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A Nephew's Story - Aunt Jenny
Published on Tuesday, May 15, 2007

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Publisher's note: This story was printed exactly as it was written without any editing.

For as long as I could remember, I've had secret little crushes on a few of my aunties. Now i'm 18, my little crushes have become big fantasies, fantasies I aim to make true.

Aunt Jenny, 38 years old, divorced, and has two kids. She has long blond hair and dark brown eyes, a very nice figure, not thin but not fat either, very beautiful. She always tells me how I'm her favourite nephew, but today I wanted to give her a different reason why. Aunt Jenny had asked me to babysit her two little brats while she went out with a couple of friends. It wasn't a problem especially since it offered me the perfect opportunity. It was just after midnight when Aunt Jenny came home, and her two terrors were already in bed. I opened the door to see Aunt Jenny slipping her black heels off. She was wearing a red top and a black skirt. I scanned her from head to toe, damn she looked hot, I felt my cock swelling under my shorts just watching her."Hi Darling." she winced a little "oh my feet..", "Hi, are you alright?" I helped her inside, and she quickly crashed on the sofa and immediately began rubbing her feet. "Let me do that." I said, she had her toes painted a light pink color, and they looked really sexy. I sat on the sofa and she smiled as I placed her feet on my lap. "Thanks Doll, but you don't have too." I massaged her feet, slowly rubbing my thumbs into her insteps. "No it's okay, I want too." I said, she smiled and let out a soft sigh, she was liking it. I was careful not to put her feet too close to my crotch, because she would have definitely felt my erection. Aunt Jenny told me about her night out, and the funny things that happened. I began rubbing her soles as I told her what my two cousins were up to, I noticed her close her eyes and drop her head back, I heard her moaning under her breath, then she bit her lip as if trying not to moan too loud, that made me smile.

"Wow, that feels so good, wish I could come home to this everyday." she cooed, I moved my hands up her legs, till I was massaging her calves.

"I would love that too." I flirted, my Aunt looked at me almost puzzled, thats right, I thought to myself, I'm flirting with you. She smiled and battered her eyes at me, then I did it.
I lifted her left foot close to my mouth, and swallowed her big toe into my mouth all the while making eye contact with my Aunty.

"Huh!..." Aunt Jenny gasped as she felt my warm mouth close around her big toe, I closed my eyes enjoying the taste of her sweaty toe, and I made sure to lap my tongue around her big toe as I slowly sucked it. I did the same with her other toes, one by one, licking, sucking, tasting, and to my delight she hadn't tried to stop me or eveen pull away. Aunt Jenny just watched me, she was breathing a little heavier and I couldn't ignore her softs grunts and moans. "Ed...dy, mmmmmm Eddy." I smiled at her then began planting soft kisses on her instep, "You shouldn't be doing that darlin." she pleaded. I looked deep into her eyes, and began to confess my secret crush to her, I could tell she was trying to be reasonable and was about to say something but I quickly interuppted her, licking her sole, a nice big wet lick from heel to instep. "Oooh mmmmm Ed..." I rested her left leg over the top of the sofa then quickly grabbed her right foot, again I wrapped my mouth around her big toe, and again Aunt Jenny let out a loud moan.

"Mmmmmm Eddy!" she said. I furiously licked her toes, between and all around and the more I did, I could feel Aunt Jennys reason fade away to instinct. I sandwiched her feet together one on top of the other, then raked my tongue across the tips of her toes. I looked down at my Aunt to see her licking her lips, her hands on her chest, moaning louder now. I sucked her toes again, this time I felt her toes wriggling in my mouth which I happily whipped with my tongue.
I didn't notice that Aunt Jenny had slipped her right hand down into her panties and was fingering her wet pussy.
I spread her legs and moved over her body, Aunt Jenny continued masturbating and watched me move closer to her. I leaned in close and whispered to her ear, "I've wanted you for a long time Aunty Jenny, you are so beautiful." she looked at me and smiled, "Oh baby." she said softly. Now all reason was gone. I kissed her, but not before feeling her tongue swoop into my mouth. We kissed and our tongues clashes like fighting swords.

"Mmmmmmm Eddy." she sounded satisfied. I looked down at her pussy, she lifted her dress for me, her fingers buried deep into her pussy. I reached down and rubbed her moist pussy, Aunt Jenny moaned again. Suddenly Aunt Jenny pushed me off, threw off her top and dropped to her knees infront of me. "So you want to toy with me baby?" she sounded so sexy then she grabbed my shorts and pulled them down, my cock sprang straight out, like a coiled spring. "Oh Eddy you've grown." I felt her silky tongue stroke up and down my cock, my body shuddered. "Mmmmmmm such a big cock!" she exclaimed.
I dropped my head back in pure ecstacy as Aunt Jenny began stroking my cock and licking my balls. "Oh Aunty, Aunty, Aunty!" I moaned, She then swallowed my cock, her tongue swirling around my cock, her lips gliding down and up my erection. She gave me a little wink as she sucked my cock.
"Oh I love you Aunt Jenny." I replied

Aunt Jenny stood up and I gladly pulled her skirt down, she kicked them away and was now totally nude. "I want your cock baby." she demanded. I sat back letting Aunt Jenny climb on top on me, she held my cock and lowered herself onto it, my cock pushing into her hot pussy. "Yessss! Oooooh." she screamed as my entire length entered her. I felt like I was going to cum, her pussy cltuched my cock it was so tight. She leaned forward till I felt her breasts against my face, I greedily licked at her nipples, she liked it. I felt her rest her feet on my thighs as she was mounted, then proceeded to fuck me. My heavy breathing and her loud moaning soon filled the air, her long hair thrashed about as she rode my shaft, I raked at her feet, our tongues collided again, it was too much.

"Ohhh Aunty! I'm going to cum!" I yelped, she looked down at me, "Where do you want to cum?" I smiled and reached for her lips, she sucked my fingers and smiled. "Dirty boy." she said, again in her sexy tone.
AUnty Jenny got to her knees and combed her hair back with her fingers.
I stood up, holding my cock inches from her face.

"Yes Eddy cum on my face, cum on you Auntys face." she instructed, I stroked my cock hard and fast, Aunt Jenny opened her mouth teasing my cock with her tongue, then it happened.
SPRUURRT!! SPRUURRT!! I exploded over my Auntys beautiful face, cum splattering on her cheeks, her nose, her chin, in her mouth, her tongue, even her hair, it was perfect.

Aunty Jenny looked up at me with her cum covered face and smiled.
"Your Mom better not find out about this, my sis will kill me." I just crashed onto the sofa, a big smile on my face, Aunty Jenny was now done. Success. After we got cleaned up Aunty Jenny and I talked some more and just before we went to bed she gave me a quick footjob.

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