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A Smelly Day
(Published on Friday, June 27, 2003)
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It was summer time in Arizona. It was so hot you had to stay inside during the day.  I was running in the mornings because even though it was humid, it was not really hot out.  I had to stay in shape to make the soccer team at my college. There were two girls that I had become friends with from my neighborhood.  They were on the college track, and cross-country teams so I asked if they would mind me accompanying them on their runs.

We ran in the mornings for a couple weeks, but we never hung around after the runs.  They were a couple years older then I, maybe 20 or 21.  Sue was the funny one, she was always cracking jokes.  The tallest of our threesome at 5í9, really strong legs with enormous ten foot feet.  Sue had a strong upper body with an average build.  She was so tall she hid her weight well.

Paula was more serious, yet she had a playful side. I could tell she was a good runner just from looking at her.  That dirty blond hair of hers was always tied back.  Pretty tall herself at 5í7 she had smaller size eight feet.  I learned she did not like to be teased.  I once joked about her feet reeking, she went nuts on me.

I was a bit of an instigator back then. I was always looking to push peoples buttons because I liked to see how people would respond.  I also wanted to feel better then everyone, thatís why I put people down so much, it made me feel like I was better then people.  I learned the hard way to treat people nicer.

When we went running, I had to work extra hard to keep up with them. You see, Iím only 5í3, very much so petite. I was working out nights to build some muscle so I would be tougher.  It was always tough keeping up but it was better then running alone.

We were running together for six weeks when I sent Paula over the edge.  The day started off the same as any other, we stretched and talked.  It became habit to insult Paulaís foot odor as we stretched.  Only this time she didnít insult me back.  I kept harping on her for this and that. Sue was rolling with laughter as I insulted her.  Once we started to run, I kept asking if she was still single because of her personality or her foot stench?

It was a long run day so we were running a ten-mile course.  We were all sweating; the sweat was running down my legs, arms, and face.  Sue always wore these knee high socks, she claimed it was a fashion statement; I always thought she was ashamed of her legs. My feet were burning; I could just imagine how Sue felt in those knee-highs.  I defiantly want to stay away from Paula when she takes her sneakers off today.  Even my feet were sweaty and smelly after these long runs.  My socks would be so wet you would thing I went swimming in them.

When we came to a stop we walked to cool down as we grabbed our water bottles to take care of out thirst.  I almost passed out when I noticed my water bottle was kicked over and empty.  For the first time Paula invited me to come over so I didnít have to walk the mile to my apartment.  It was a short walk to their apartment.

It was hot and stuffy in their place, whatís a matter I asked, canít afford to run the air? I slammed down the water, and then moved onto the floor in the living room to stretch. They were sitting on the couch when I told Paula I could smell her from the floor.  Thatís when she pushed me down and jumped on me.  Her knees were on my shoulder and her ass was on my neck, her thighs were squeezing my head, as I was lying there shocked.

I was afraid to move as she had me down pretty tight.  She was yelling at me, "Make me move, bitch! I am so sick of you. You are such a bitch!"

I was really scared, so I tried to toss her off me by rolling around.  She was too heavy. She had all her weight on top of my chest. Then Sue sat on my waist and they kept me pinned as they talked. I figured I would stay calm and let her have her fun. After twenty minutes she asked why I was not fighting her. "Do you know Iím bigger then you?"

"No, youíre just fat," I said.

Paula leaned forward and squeezed her legs, and then she covered my mouth and nose with her hands forcing me to kick and scream as she tried to suffocate me. They were laughing as I was being smothered. When she removed her hands, I heard her tell Sue, "She would really kick if she smelled my smelly feet, donít you think?"

Sue used a roll of heavy-duty tape on my ankles and legs, and then she took off Paulaís running sneakers and brought them in front and above my head as she sat down. Sue turned the sneakers upside down so I could see the inside of the sneaker. Sue slowly brought the sneaker down to my face, asking every couple seconds, "Can you smell it yet? How about now?"

As she lowered the sneaker the smell was beginning to over power me. As the sneakers covered my face and mouth, all I could smell was her foot stench. It smelled like sour milk that was left out for a month. My head was pinned between Paulaís legs and Sue held the sneakers tightly as I moved as best I could to try and get fresh air. I could hear them laughing as I breathed her stench.

When Paula tightened her hands around my neck, I stayed still and allowed them to force the stinky sneakers on me. When I coughed from the horrible stink, they pushed the sneakers down harder onto my face. I was sucking in the foot odor and getting dizzy from it.

When Sue tossed the sneakers aside, I actually thanked her for stopping. When I opened my eyes, I saw her socked feet hovering over my face. "No, Sue. No more!"

"Whatís the matter? My feet donít stink, not as bad as Paulaís anyway."

They laughed at me again as Sue lowered her socks over my face. As she grinned with her socks over my face, I could not believe how wet with sweat they were. It was so sick. I thought I was going to puke. I could feel my face sticking to Paulaís sweaty thighs as my face was covered with a sweaty, drenched sock. Her feet were so big they covered my entire face.

After she massaged her feet on my face, she tried to stick her toes in my mouth. "Open up. Come on. You know you want to suck on my sweaty socks."

Then she slapped me with her foot across my face. As I called her a bitch, she shoved her socked foot deep into my throat. I gagged for a minute as they laughed and giggled. I figured I would suck on her toes so she would get her sweaty sock out of my mouth.

As I sucked on her socked toes, I could still smell her feet. I was getting so mad, there was no way I could stop it though. Then she removed her knee-highs socks so they were turned inside out and shoved them in my mouth. Paula pushed up on my chin, forcing me to keep the socks in my mouth.  They kept commenting on my facial expressions. "Looks like she is chewing on them. Maybe she likes them," they said with a laugh.

Sue pulled the long socks out of my mouth and cupped her bare toes over my nose. I was a strong girl, but this humiliation brought me to tears.  The smell was so bad, I thought I would pass out. As I whimpered, Sue placed her long toes in my mouth and told me to clean them. I could taste the salt in her feet as I sucked. The toe jam was thick as my tongue cleaned between her toes. As I went to spit the toe jam out, she covered my face with her big ten foot feet and laughed. Paula ordered me to swallow or she would start squeezing my head again. As I swallowed her toe dirt, I felt the tears run down my face.

Sue had me lick up and down her long, wide feet till all the sweat was gone. After twenty minutes or so, the taste of her feet was all I knew. I could smell, and taste her feet even when she was rubbing them over my face. When she told me to open wide, I thought she was going to shove her feet deep into my throat again. Instead, she used my teeth to clean under her toenails. I choked a couple of times on some of the crap that fell from her dirty toenails.

When Paula got up, she stood on my chest. "You think you are so much better than me. How does it feel under our sweaty, smelly, dirty feet? Get ready for some really smelly feet bitch."

Sue took her turn sitting on me as Paula sat above me.  As soon as her socked feet touched my face, I shuddered as the smell hit me. There was a big wet spot around her toes. She must have sweat really good during the run. Sue was not holding down my arms tightly, so I tried to grab Paulaís feet, but Sue was too quick. Sue held down my arms as Paula rubbed those eight foot feet all over me. They tasted like sour cream from the jar. When she removed her socks, and cupped her toes over my nose, I tried holding my breath. Big mistake. When I needed air, I sucked in all of her mind-numbing stench, and it quickly made me feel sick. Again I tried to move my face to safety. Sue sat with her pussy at my chin and her knees were next to my ears, so there was no where to move my head.

Paula kept one foot over my nose at all times, as the other foot covered my mouth. I knew she loved forcing her feet on me because she had me smelling her feet for over an hour before she told me to lick them. My tongue slid over her feet well. The sweat just stuck to her feet. After I licked her feet all over, she told me to suck her feet from heel to toe. I just wanted them to let me go, so I did whatever they wanted. Her heel tasted so bad, but I sucked 'til she moved her feet for me to suck on another spot. When I began sucking on her toes, the smell returned. My body was beginning to accept the putrid smell. Paula had me suck each toe 'til it was glistening with my salvia. After I was done cleaning her toes, the smell was gone. Her foot odor was in my lungs. She was really punishing me.

I was happy because I thought they were done with me. I smelled their sneakers, socks, feet, and even cleaned their feet with my tongue. What else could they do to me?

I closed my eyes as Paula left the room. When I heard something heavy being dragged across the floor, I opened my eyes to see Paula dragging a hamper. Sue told me they kept all of their socks in that hamper. They always wore their socks for a couple of days, and then placed them in the hamper. "We wash them once every other month. This month you can clean them with your mouth." Paula dumped the hamper over my face. She placed her foot on my forehead so I could not pick my head up as the socks were burying me. The smell was a thousand times worse then Paulaís feet.

Eventually they uncovered my face. Paula took the first pair of socks and held them over my nose. They felt stiff and they smelled foul. As she shoved them into my mouth, my body quivered from the nasty smell. As I sucked on that old dirty sock, I told myself I would never make fun of someoneís foot odor again.

"Donít worry, you only have seventy more pairs to go. Of course our sneakers and shoes could be washed as well. You donít mind do you?"  They laughed for a while. Then they talked as they had me sniff, suck, and chew their socks clean.

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