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Pussy, Ass and A Footjob!
(Published on Monday, February 7, 2005)
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This is from about 16 years ago and was one of my best foot experiences. At the time I was living at a small apartment complex and working weekends with Tuesdays and Wednesdays off. One of our (I was married at the time) neighbors was a 36 year divorcee who had a thing for younger guys. I guess I was fortunate being only 27 at the time and therefore meeting her one criterion for guys: like I said – being younger than she was. Her name was Angie, after all these years it is safe to use it I suppose. Angie was about 5’3” and maybe 110 lbs, curves in all the right places, long brown hair, and beautiful small feet, which she always kept perfectly pedicured. As I found out later, her feet were a perfect (for my taste) size six. Angie loved to run around either barefoot or wearing open toed shoes of some sort. She was always friendly and stopped to talk for a few minutes.

Like I said, I was off during the week and that’s when I did my errands, including some laundry that didn’t get finished over the weekend. The day in question here was one morning when I figured I could get an early start on things and was in the laundry room around seven. Most of the tenants had already left for the day, including my wife who didn’t share my odd days off. As I was in the laundry room, the door opens, and in walks Angie wearing shorts, a T-shirt, and some flip-flops. Judging by her very visible nipples, she was not wearing a bra and the jiggling cheeks told me that she wasn’t wearing panties either. Fine by me. Combined with the sight of her red toes, I was getting a hard-on fast.

We talked and she sat on top of the dryer while I folded my stuff, and we talked about unimportant stuff. All the while I kept glancing at her feet and imagining those pretty toes wrapped around my cock. Angie picked up on this quickly and put me right on the spot by saying “What would your wife say if she knew you wanted to cum all over my feet?”

Might as well grab the bull by the horns here, so I laughed and said, “Same as your boyfriend probably.”

With a devilish smile, and twinkle in her eyes, she extended her foot, rubbed my crotch, and said, “I won’t tell if you won’t.”

Without wasting much time, we left our laundry in the room and went to her apartment. We both knew we had all day since both my wife and Angie’s boyfriend wouldn’t come home for another 7 hours. Not much time was spent with small talk since we both knew what we wanted. Angie wanted a younger dick, and I wanted her feet -  not a bad compromise if you ask me! We sat on her couch and she put her legs in my lap, giving rise to my cock again. I wanted it all, so I stood up and took off her T-shirt first, then her shorts. What a sight! Firm titties, a nice full size 36C (she told me, and was proud of them), a thick but well trimmed bush, and those gorgeous red toes. I nearly came on the spot as I looked at her naked body.

Standing in front of her, she helped me out of my clothes, and I sat down again. Knowing what I wanted the most, she started giving me a slow footjob, with her toes curling around my raging hard-on. She had one foot playing with my balls while the other was going up and down my shaft. She must have done this before, since she could do this and rub her pussy without missing stroke. Watching this beautiful woman fingering her clit while her titties shook with each stroke was all I could do to not cum immediately.

I had her stop for a while (I wanted to enjoy this for as long as I could!) and played with her pussy and tits instead. We went to her bedroom and she got on all fours presenting the incredible view of her delicious ass and wet pussy. I had to fuck her, and did. As I learned, Angie liked to have a well lubed cock up her butt, and I was happy to oblige! So we made sure my dick got nice and wet while working her tight pussy, and then I shot a heavy load deep up her ass. I figured “Too bad” because I had really wanted to fuck her feet. But who am I to complain about getting some pussy and ass?

Well, Angie was a real sweetheart who wanted to make sure we both got what we wanted, so after she had her pussy and ass satisfied, she cleaned my cock the way it should be done: with a set of soft lips wrapped around it! Angie was goood! In no time I was hard again, and she got on her back to give me the best footjob I had had at that time. I can still see her perfect, red toes gripping my dick, and rubbing up and down with steady strokes. My eyes went back and forth between her titties, that just-fucked pussy, and her feet on my cock. I felt it rise again, and suddenly another load came up and oozed between her toes, and creamed her feet. She winked at me, and got on her knees to clean me up again, not wasting a drop of cum. What a woman!

We both knew this wouldn’t be the last time we got some fun on the side, and we did this quite a few more times before she moved out about a year later.

This was over 16 years ago, but to this day I remember Angie’s feet and toes milking my cock for all the cum I could provide. Every time, after one of her great toejobs, she wrapped her lips around my dick to suck and lick it clean. I always made sure I kept up my (unspoken) end of the deal, and fucked her pussy and ass whenever she wanted it. I mean, why would I turn down all that fun? Think about it: pussy, ass, AND footjob?! What more could you want?

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