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Jerking Off In Women's Shoes
(Published on Saturday, March 20, 2004)
This story was submitted by Chris.

Call me crazy, but I love women's feet just like a lot of you guys and gals out there in the world. But let me tell you about my foot fetish. It is very extreme. I love women's feet, and the way they look in different sandals, like the sexy and sluty, and the cheep, but sluty type. The color red on women's toes turns me on. I just don't know why, but is does. Two toe rings, one on each foot. When I go out to places like the mall, and stores, etc., I like to look at women's feet, and say to myself that I would love to put my cock all over those feet and shoes. That's only one fetish I have if you call that a fetish.
My 2nd fetish or not fetish ... you make that call. Yes, I guess I am fucked up in my head. I like to go into my sister's room, and look for her sandals, and fuck them, and jerk off in them. I have done this for about two years now, and I have jerked off in all of her twenty five pairs of sandals. I have also done it to my sister's three friends' sandals. One of my sister's friends whom I jerked off into her sandals, I did it about eitght times, and her mom's about ten times.

My other sister's friend, Val, I jerked off in her sandals six times in Hawaii a couple of years ago, and she found out later, but did not care. My sister's third friend, I did it at my house while she was passed out on the floor. I saw her flip flops on the floor, so I picked up the right shoe like I always do when I jerk off into sandals. I jerked it into her shoes. She knows and has said nothing to me.
I have also jerked off into my aunt's sandals about thirty times, my friend's mom about twenty times, and my best friend's mom's sandals, and his sister also. So I have had the chances to watch friends of the famliy's houses a lot, and jerked off in a lot of sandals, more than thirty five people I know, I have done it to, and only three know. The rest have no clue.
Am I crazy, or just plane nuts?


This story was submitted by Chris.

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