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Babysitter's Feet
(Posted on Wednesday, May 12, 1999)
This story was submitted anonymously.

Hello fellow foot-lover's. Allow me to share with you the most wonderful foot experience I have ever enjoyed.

I am married to a great woman. She has known about my foot fetish for as long as we have been together and gives me great footjobs. She has a huge collection of very sexy shoes, all of which I have licked, sucked, and cum on many times.

Incredibly, the experience I am referring to however, is not with my wife, but with Brandy. She is 19, lives in our apartment complex, and has babysat for us for about 4 years now. She 's about 5'4, 110 lbs, and has the cutest feet. Ive seen her at the pool and admired her feet from a distance. I can't tell you how many times we have run into her at the swimming pool, and I have had to watch her putting baby oil on those sexy feet without being able to offer help. What torture! I have never seen her toes without polish, usually red. Since she babysits for us, we have gotten to know her on a personal level.

Here's what happened: The office was slow, so I decided to take the rest of the day off. I left at 2, instead of 5, and headed home. I called my wife at work to tell her I was going home. She said she would see me at 6 and would I please have Brandy call her when I got home. Brandy was watching our son and my wife needed to make babysitting arrangements for the next week.

When I got home, I didn't see or hear anyone. I went upstairs to the bedrooms to see if I could find anyone. I checked my son's room. He was sleeping. I walked to my master bedroom and was delighted to see Brandy. I had startled her. She hadn't heard me come home. She was wearing my wife's red high heel pumps!

She said, "I'm sorry.Tommy was sleeping,and I got bored,and I have always admired Wendy's shoe collection.Please don't be mad." She looked so hot in those red pumps. As I was staring at my wife's shoes on those perfect feet, she said, "I' ll take them off,please don't tell Wendy."

I asked her how many others she had tried on and she said only 2 others. I told her I didn't mind and asked her if she wanted to try them all on. "Yes!" She said.

I made her a deal. I wouldn't tell Wendy as long as she let me help her take the shoes on and off her feet. She agreed and asked why I wanted to help. I told her I had a foot thing and had admired her feet for awhile. She giggled and hurried to the closet to get the next pair. She was wearing a thin blouse, miniskirt and no nylons. She would choose a pair, I would slip them on her feet, we would admire her, and then do it over again.

Needless to say, my cock was hard as a rock. By the fourth pair, a pair of plain black patent leather pumps, I couldn't take it anymore. Instead of removing them, I made my move. I licked the tip of the right pump.Without hesitating, I put as much of that shoe as I could in my mouth. She looked surprised, but went with it. I must have licked her pumps for 5 minutes.

Then afraid she would get bored, or freak out, I took her shoes off and finally put those gorgeous toes in my mouth. I almost came right there. She seemed to be enjoying all this attention to her feet. She never pulled away or tensed up. I sucked each toe. Then I would lick her arches and put all 5 toes in my mouth at once. I put the pumps on her again, and rubbed them on my crotch. Then I removed her pumps with my mouth. Finally, I went for the big finish. I pulled my raging hard on out and wrapped her feet around my cock.

Brandy said, "I'm not a virgin, but no one has ever fucked my feet before!" Within seconds (I wished it would have lasted longer), I shot my hot cum all over those sexy feet of hers. Brandy grabbed my cock, licked it clean, and since I was erect again, gave me an awesome blowjob. She smiled and said, "There are alot of shoes I didn't get to try on."

I told her to come and see me the next weekend since Wendy and Tommy were going to be away. Brandy looked pleased. I certainly was!

This story was submitted anonymously.

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