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My Husband Smelling My Sleeping Feet
(Published on Friday, November 21, 2003)
This story was submitted by Debbie.

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I am writing this story to tell everyone about my first experience with someone being turned on by my feet. My name is Debbie, and I'm a 35 year old from New Jersey. I have heard of men being turned on by feet and toes, but I never realized just how popular this is. My husband had revealed to me early in our marriage that he is attracted to women's feet. I actually thought it was a little strange, and didn't know what to think about it. Sometimes he would smell and touch my feet while we were having sex. This really turned me on, as I could see how much he was aroused from it. Then as time went on I caught him doing something else to my feet.

One day, I was very tired from a long day at work, so I had been sleeping very heavily. Well I awoke to my bed shaking, and was wondering what it was. When I opened my eyes, I looked down at the end of the bed, and he had taken the covers off of my feet, and was smelling and touching them as he was jerking off. I didn't let him know that I was awake. I kinda peeked down at him as I was shocked and unprepared for this. After watching what he was doing for a few minutes, I really got very wet and turned on watching him stroke it, and the fact that he didn't know I was watching him made it even more of a turn-on.

Well, needless to say, I let him continue until he came all over the bed. I later confronted him about this, and he was a little embarassed, but very turned on by it. After that day we used footplay as part of our foreplay before sex. His favorite thing to do is smell my feet while I satisfy him orally. To this day he still takes advantage of my sleeping feet as much as he can. And while I can say that I'm not turned on by other feet, I am certainly turned on by what he does to mine. Well, I hope to hear some comments and emails about  foot experiences.

Have a footastic day everyone,

This story was submitted by Debbie.

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