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Under The Table
Published on Thursday, December 1, 2009

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Mary and Sam had been going out for nearly eight months and they were madly in love with each other. One day Mary finally persuaded Sam to meet her parents for dinner. Sam knew that Mary had always wanted her parents to meet him, but Sam always felt a little nervous about meeting them. But it was going to happen eventually, and now Mary and a very anxious Sam stood outside her parents home.

“Don’t worry about a thing Sam. My family’s going to love you,”  Mary said

Sam quickly dusted himself off, and straightened his shirt collar for the hundredth time. This made Mary laugh, and she gently nudged him on the shoulder before reaching for the doorbell.  


When the door swung open, Sam found himself smiling at a very beautiful blonde haired girl. She looked like she might be in her twenties.  “Beth! Hey, how are you doing?”

Mary quickly hugged the young lady.

“Hey Beth, come and meet my boyfriend, Sam. And Sam, this is my little sister Beth.”

Sam couldn’t ignore how beautiful she was and charily shook her hand. Sam knew how beautiful Mary is, with her short blonde hair, dark blue eyes, gorgeous face and figure, but now he was staring at another beautiful angel. Beth had blonde hair like her sister’s, but hers was much longer. She had brown eyes, which were also different, and she a very attractive face, and matching figure much like his fiancé’s.

“Finally, I meet the guy who my sister couldn’t stop bragging about.”  At dinner, Mary sat next to Beth. Her father was at the head of the table, and her mother at the opposite end. Sam sat by himself opposite Mary. Mary couldn’t stop smiling during the dinner, which made Sam feel very happy for her. Mary’s parents had to be the nicest people that he had ever met, and they did make him feel very welcome. Mary began telling her parents about how nervous Sam had been before arriving, which made Sam feel a little embarrassed. Mary laughed and gave Sam a cheeky wink.

Mary’s father began telling everyone an old embarrassing story about Mary, which Sam seemed very interested in hearing. But before Mary’s father could begin, Sam felt something press onto his crotch, breaking his concentration. It felt good. He nonchalantly looked down, and saw Mary’s bare foot slowly rubbing against his crotch. His face immediately went red, and he shot a dirty look to Mary. She winked at him again, this time playfully biting her lower lip. She looked so beautiful when she did that. Sam couldn’t believe Mary would do this now, and right under the table. 

Sam squirmed in his seat. Her soft foot rubbing against the growing bump in her trousers, and her toes digging into his aching balls. It felt so good. His cock slowly went hard under his pants as she continued to rub her sexy foot over his growing bulge. He looked down, and watched how Mary spread her sexy toes, wriggling them at him mischievously. He tried to act cool so no one else would notice just what was happening under the table, but the stimulating sensation that Mary’s foot was causing made Sam sweat. He could feel the sweat beading around his brow. Helpless, he looked at Mary again. She looked back at him, and smiled.

“How could you?” Sam mouthed with his lips, but her naked foot continued to torture him.  

So you want to play games? he thought to himself.
  Sam slowly reached down and carefully unzipped his fly without anyone knowing. Sam then carefully yanked out his now erect cock. Almost immediately Mary pressed her foot against his exposed cock, dragging her toes from the head, and down the shaft of James’s throbbing cock. 

“Uh!” Sam groaned.

Everyone quickly looked at him, and Sam smoothly began coughing as if clearing his throat while Mary’s father continued to tell the story. Her foot was warm, and so soft. It was just incredible, and at the same time unbearable. She pushed Sam’s cock with her foot, trapping his cock between Sam’s navel and her warm, soft sole. Sam clinched the table cloth tightly as he felt Mary begin to stroke his cock up and down against his navel. Sam struggled hard to keep from moaning out loud. Suddenly Sam felt both of Mary’s feet wedge his cock in between her soft soles, and she begin stroking his cock with her feet. Sam’s entire body began to quiver from the amazing sensation, and to make things more intense, Mary began grabbing at Sam’s sensitive cock-head with her soft toes.

“Mary can you get me a glass of water please?” Mary’s father said.  Sam felt a little relieved. If Mary continued stroking his cock like that, he was going to shoot his load right there under the table. Mary gave a wink to Sam, stood up, and walked to the kitchen. Sam immediately felt his heart sink. He could still feel Mary’s feet playing with his cock. No, not Mary’s feet. He casually looked down to see someone’s feet still playing with his cock. He slowly looked up at Beth, and she just smiled at him with a very sinister look in her eyes. It was Beth’s feet! When Mary came back, Beth began rubbing his cock faster.

What a tease, Sam thought, and right next to Mary too.  

Sam thought about pushing her feet away, but the feeling was incredible. Besides, why should he stop? He was so close to just cumming all over Beth’s naked feet. Sam licked his lips as if to signal Beth to carry on. Beth smiled devilishly at him. Beth began stroking Sam’s entire length, letting her toes glide down his shaft to his balls, and then back up again to the head of his cock. As her toes reached his sensitive cock-head, Beth would rake her toes around it, which made Sam jerk in his seat every time. Sam wasn’t going to take Beth’s assault any longer. He felt his balls tighten, and his cock shudder. He was going to cum.

Sam closed his eyes, and surrendered his cock to Beth’s sexy feet. Then he came.


Sam bit his lip hard to keep from moaning. His cum splattered all over her feet again and again. It spilled down her toes, and down her in-steps to her heels. Sam looked over at Beth, and watched her squirm in her chair like she had just cum herself. Sam then felt Beth wriggling her cum-covered toes over his flaccid cock. Beth looked at Sam and carefully mouthed the words, 

“Thank You.”

When Beth finally removed her feet from Sam’s lap, she reached down to her cum covered feet, and scooped a wad of cum from between her toes with her index finger. Sam just watched, and hoped nobody would see. Beth then slowly sucked her finger clean. She looked so pleased with herself, swallowing Sam’s cum. After dinner and later that night, Mary and Sam were given the extra room upstairs to stay the night. 

“Oh baby, see? Dinner was great, right?”
Mary was still so ecstatic about the evening. 

Sam looked into her beautiful eyes. He felt a little guilty about what had just happened. “It was great,” Sam replied.

Mary passionately kissed Sam, and then rewarded him with a great fuck, but for some unknown reason to Mary, Sam insisted on cumming onto her feet.  Mary looked at her feet curiously. Her toes and soles, soaked by Sam’s cum.

She wiggled her cummy toes and smiled.
“Feels kind of nice, you’re cum between my toes. But why there baby?”  Sam collapsed on the bed, sporting a big smile on his face. He closed his eyes, and imagined both Beth and Mary showing off their beautiful cummy feet. He didn’t feel as guilty anymore. 

“No reason.” He said grinning.

The End…

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