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A Toe Sucking Experience
(Published on Friday, April 23, 2004)
This story was submitted anonymously by Dex.

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A toe sucking experience from a few years ago.

Some years ago I had a room mate I'll call Dave. Dave's girlfriend (I'll call her Lindsey) was about 10 years my senior, 4'10" and very cute and friendly. We got on like a house on fire, and the three of us had some really great times together.

A couple of years later they got married and of course I moved out, but we remained close friends and still did many things together.

Some marriages were never meant to be, and a couple more years later their union was at the beginning of its end. One evening we and a bunch of friends who were at a bar just generally having a good time. We were seated at a long table and Lindey was across from me at one end of the table. The end of the table was at my left, and Linsey was sitting with her legs crossed and a pair of Dr. Scholls sandals on her cute little feet.

Now nothing ever happened between Lindsey and me, and I had nothing to do with the troubles she and Dave were having. But I saw an opportunity to play with some cute little toes, so I took it. Her left foot was within easy reach next to my leg, so I reached down as if to scratch my leg and "accidently" hit her foot with my hand. She of course looked to see what had happened, and I played like it was an accident. I took hold of a couple of her bare toes and said, "Oops, sorry about that," as I looked her in the eye.

She returned my look and said, "That's quite alright," and scrunched her little toes to grip my fingers.

I did not remove my hand, but instead continued to play with her toes for several minutes. She never made any attempt to move her foot from my reach. For the next hour or so the gang continued to "party" and converse, and I continued to reach down and play with her toes. She switched feet from time to time, but always kept a foot where I could reach it. Sometimes the sandal was on. Sometimes her foot was bare. We exchanged glances a few times, and more than once I let her watch me as I removed my fingers from her toes, and then stroked my moustache right below my nose.

Nothing was ever said, and eventually the party broke up and everyone went home.

Well, another year later she and Dave were seperated and on the way to divorce. Dave and I kind of parted ways, but Lindsey and I remained friends, and continued to do things together. It was a purely platonic relationship, and I never touched her feet again until one night.

It was a summer evening, and we had been out doing something that afternoon. I cant remember what it was, but we were back at her appartment. We did a barbeque dinner, and finally sat down to relax and watch a movie or something. She lived alone now and didn't have a couch. She was sitting in her chair, and I was sitting on the floor. Between us was a small table made from a tree burl upon which sat our drinks.

When we sat down she took off the sneaker she had been wearing all day and revealed her little socked feet which she promptly rested on the table. I suddenly felt the urge to fondle those little toes again!

I used the same trick as the time before, and while more or less looking at the tv, reached up for my drink and "accidently" brushed her foot. It was "Oops" again, and I gripped her toes.

She did not move her foot, but I let go, took a drink, and then began gently masaging her toes with one hand as we watched the show. She switched feet a couple of times and finally said, "That feels good."

I said, "Well, I can do better than that." I shifted position so that I was closer to her feet and said, "Can I take your socks off?"

She said, "Sure."

I gently pulled her socks off, revealing her bare little size 4 feet. She had small plump toes, and her toenails were painted red, but the polish was chipping. I began massaging her feet, and especially her toes as we continued to watch the show.

Her feet were only about a foot from my face, and eventually I looked at her and said, "You know what I want to do?"

"What?" she asked.

"This," I replied, and I leaned forward and began kissing her toes one by one.

Her reaction was only slightly delayed. She did not pull her feet away, but she began smiling and blushing, and leaned forward and placed her hand on my cheek while giving me a whining, "Ohhhh, don't do that. My feet are dirty and they stink."

I continued to kiss the tips of her toes, and in spite of her words, she made no attempt to pull her feet away. I lowered my nose to her toes, took an obvious sniff of her pungent toe aroma and told her, "Your feet don't stink. They smell very nice."

Her hand was still carressing my cheek, and she was three shades of pink as she gave me another embarassed whining, "Oooooo."

I continued kissing her toes, and pressing my nose to her foot and sniffing. Finally she relaxed and sat back, still smiling and blushing while I kissed each toe over and over. Then I said, "You know what else I'd like to do?"

She followed with a whining questioning, "Nooooo?"

"I'd like to put your toes in my mouth."


"Is it okay if I do that?"

"Oooooooo, okay, if you want to."

" I do," I said, and I took her big toe into my mouth, and began sucking on it. I swirled my tongue all around it, and savored it's salty flavor.

I sucked on her big toe for a few moments, then removed it and inserted the next three little toes. She continued to give me her weak, embarrassed, whimpering protest as my tongue was busy slurping away and probing between each toe. By the time I got to sucking her tiny little toe, she was beginning to relax a bit. Once I had sucked each toe individually, I took all five into my mouth at once, and swirled my tongue around and through each and every one. Then I removed her foot from my mouth, and licked each toe and her entire sole. Then I took a break and a sip of my drink.

She was quiet, but still smiling when I said, "Thanks. What did you think of that?"

She said, "It feels really weird, but good!"

I asked, "You've never had your toes sucked before?"

"No," she said. "Dave never did that."

I picked up her other foot and said, "May I?"

She said, "Sure."

I gave her other foot the same treatment, and this time she got into it more, spreading and wiggling her toes as I licked and sucked, even pushing "in" a bit as I did it.

When finally I had sucked her toes really good, we began to talk about my foot fetish. I reminded her of the time at the bar, which she remembered clearly, but just thought of as a nice foot massage. As we talked, I continued to smell her feet and kiss, lick and suck her toes. By now she was relaxed and comfortable with it, and even used her free foot to stroke my cheek.

Finally the evening was getting late. We discussed the possibility of sex, but decided better of it. We concluded that if we did that, it would "change everything" about our friendship, and it was better not to go there.

Our friendship continued for about another year before we drifted apart, but during that time she let me indulge with her feet a few more times. Once she initiated it while we were sitting in heavy traffic! She slipped off her sandals, turned sideways in her seat, and raised a bare foot to my face. Now it was my turn to be embarrassed! I didn't look around at any other motorists while I sucked her toes, but I could sure feel their eyes upon me!

I've not seen Lindsey in about 6-8 years now, and I have no idea where she is, or what her status is. I sure would like to bump into her someday though.


This story was submitted anonymously by Dex.

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