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Making Love to BJ's beautiful Toes, Part 2
(Published on Thursday, May 13, 2004)
This story was submitted anonymously.

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It was a few days later, BJ and I were in the cafeteria having breakfast. We had become some what of  ‘a couple’ to our friends. Talk about surprises for all our peers. They were shocked … speechless would be the better description. Apparently our relationship took them by surprise. Ha! Ha! Hee, hee!!

Well, back to how I was able to make love to BJ’s lovely feet and toes. While having breakfast with BJ, sitting directly opposite from me, she for whatever reason took off her shoes and placed her lovely feet in my lap. Well to say the least, I immediately lost my appetite to eat. I began to play with her gorgeous feet and toes under the table. I was so aroused, so hot! I know she did not realize how turned on I was. The café was rather empty. I wanted to suck on her toes more than anything else in the world at that time. It is only enormous mental and emotional control that allowed me the strength to not grab her foot, and regardless of who saw, sucked them ‘till the cows came home.’ We were at the beginning of Spring Break in the month of March. I was also leaving that very day to go to another city in Alabama for about two weeks.

After she finished her breakfast with me in euphoria, we left the cafeteria for the library. It was a somewhat secluded place to have a bit of privacy. But it was not open, so we sat outside near to some shrubbery and small followers. It was right there in front of the school library that I was able to put BJ’s lovely succulent toes in my mouth. She again permitted me to rub her feet out there in the open, and while playing and rubbing them, I bent over and placed her left big toe in my mouth. YES, I had lost it. If any one saw, I don’t know, and to be honest I did not care! I had to suck her toes! And I did. I was so turned on just touching her toes before, that when her toe hit my mouth; I just exploded in my pants. I got stiff and felt this burst of liquid just shoot out of my penis like a geyser blowing its steam. To say that my dear BJ was surprised by my sucking her big toe is the understatement of the year! Yet again she appeared speechless! Because I was ‘stiff’ for a few minutes, she asked me if I was alright. I had broken out in a cold sweat. My entire face was dripping ‘water’ as if I had run a mile in one minute. She tenderly reached over and mopped my face and brow with a napkin. Indeed, I was amazed by the explosive and rapid-fire way in which my sexual organ had reacted. I felt sick in my stomach, or at least that is what I told BJ. Would you believe it? She felt bad about that, because I also told her that the taste of her toe made my stomach feel funny. I know that was partly true.

Later that evening, because my plans changed as a result of transportation, we went for a drive in the dean’s car. BJ told me that she felt really bad that her big toe had made my stomach sick. She had gone to her room, and after a lengthy shower; she had scrubbed and scrubbed her feet so that if I wanted to suck her toes again, they would not have a sour taste. Well, this was an open invitation for me to make love to her lovely toes. I quickly found a place to park in a Food Lion parking lot and asked her with as much control as I could muster, if I could suck her toes. She said, “Yes!”

This was my dream come true! And music to my ears. Wow! Her next act touched me so much that I recall it with pride and great joy; even though it is some twelve years later and we will be married 10 years this summer. Before I could put her toes in my mouth, she reached over and said, “Wait! Let me make sure there is nothing stuck between my toes.”

I smiled quietly. BJ then proceeded to tenderly pass her fingers between each toe of each foot to ‘clean any dirt that may have gotten between them.’ As a result when she gave me her ten sweet candy canes, I gently started to suck them. So softly at first, and then as I got overwhelmed by what was finally happening there in the dean’s car. I simply ravished her toes, pink heels and arches. I licked and sucked every inch of her lovely toes for over two hours. I just sucked and sucked, and licked and licked, and kissed and kissed. Oh boy what a great time I was having.

Through it all she just sat there in the car and watched me with a soft bemused smile on her face, as if saying, “My, what has my foot done to this boy? He is really in love with me! Look how he is sucking, licking, and kissing my feet of all things!”

Well all good things must come to an end, AND this DID! But not before I released the raging hard on in my pants. I had to manipulate her into allowing me to come on her feet. Yes, I had lost it toward the end. I had to cum. After some persuading, I got her to touch my penis with her lovely feet. I held them there over my pulsating and throbbing cock which was covered up in my pants. I could not have gotten her to see my ‘piggy boy’ at this time, nor touch it bear back. She was and is a very modest lady. She would have thought I was more than weird, and ended our relationship. Needless to say I was grateful that she allowed me ‘to cum’ incognito!

A few weeks later she did ask for time and space. It may have been because of that incident, come to think about it. And although I was greatly surprised and hurt at the time, I was man enough to give her her space and time. After that, she came back to me, and I was able to make love to BJ’s lovely feet and toes three or four times a week. We never had coitus before we got married one year after I graduated from college, and two weeks after her own graduation. Now, I have been able to suck her toes to my full content and leisure.

This story was submitted anonymously.

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