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The Magical Smell of Nail Polish & Female Foot Odor
(Published on Thursday, January 8, 2004)
This story was submitted anonymously by "Tom."

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An ex girlfriend, Julie introduced me to the delights of having a pedicure. Of all the girls I have dated, she was one of the most accepting of my fetish. She enjoyed having her feet “pampered” as she called it,  and while  it took her a few weeks, she soon came around to the idea that the smell of her bare/stockinged or socked feet was very arousing for me. Not only did she come around to the idea, but one morning I opened my briefcase to find an A5 envelope with a lipstick kiss on the flap and the words, “Have a Good Wank At lunch time!” I opened the envelope only to find the stockings that Julie had worn the day before ! Nicely dried, they had a fantastic scent, and just like Julie ordered, I did indeed have lots of fun at lunchtime. I called Julie at work and she said I was a kinky boy, but she liked it !

Once Julie was into the smelly part of my fetish for female feet, there was no stopping her. She would save her workout socks from the gym and present them to me as a treat! Once or twice she even hid them under the pillow, and when we we screwing, she would stuff them into my mouth. A couple of times she placed a drop of amyl nitrate on her stinky socks. The chemical hit, coupled with the natural smell of her feet drove me crazy!

But one Sunday afternoon I made a real discovery. Julie was lounging on the couch in her sweatpants, t-shirt, and socks. Iut of nowhere she said, “You’re doing nothing my little footboy. Why don’t you give me a pedicure?” I thought that it was a hell of a good question. So while Julie watched Dr Zhivago, I took off her socks (which I sniffed – which made Julie chuckle), and I went to the bathroom to get the nail polish remover and the toe separators, cotton balls and of course the nail polish.

 Since Julie had gotten into the fetish, I had made it my business to buy her lots of nail polish. I had enjoyed watching her paint her toes – even taking a few photos of the event for wanking ammo! But I wasn’t prepared for the shaft stiffener that I was to get that dreary Sunday afternoon. Needless to say, Julie's toe separators had something of a double function in our household! Never did I go to the bathroom without sucking on those lime green spreaders in the hope that Joolz might have used them recently! Seeing her fit her toe separators always got me hot – which of course she knew, so that was another very welcome excuse for her to tease me about my fetish.

But this was the first time that I was going to paint her toes. I sat down beside the sofa and soaked a cotton ball in nail polish remover. I know that you can get high off this stuff, but what happened next was a revelation to me. I began to clean the old red  and chipped red polish from Joolz's toes. She carried on watching the movie. I already had a stiff cock because I was playing with Joolz's bare feet, but the moment that I smelled the nail polish remover, coupled with Julies foot odor, my dick went into overdrive!

It stared to throb and ooze pre-cum. I have to say that Joolz's feet were always smelly, but the rich combo of that natural smell, and the chemical smell was driving me nuts! But the best was yet to come, ha ha! I had selected a dark plum color to paint Joolz's toes. When I began to apply this, I got the most solid errection ever!

Joolz noticed and said, “My, you are enjoying yourself !” She would say teasing things like that when I was playing with her feet. Julie had a thing for watching me jerk off, or just seeing my hard-on. Lots of girls have the same thing, so naturally enough Julie said, “Take your cock out. It must be uncomfortable.”

By god it was! I unzipped my aching errection, and Julie's eyes almost popped out of her head. “Holy Shit!” She spat. “Your cock looks massive. Actually painful!!!”

She wanted me to stroke it for her right there and then, but I told her I wanted to paint her toes, and then have a good fuck. Julie jumped off the couch and took off her sweat pants. She was wearing skimpy black panties underneath. I really wanted to fuck her right there and then, but I'm glad I didn’t! Because what happened when I began to polish her toes was amazing. Joolz was didling herself a little. I had to keep telling her to keep still, or else I’d smudge her toes, but to be honest, my rock hard cock was telling me just to fuck her!

I have to confess that I licked the spaces between her baby toes (that’s where the REALLY GOOD STUFF LIVES). By this point my cock was drooling all over the place, but Joolz had gotten a bit dominant, and told me straight that I wasn’t to touch myself. She was turned on just watching my throbbing tool. Once or twice she ran her foot over my cock, and got a sole full of oozing precum! Then she would giggle and say, “Ooh so sticky!”

Finally her toes were finished, and I started to blow on them to dry them ASAP. This is when the really rich chemical and natural smell stared to hit home. My dick was bouncing up and down – really throbbing!

By this point, Joolz was really squirming about, and I was starting to think, “Fuck the pedicure. getting messed! I want to suck her toes!”

Once her toes were dry, I began sucking them like mad. The taste of the fresh polish and her stinky little piggies had me ready to cum! I guess that Julie figured this out and she said, “Wank it onto my tits!”

With that, she pulled up her sweatshirt, and with her super tasty toes still in my mouth, I blasted a hot rope of cum over her eager melons. To this day, I think that there is nothing as special about female feet than the smell of those tiny piggies, and that chemical polish smell. Fuck Viagra! This is the really Special Sauce!

This story was submitted anonymously by "Tom."

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