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Los Angeles Area Foot Fetish Fun
(Published on Saturday, February 21, 2005)
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(The names used in this story have been changed to protect everyone's privacy)

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Note: This is one of a number of stories involving people in the Los Angeles area
who have met for foot fetish fun. The purpose of these stories is to develop, and
encourage more real-time connections in the Los Angeles area for foot fetish fun.

We are primarily seeking couples, though single men will be considered.
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Enjoy the story.

I'm lucky enough to have a wife who happily indulges my various kinks, such as foot fetish, and bondage fun. Some of these kinky exploits involve other people, though I need to be discreet about sharing this information publicly. Thankfully on this site, I can do this pretty anonymously.

As was recently sent to me in e-mail, I too "would like to see more threesome stories. I like the stories when husbands allow their wives to get pleasured, and the wife also likes to please the men." So if you folks have these types of stories to share, involving foot fetish fun of course, then please send them in so that the webmaster can publish them on-line.

I've had a lot of luck placing so-called swinger ads in a particular on-line swingers web site even though my wife and I are not your typical swingers. In fact, she hates being thought of as a swinger. She isn't particularly happy about the swingers ad that I placed on-line either, but it's afforded us a good number of contacts that have benefitted us quite nicely. I still have a hard time seeing us as swingers, if in fact that's what we are, as our situation is probably a lot different than most. It seems that swingers for the most part do full swaps. In other words, both people in the relationship have intercourse with other couples. In our case, I don't have intercourse with ther women even though I get sexual with them in every other way. On the other hand, pretty much because I get off watching others be with my wife sexually, she will have intercourse with other men. She's very, very selective about it, however, which is good, and the way that it should be; at least for us.

Most recently, we've met up with a single guy who my wife has ended up really enjoying. It's been fun. We all get along just great. Interestingly, even though he doesn't have a foot fetish himself, my wife ended up giving him a footjob ... his first ... and he shot his load all over her feet and toes. We've also had foot fun with other couples, which has been great.

My wife is actually quite old fashioned despite the other side of her who enjoys how kinky I can get with her. It's kind of the best of both worlds. She's attractive, sweet, sexually adventurous, and we continue to have a great marriage despite the occasional bumps in the road of our lives together. I can't really explain a lot more about her, or me, as I want to be discreet about our real identities, and about revealing my stories on-line. Part of being discreet about our adventures means that I need to alter our stories a bit just to keep identities a secret, but I can happily assure you, these stories are real.

Here's a quick story for you before I get to the purpose of this particular entry:

Our male guest arrived on schedule to find that my wife was already tied, blindfolded, and completely naked on a pull-out couch in front of our fireplace. It was a rainy afternoon. I was temporarily away from the scene in my home office, as planned, when our male guest slipped into our home through the back door of our house, which I had left unlocked for him to enter.

He had been to our house a few times before under similar circumstances. I know that the sound of him coming into our house through the back door excited my wife. Yes, she was blindfolded. Yes, she knew that the person coming into our home was him. In fact, not two hours earlier, I had called him on the phone with my wife sitting across the table from me while we had a rainy afternoon lunch at a favorite restaurant of ours. I had handed her the phone as they chatted. I had heard her tell him that she would be tied and blindfolded when he came over. As we had roleplayed it, she told him that she would be home alone, and that he was to come into our house through the back door that would be left unlocked for his entry. That was the plan.

When he came over, he walked into the house on his own. As stated, I was in my home office, but of course peeked around the corner of the room to take a look at the scene that was unfolding before me. Tied, and blindfolded, he was leaning down over her naked body. He began to tease and titillate her from head to toe, just as she liked it. There was a lot of foreplay with kissing, light tickling, and a massage here and there. She was clearly getting horny from the attention. In between her legs now, he began teasing her pussy and clit with his fingers, mouth, and tongue.

At some point, her legs were freed from their bonds, though she still remained blindfolded with her wrists secured above her head. He pulled her towards him to tighten her bound wrists as his cock teased her wet pussy. He lifted her legs over his soulders, entered her, and to her surprise, he nibbled on her soles, and sucked her toes as he fucked her. I had missed the toe sucking, having gone back into my office to contemplate what was going on in the living room, but my wife had told me about it later on. As it turned out, the toe sucking had been an instinctual reaction, and very brief. This man doesn't have a foot fetish, but as he told us later on, he just couldn't resist the temptation of her naked foot in front of his face while he was fucking her. My wife happens to have great feet, so it was understandable. How could he not suck her toes?

After being sexually sated, we untied her. We chatted. I left the room again while she had him lay down so that she could massage his back. The next time that I had peeked into the living room, I noticed that my wife had blindfolded our friend, she had tied his wrists together above his head, and she was giving him a footjob. He was kind of lying on his side, but this happened to be the perfect position for my wife to tease his cock with her feet and toes. He had already cum while making love to my wife, so I was surprised when he suddenly grunted out loud that he was going to cum again. As she continued with the footjob, he came all over her feet and toes. It had been a first for him. Nobody had ever given him a footjob before. He was happily surprised. Despite the fact that he doesn't have a foot fetish, he told us that he was going to be looking at women's feet from now on, and that he was going to test the waters with more foot fetish fun in the future. Maybe we'll have a foot fetish convert. 

I'm seeking foot fetish fun with couples (a small group would be great). Single males will be considered, too, if they have a real foot fetish. They should also be good at giving massages.

Ideally, two couples would come over to our place to roleplay a surprise for my wife while she's completely naked, tied, and blindfolded. Except in the rarest of cases when circumstances warrant a real surprise, I only roleplay these kinky surprises with my wife, though it's still highly stimulating. In other words, she almost always knows that others are coming over to play with her, and/or us with them. The scenario would be for her to engage in a self bondage session so that I can roleplay being an invited guest, which is sometimes what we do when we play with just each other. Instead of me coming in to play the part of an invited guest, you and your partner would come in with another couple to tease, titillate, and sexually please my wife. The roleplaying part of it is that she'd be helpless to stop you from making her cum, inducing forced orgasms from her body as she struggles in her restraints to resist you. The reality of it of course is that she'll enjoy her so-called helplessness before you.

We also enjoy having female guests being the center of attention as described while everyone joins in to tease, titillate, and sexually arouse them to one orgasm after another. When the women are feeling a little kinky themselves, and want to turn the tables on us, it's always very satisfying to have them combine their efforts to make us men cum while they have us tied and helpless.

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