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Her sweet toes wrapped around my cock
(Published on Thursday, November 25, 2004)
* Written and edited by SouthSkyEyes (C) 2004

* Exclusive to Great Feet in thanks to Bill. I'm glad to be back visiting and contributing again.

Warning: JOM ... "jack off" material" ;-)

I see how you're lookin' at her ... and how it's makin' you more anxious by the minute as we sit here chattin' gettin' acquainted ... shiftin' your eyes across the couch like that ... gazin' at those red-painted toes peekin' out under of the cuffs of her blue jeans ... watchin' 'em wigglin' at you ... makin' you fidgety ... gettin' you all turned on thinkin' about those sweet toes wrapped around that hard cock of yours ... yeessss ... my wife, she can be such the naughty tease, huh?

You look me nervously in the eyes and I reply with a smile that's tellin' you it's okay ... I remember what you asked in your email ... I know what you're wantin' ... that bulge in your jeans is sayin' it all ... and that brimmin' devil-of-a-grin commin' to your face is tellin' me you're ready for it ... oh yeah ... you've finally got up the nerve ... and you're seein' in her eyes how she's dyin' to give it to you.

Of course she has to smile at you a little ... seeing you sittin' there tryin' so hard not to stare at her tits showin' from under that sheer white smock she's wearin' ... and pretending not to notice how she's slidin' up her cuffs ... teasin' you, invitin' you to take a good long hard look at her feet.

Finally lettin' loose, you're bringin' your face in real close, feastin' your eyes on those feet ... sniffin' at the sweet-musk of her toes ... I see how you're fingerin' that wet spot you've got goin' on ... gettin' all juicy over those dirty thoughts whirlin' around in that head of yours ... and you're hopin' my wife will go along with every one of them.

In a flash I see you gazin' at me, lookin' like deer eyes caught in high-beams ... yes, my friend, I'll be sittin' right here, watchin' from across the coffee table, catchin' all the action goin' down.

I notice how it takes you a moment, but watchin' you gatherin' your courage again, takin' in a deep breath, I know, man-to-man, there's no way you're gonna' just get up and leave empty handed now ... no way in hell are you stoppin' just because I'm watchin'.

In no time you're kneelin' on the couch, grinnin' over the thrill to be pullin' out that bad-boy in front of her, rushin' with power to be squeezin' it showing her how hard you are ... so burin' with desire, so captivated by the stunning beauty of her feet, so intoxicated with it all you're pumpin' it like a mad-man, panting like a dog, lettin' her watch you jacking off over her feet ... you wanna' see your hot cum oozin' over those toes.

But as quickly as you started you just stop, without a word, catchin' your breath ... the two of you lookin' down at that cock in your hands, watchin' how your blood is pulsing hard through it's veins ... you want to appreciate the experience of her feet... to enjoy getting all worked up before getting down and dirty with her ... you want to see my wife's feet wrapped around your meat and stroking you off 'til you explode.

You take in a deep breath laying your fingers over her toes ... feeling 'em wiggle as she welcomes your touch ...and you begin luxuriating over the womanly landscapes of her feet, with skin so silky soft it's as though your fingers are melting into her ... you can see in her face the pleasure it's bringin' her ... tracing her smooth contours like that, molding your fingers over the shape of her ankles, cradling her soft heels ... sliding your fingertips down the satiny slopes of her feet, taking care to plunge through each warm little valley between her toes ... ahhh, such sweet bliss.

You know my wife is enjoying this ... but she knows what you're waitin' for, seein' that cock poking out of your pants like a thick flag-pole ... you quiver watchin' her raise her foot ... surprised as she brings those sweet toes to your face and begins waving them under your nose, makin' you kiss 'em one-by-one ... catchin' you by surprise slippin' 'em through your lips, she knows you're enjoyin' this taste of them all warm and slippery in your mouth ...your tongue lappin' with glee ... makin' her squirm' with pleasure as you flick the tip of your hot tongue between them ... how that look is comin' to her eyes ... yeah, you know she's gettin' juicy watchin' you suckin' away on her toes like that.

You're delighted to see my wife getting' a little more ... eh, comfortable for you ... watchin' as she gets up and starts shimmying out of her top ... I know you're getting' off over that lusty eyeful of my wife's tits ... watchin' them rebound as she playfully flings her top at you ... see those perked nipples ... and how her areola are gettin' all dimpled and puckered like that ... yeah you know she can't wait to wrap her toes around that thick cock of yours.

She tells you to open your shirt and to strip waist down to get ready ... callin' you mister ... watchin' you fumblin' with that belt buckle. But in one fell swoop you're standin' there showin' it all to her, sportin' a boner that's catchin' her eye. My wife tosses you a bath towel ... yep, you're gonna' need it ... and in no time you're plopped down on the towel ... and shocked seein' me sittin' here ass naked too, settin' down a bottle of KY on the table for the two of you ... I can tell as I sit back, spreadin' wide, you're pretendin' to not notice my cut cock stickin' up ... tryin' to hide that bit of embarrassment as those natural comparisons start poppin' into your head.

But you know I've got nothin' over you, seeing my wife oogin' at your manhood as she's getting' you ready ... grabbin' your legs, givin' you a playful pull and a tug to position your ass just where she wants it. And I notice that big grin coming to your face as she starts whisperin' in your ear ... just loud enough to be teasin' me ... tellin' you how she's been masturbating in private, callin' out your name as she rubbed her clit like a wild-woman imaginin' wrapping her toes around such a generous cock as yours, givin' you a footjob you'll not forget ... and how thrillin' it is to finally be doin' it ... and how deliciously dirty it feels to be doin' it to you in front of me.

You watch, cock standing, gripped hard with anticipation as she gets situated on the couch ... her tits bouncin' as she skootches closer ... spreadin' your legs wide givin' her full access ... your arousal streamin' down your shaft as she plants her long feet hugging your balls .... her gorgeous big toes flanking your shaft, flickin' it back and forth, watchin' it wag like a puppy dog tail ... handin' you that bottle of KY with one hand as she wraps her fingers around your cock, holdin' it still for you, invitin' you to squeeze out a generous portion so she can properly anoint you ... lookin' in your eyes, smilin', watchin' you squirm with pleasure as she strokes you ... knowin' you're luvin' it ... knowin' it's drivin' me crazy watching' her makin' sure she's lubed every inch of your cock.

How you quiver as she sits back tweakin' her nipples for you as she begins fondling your balls with her toes ... bouncin' 'em to and fro as she's workin' her toes into your crease ... tuggin' at your pubes ... your eyes gazin' at her toes creepin' up ever so slowly ... over the base of your shaft ... how you're rippling with pleasure as she repeatedly runs her toenails up the front your shaft ... makin' your cock stand so hard it almost hurts ... ahhh ... the sweet pleasure of it all as she wraps those soft toes around your hard shaft and begins strokin' it ... toes grippin' at your taught skin as she slides 'em up and down your slick shaft, squeezin' it hard between the soft meaty bottoms of her feet ... pumpin' you out to high-heaven ... makin' her sweet tits shake in unison ... leavin' your balls achin', beggin' for mercy ... that tell-tale hot surge tellin' you there's no turnin' back now.

For an instant you're noticing how I'm jackin' off, burnin' with jealousy to see my wife's toes around your cock ... but you're watchin' that blur of her feet over your raging erection ... the thrill see her sweet-ravage your meat like this ... the ecstasy as the waves of pleasure are takin' you higher and higher ... her toes rakin' your cock makin' you near dizzy as you ascend to the apex of your orgasm ... your face grimacing as she works you into a frenzy.

Ahhhh ... the flood of pleasure as your balls start pumpin' their load ... the ecstasy as your gism pulses through the bore of your shaft makin' it vibrate in the clutch of her feet ... your hot cum spurtin' out ... splattering up your chest as she continues milkin' you for all you're worth ... you join her in watching your release taperin' off to a warm flow out the tip of your cock ... oozin' down ... collecting on her toes as she delights in smearin' up and down your shaft ... feelin' how your swollen cock is softenin' in the soothing hug of her feet ... watchin' your cum flow down over the soft skin of her feet ... seein' her smilin' at you layin' back there all drippin' in your naked euphoria. You glance over at me ... seein' me sittin' here with spent cock in hand ... my face tellin' you I'm lookin' forward to next week, when it's my turn at your at your place, with you and your luv as we've agreed ... yeah, I think you're really gonna' get off seein' her sweet toes wrapped around my cock.

* (C) 2004 SouthSkyEyes.

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