there were three of us playing with her was an excited gasp, and a muted cry of pleasure when her multiple orgasms began to overwhelm her. She cried out, "No, no ... stop," but Eddie wanted Sheila's pleasure to become ecstatic, so he continued to press the vibrator onto her clitoris with a steady pressure. Sheila made mock protests for us to stop, but our continued efforts excited her even more, and in no time at all forced orgasms were induced from her bound, and naked body with such power that it seemed as if she might break the restraints that were holding her in place.

Eddie suddenly turned to my wife with a big smile on his face, and knodded his head towards Sheila as he signalled to the explosive female ejaculation that was spewing forth from his wife's sopping pussy. My wife knew that climax well since she too was a squirter, and was particularly fond of being forced to cum, and having a female ejaculation. I could see that she was quite pleased to see Sheila's forced orgams.

As we had hoped would happen, Sheila was quite happy with having been surprised by us. As my wife says to me from time to time, Sheila exclaimed to Eddie when he removed her blindfolded, "You are SO kinky! And SO bad!" Turning to my wife, she said to her with a sincere glee in her eyes, "You're next!"

When I locked eyes with my wife, I could tell that she could easily see how excited I was by that prospect. I could also see how turned on she was with the idea of Eddie, Sheila, and me making her the center of attention next, which is exactly what we did.

This story was submitted anonymously.

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