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The Ticklish Bitch #25
(Published on Wednesday, June 2, 2004)
This story was submitted anonymously.

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My newfound early Summer "friendship" with my ex-girlfriend Diane (subject of many Ticklish Bitch stories of yesteryear) has been very lucrative as of late for some new tickle tales, particularly one that took place a couple of nights ago, involving my friend Troy (who first met and tickled Diane in The Ticklish Bitch #22).

Troy and I were going to grab a bite to eat, but then Diane called me and wanted to do the same.  I told her about my plans with Troy and invited her to join us, and she was fine with that.

When I saw, Diane, she looked great!  Her chestnut brown hair was wavy and flowing, and she was wearing a short summer dress, featuring her (now) chunky, but shapely milky-white legs. She wore no socks, and had a pair of closed -toed shoes on (she rarely wore open-toed shoes).

Diane and I sat down to dinner at this tasteful grill bistro, and Troy joined us just in time after drinks.  He nestled himself in a seat next to Diane, both of them opposite me in the booth. The three of us practically killed two bottles of Chardonnay as we talked and laughed. Then, it happened!!!

We began to recall the events of "The Ticklish Bitch #22," when Troy first tickled Diane based on his giving her a foot massage. Again, I brought up the fact that Diane could become so ticklish that even teasing her about being ticklish would get her to giggle, and, just as I said that, she started to giggle and squirm. "I didn't think it would be that easy," I said.

Diane responded, "No, actually, he's hee-hee-hee, tickling hee-hee-hee HAHAHA me right now tee-hee-HAHAHHAAA!" Under the table, unseen to anyone, Troy started tickling Diane's bare thighs and legs. Slowly tracing his fingers along Diane's bare skin got her to react - giggling and squirming to his touch.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Tee-hee- HAHAHA, he's tickling me under the table, on my legs, HAHAHAHA!!!!" Diane responded. Troy looked very confident and nonchalant as he continued his subtle but effective tickling. "OOOOOHHHHHoooohhhh, HAHAHAHA, that tickles there!" Diane said.

"Awwww, are you ticklish?" Troy teased, as he gave her a hug.

While hugging her, he softly spoke in her ear, and she scrunched up and let out a big "EEEEEE!!!!!!"

"She's VERY ticklish in her ears," I said. "Just blow on them, and she melts into giggles."

Diane was now trying to "hide" her ears from Troy, but he playfully blew into her left ear. She scrunched up again and screamed "AAAAHAAAAHAHAAAA!" as he did that.

We went back to talking about other things, and from time to time Diane would break into giggles again, as Troy had begun to tickle her under the table again, tracing little figure 8's (apparently) on her bare thighs. "Hee-hee-, he's tick- heeeheeee tickling me again!" Diane said.

"Too bad Stella's not here too," Troy said. (Stella is Diane's friend, also part of the Ticklish Bitch #22 Escapade.)

"She was pretty ticklish, too, as I recall," I said. "She squeaked when I played with her tummy."

"HAHAHAHAAAAAAAA!!!!!!" Diane interrupted our conversation.

I couldn't help but laugh. "Whaaaaat???" I said.

"He's doodling on my skin. HAHAHAHAAAAAA, that tickles!" Diane said. Troy playfully continued to draw little circles on Diane's milky-white bare thighs under the table.

"You know, when Diane was in graduate school, her classmates did that to her during class and made her giggle out loud," I said, recalling incidents that Diane had confessed to me during some of our more intimate moments.

"I can see why," Troy said, with a sly wink, as he continued his tickling domination.

"But wait, I thought you were a masseur, not a tickler," Diane said to Troy.

"I am," Troy replied, and proceeded to massage her neck and shoulders. "But I can't help it that you're so ticklish!" He said, as he whispered into her ear again and made her giggle and squeal.

"That feels good. Keep doing that," Diane said, as Troy moved to her neck and shoulders again, and Diane rested her head on the table, her long flowing hair resting, too. "OOOOhhhh, that feels great," Diane said, as she relaxed into her massage.

A few minutes later, our dinner arrived, and we dug in. "I wish Stella was here," I said again. "Then we could massage her, too."

Troy said, "Yeah, at least she can hold still for a little while."

Diane, in a playfully pouty way said, "I held still for you for awhile."

Troy said, "Yeah, sure!"

He playfully poked her ribs, getting her to double over and say, "HAHAHAHAAAA, oh stooooooop!"

As we finished dinner and walked out into the parking lot, we offered to give Diane a foot massage.  "No foot massages tonight," Diane said.

I affectionately swung her in my arms and said, "Oooh, ok," giving her a big sloppy bear hug.

As her arms were raised over her head, bare underarms exposed, I got mischievous again. I held her arms locked over her head from behind, and Troy made tickling gestures toward them. Diane playfully panicked, and once Troy began to slowly trace his finger along Diane's bare underarms, she squealed in an incredibly high-pitched voice, "No, Troy, PLEEEEEASE, don't do that oh no AHAHAHAA HAAAAA  EEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! That tickles me there  so muuuuuuuch!"

Troy said goodnight and gave her a hug, and I drove her back to her own car. She had a great time. It's so great that we're still friends nowadays, and I can still enjoy seeing her giggle and squirm.

"Next time we'll bring Stella," I said. "We'll have some fun with her around, too. I wonder if bare tummy and underarms are as ticklish as yours?"

"I doubt it," Diane replied.

"We shall see, maybe...."

This story was submitted anonymously.

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