Water Goddess Puzzle Page

The puzzle below is mostly self-explanatory, but if you have any
questions, read through our Q&A section right below this puzzle. Have fun!
(The puzzle below needs to load, so give it a few moments if you don't see it right away.)

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Hint: If this puzzle is too easy or too hard, click the Shapes icon to the left of the
puzzle to change the puzzle's configuration. Click the Solve icon to watch  how it's done,
or if you are having difficulty. Then just click on a piece and take over the game again..

This is our Q&A section for the puzzle above.


Q.   How do I rotate the puzzle pieces?
A.   The puzzle pieces don't rotate, they are all correctly aligned.

Q.   Why are some puzzle pieces missing?
A.   Probably because the pieces are trapped underneath a larger piece, you can bring smaller pieces to the surface by pressing the Shuffle button. Ensure that your browser window is maximized.

Q.   How do I pause the clock?
A.   You can pause the timer clock by clicking on it.

Q.   Can I save an incomplete puzzle for later?
A.   At this time it is not possible to save the state of as puzzle and come back later. This feature may be added in the future.

Q.   Why does my computer freeze up?
A.   If you have Microsoft Internet Explorer, upgrading your computer's JavaVM normally fixes this type of problem. See Troubleshooting below. 

Q.   Why did the puzzle work yesterday but not today?
A.   The software on the Jigzone site changes very rarely. It is most likely a temporary problem with your computer.  Possibly a shortage of memory or disc space. Reboot and retry.

:-(   That did not help, what else can I try?
Some browsers are configured to save old versions of web pages in their cache longer than they should. This can lead to errors in the working of the site. You can correct this problem by clearing your browser cache (deleting temporary internet files). Your browsers help pages will explain how to clear the cache.

The JigZone Jigsaw Puzzle is free and requires no extra plug-ins. All that is required is a java enabled browser.
All modern browsers include Java support, however it can be "disabled" or not included with the "lite" version of a browser.

Windows XP
If you have just upgraded to Windows XP, see the mess Microsoft has created here: http://www.microsoft.com/java/xp.htm
The plug-in which will make the puzzle work on Windows XP can be downloaded here: http://java.sun.com/getjava/download.html

AOL Users
Contact AOL support for information about free upgrades and configurations to access advanced web sites.
Windows3.1 and WebTV do not support the Java necessary to run JigZone Jigsaw Puzzle.

JigZone Jigsaw Puzzle will work best with Internet Explorer 6 or Netscape 7.
You may experience difficulties with Netscape 4.
The site no longer works on Internet Explorer 3 or Netscape 3.

If the puzzle will not load, It is most likley a problem with the Java support. Test if your browser can load other Java applets by running this bubble simulation. If you don't see bubbles rising to the top of the page, your browser has a problem running Java.

Your computer can have a problem running Java for the following reasons:
Problem Solution
Your browser supports Java but it has been disabled by the browser's Security or Advanced options. Verify your browser's "internet options" to ensure that Java is not disabled.
You are accessing the internet within a corporation which has a strong firewall. Contact your network administrator for advice.
You installed the lite version of a browser which did not include the Java component. Download and install the Java component separately. How you do this depends on which browser you have. Check you browsers online help for the upgrade procedure, or contact your ISP if they offer support. For Microsoft browsers, information about Java can be found at http://www.microsoft.com/java
Your computer is screwed up. Contact a computer geek in your area. 

If you need to upgrade your browser to make it compatible with Jigzone jigsaw puzzle. You may select from: 

If you haven't tried both of these browsers, it is a good idea to compare them side by side. The downloads are free, and it gives you an opportunity to decide which one you like more.
Be sure to download a browser package which includes Java support. The "basic" package may not include Java.

I have upgraded
If you have just upgraded your browser and now the puzzle does not work, it could be that you have installed the 'lite' version of the browser which does not include Java. In this case follow the instructions in your browsers help pages which explain how to download the Java component separately. For Microsoft browsers, information about Java can be found at http://www.microsoft.com/java

The puzzle crashes Microsoft Internet Explorer
Microsoft continually updates the Java module for Internet Explorer, you should download the latest version from http://www.microsoft.com/java

It worked yesterday
If the jigsaw works for a while and then the pieces refuse to clip together or disappear, or worse. This is probably due to a resource shortage. Clear your browser's cache (temporary internet files), then restart your computer