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Postman, Part 2
(Published on Friday, February 25, 2005)
This story was submitted by Y. C. Chang.

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This is the second part of the Postman story, numbered 25-0123-2 in his private file, submitted by Y. C. Chang,

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“We satisfied you yesterday. Did you have a good sleep?” asked a friendly Tatiana. “You must satisfy us to repay our friendship today!”

“What is the program today?” I asked casually. “More friendship?”

“See! He is addicted already!” pointed Tatiana at me to the other girls.

They fed me a bowl of misoshilu, two nigilis and two pieces of tsukemono.

“Esenapaj food!” I was surprised, “How come?”

“Food supply from our Der Army headquarter did not catch up,” explained Tatiana, “so we have to take food from our Esenapaj prisoners of war.”

“And we also take love from our Esenapaj prisoners.” Added Yenichka with a mischievous smile on her face.

I was puzzled. They laughed. “Have you ever heard the stories of Esenapaj military nurses being raped by Teivos soldiers?” said Nadezhda. “So, we also raped Esenapaj men-prisoners. We tortured them by piling them up into a pyramid above us until we got ourselves pregnant and being sent home, court-martialed.”

“So you took me as an Esenapaj prisoner?” I was indignant.

“I apologize for my tongue-slip.” Answered Nadezhda meekly. “Anich is our ally and you, especially you, are our friend. As we have already said that we would not hurt you, we only want to ask you to give us something today.”

“And what is that?”

“We heard that you, the Eseniches, are tickling experts.” Explained Svetlana, “We used to hold tickling parties with our Naissur comrades in the barracks. But we want to have a taste of the Eseniches way during our short stay in your country. Do you have a special way of tickling combined with foot-fetishism, which you are famous? If you do, tickle us as excruciate as you can! Use all your cruelty as if we were your prisoners for interrogation! And do not worry if we die. We die happy!”

Five pairs of naked white soles were already on display in front of my face before I could answer. I had no alternative but to comply. Fortunately, I had long finger-nails, uncut for two weeks. Without hesitation I helped myself, raking my fingernails into the calyx centers of the nearest pair of soles and scratched rhythmically from heels upward to the balls and toes.

“It feels so good!” moaned a sing-song voice from Tanya, interrupted only by giggles. “It is a life-time enjoyment. Don’t stop! I want to be tickled to death now! Yes, now! Oh, please, more, more and more ... Eh!”

I was afraid that I might have already killed her because she became silent after a minute of tickling. I looked up and saw that she raised her both arms and winced at me suggestively. I stuck two fingers into her open armpits. She wailed in a burst of laughter. I tickled her soles and armpits alternatively with both of my hands. I regret that I did not have four hands, or six, because she opened her legs to me now. I freed one hand from her soles and armpits, and stroked her clit, flipping open her bushy blond pubic hairs. At my second stroke, her vagina became wide-open, and I stuck two of my fingers into it to touch her G-spot. She stopped her laughter and had a grimace frozen in her face. I thought she was dead because her limb became as stiff as wood while her amazed colleagues watched on. A current of liquid squirted out of her vagina suddenly. It was not urine as I thought, but her love-juice. They started to pry Tanya out of me and started to carry her to the bedroom.

“Wait a minute,” I protested. “I have not finished treating her yet!” I grabbed Tanya’s plump, fleshy body and pressed my lips on hers and rammed my rod into her warm tunnel while keeping tickling her soles with both my hands. She tried to hold out but the tickling loosed her continence and she screamed in a numbing orgasm. After I discharged my load, I let them to take away her limp body and laid myself on the floor panting like an ox.

“Wake up, buster! You are not supposed to get away with only one of us! We are five!”

I opened my eyes and saw the aroused face of Tatiana.

“I am different! Do not tie me. I let you have free access of my five points, soles, armpits and clit, without trying to escape for a whole day. But do not tickle my G-spot to make me to come too soon until the end of 24 hours. You will hear only my laughter, but not my scream. I will stay alive to enjoy the extreme tickling of my life! You will be rewarded at the end of this session.”

True to her words, she sat on the sofa spreading her arms and legs, with only her shoes off, but her sleeveless shirt and slacks on. Her both rosy soles facing me. The sleeveless shirt exposed her armpits and she unzipped her slacks to expose her unshaved, hairy blond vagina toward me.

As soon as my fingers contacted her soles, she chirped in a tinkering laughter with a jump and fell off the sofa as if stabbed by a bayonet.

“Sorry, I promised you to stay motionless for your tickling!” She sat back bracing her limbs in a rigid position.

“Good, brave ticklish girl!” I said in a trembling voice. “The longer you can hold on to yourself, the more both of us will enjoy!” I scratched rhythmically at her arches and balls with two hands.

“Yes, yes, Hahaha......há!  Don’t forget my armpits and clit! Faster! Faster! Please...”

My hands were busy alternating among her five points, two soles, two armpits and clit. I was afraid that I might collapse before she did. It was an endurance contest between a strong determined woman and a weak man. Her four colleagues watched on with eyes bulging as big as silver dollars.

“I will release your tension!” Suddenly, Tanya reached her fingers under the bulging tent of my trousers.  I wetted myself and fell to the ground.

They applauded. All four of them descended on me. I felt my own trousers unzipped. A pair of hands grabbed my rock-hard shaft and squeezing tickled it.

“Milk the bull! Tickle his armpits! And take off his shoes!”

“No!” I protested. “It is unfair! You promised to be my ticklees! Not the other way around!”

“OK, get off him, sisters!” Ordered Svetlana. “You go back to tickle Tatiana for the rest of the day! But you must be nude this time to let us watch your stick! And the expression on your face! And let us hear your moans along with those of Tatiana!”

“All of you will moan with us!” I retorted.

True, Tatiana’s wailing laughter was joined by my own sighs and one or two low moans from the watching girls. The clock struck three.

“Enough of Tatiana now!”

“But we started at nine this morning,” I protested. “She was tickled for only six hours today. Did we agree for a 24 hours of tickling?  Besides, she is far from being killed now!”

“She is a tough girl.” said Yenichka. “I do not believe she will be killed even at the end of 24 hours!   But take a break. We are hungry now and there are three more of us here waiting anxiously to be tickled.”

“I am also far from being exhausted now. Did you promise to give me my reward?”

“Yes!” Mumbled Tatiana weakly, “You can tickle my G-spot and have your way now!” Tatiana and I laid at each others’ arms and fell asleep after a mutually satisfying love session.

Again, an Esenapaj dinner of smoked katsuo washed down with strong sake. The girls wolved the food without even picking out the fish bones and taught me their leg-hopping dance. Tatiana told me that she was a second year college student majoring in chemical engineering while the other four girls were high school graduates before they were drafted into the military service. Tanya even participated briefly in the Dargnilats campaign before she was transferred to the Eastern front. She was expecting to marry her boyfriend soon in East Nilreb where he was stationed now.  They also told me the stories of their previous tickling parties with their Naissur comrades in the barracks, of which I will write in another series of stories, together with the story of the tickling parties by their great queen, Catharine II, 1786. But did our honorable readers forget our own tradition of tickling parties held by the great queen, Wu Tse-Tian, founder of Chou dynasty?

After a good rest, we all gathered again in the lunch room. “Now, let all of us agree on the rule of our tickling party!” announced Nadezhda. “The ticklee will not be tied or restrained in any way. She can struggle but she is forbidden to hide her ticklish points from the tickler. She is required to sit spread-eagled in this sofa with her boots and socks off, but with her sleeveless shirt and uniform slacks on. The center of her uniform slacks will be unzipped to expose her vagina. She must make an effort to hold her soles up, arms up and legs spread wide to endure tickling in all her five points. No one is permitted to abandon the party, but each of the participants, including the tickler, the ticklee and the on-lookers, can ejaculate on the spot any time he or she wants to. The winner of the tickling contest will be rewarded by another 24 hours of non-stopping tickling in these five points plus her G-spot, without respite and clemency. The final reward is a love session with the tickler.”

“But what if the tickler, Mr. Wang, freaks out before we do?” asked Yenichka.

“We wake him up by milking him,” said Nadezhda. “Different from us, Wang is supposed to be completely nude, so that we can tickle his soles, his armpits and his penis any time we want to! He is not allowed to die. We have a way to resurrect him from death. If he dies of exhaustion of energy and supply reserved for six times of love-making with each of the five of us, we tickle him to erection and to intromit into us until he finishes performing his assigned duty!”

“What will be the punishment if one of us fails?”

“Punishment for failure will be described in the third part of this story. Now, let the real tickling party begin. Each of us prepares to enjoy to his and her hearts’ content. Two of us have already enjoyed. I, Nadezhda, will be the third to set the example to take the tickling from our dear brother, Wang!”

This story was submitted by Y. C. Chang.

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