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Dinner Table Footjob
(Published on Monday, July 21, 2003)
This story was submitted by DevilDawg, the husband of Red Princess.

By the way, we applaud DevilDawg's marriage to Red Princess, & we wish them well!

On with DevilDawg's story ...

First of all, as with all of my postings, this story is 100% true.  For those of you who don't know, Red Princess (in the "Soles" section) and I are a couple.

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Well, we got married recently and had a very nice honeymoon full of foot teasing, foot play, and my favorite, footjobs.  One particular footjob happened to fulfill a fantasy of mine. We were having dinner in a nice seafood restaurant. It was active, but not too crowded. We sat at the table and Princess suggested that we sit close to the wall, away from the walkway. I agreed and shifted to the next seat. Suddenly, she got the naughtiest grin on her face.

It was just about then I felt her bare toes rubbing against my leg. For our wedding, the day before, she had a beautiful French pedicure professionally done. Her adorable gold toering finished off her gorgeous, soft, high-arched feet perfectly. I could hardly contain myself as I felt her toes play with the soft material of my thin nylon pants. Each stroke of her gorgeous toes sent sensations racing up my leg and into my crotch. I could just imagine those beautiful toes stroking me in other places.

As if she read my mind, all of a sudden, I could have sworn I could feel something gently stroking my crotch. I looked down and saw movement under the tablecloth. I pulled it up slightly to see her gorgeous toes playing with me in the most wonderful way. She stroked up and down the length of me teasingly with her toes. Then, I felt the incredible sensation of her other foot join in as she started to caress me between her soles. The soft smoothness of her skin worked perfectly with the nylon material of my pants, as her feet glided up and down my crotch.

How I kept my composure during this, I'll never know. The entire time, she had this devilish grin on her face as she relentlessly teased me. My head was spinning as my body reacted to her intensely pleasurable touch. Just as I thought it couldn't get any harder to bear, I noticed a smirk on her face.  That's when the all out assault began. Her talented toes found that spot (men, we all know where it is) just under the head on the underside. The ball of her foot pressed against me, keeping my pinned in place, as her incredible toes wiggled and stroked that sensitive spot. I started getting lightheaded as my body felt the intensity of her caresses increase. Her gaze turned into a curious stare as she saw the effect she was having on me. She asked if I was okay and I could barely focus on her to say, "Yes."

I knew that if she continued her incredible footjob on me, I would explode in my pants. She knew it too, so she spared me and promised to finish it once we got back to our room. One thing I can say about my precious wife, she is a woman of her word. 


This story was submitted by DevilDawg, the husband of Red Princess.

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