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Kinky Foot Tease
(Published on Thursday, April 24, 2003)
This story was submitted anonymously.

Hello all,

This is a fantasy I recently lived out with my longtime girlfriend. Sarah always accepted my foot fetish from the time we started dating. She actually encouraged it more and more as she became comfortable with me. Recently we were in her bedroom after a long day of shopping and walking around. Sarah was wearing my favorite pair of black knee high boots with the 4 inch heels, and she said she wanted to tie me up. We had done this plenty of times before so I thought she would just do a quick striptease and then fuck me like usual. Boy, was I wrong.

Before I get into it, let me desribe this woman. She's a petite 5'2" blonde who weighs 120 lbs. and is pure smoke.  She has C sized breasts, a tight ass and gorgeous calves.  Her best quality in my opinion are her perfect size 6 feet.  (Now I've read the stories in the past about how great women's feet taste, but Sarah's beats them all I promise you).

Sarah's feet tend to sweat a lot which creates a smell that is absolutely breathtaking, and a taste better than any food I could ever imagine eating. So Sarah lit up some candles and put on music while she tied me up with her nylons and old socks that were lying around. She began to strip like usual, but stopped after her top and brea were off.  She then crept closer to me with a kinky evil grin on her face. Sarah bent over and just stared.

"Just look. Don't taste." She said, and I did. She rubbed her nipples across my lips daring me to kiss them, but I knew not to; it would be worth it. Next she removed her pants and underwear, leaving her just in the boots.

"I bet you want these boots, huh?" She knew I did. She stood up on her bed and slowly moved one of them toward my crotch. With her left foot she massaged my dick and balls ever so slowly as she licked one set of lips and touched the others. She bent over and unzipped one of her boots and then the other, leaving her in just her calf high snowflake socks (the ones that make her feet really sweat). She stuck her foot in my face and said, "Bite Down." I bit in the toe-end of her sock and she pulled her leg back slowly using my teeth to peel it off her foot.

"Now the other one," she said. So I did, and she hung her foot just above my face. "Smell! Don't taste," she said. I agreed and she placed the ball of her foot on my forehead, forcing me to smell her sole. She then dragged her foot down and used her big-toe to trace my upper lip, all the while her fingers were deep inside of her. Then she held it there for me to stare at and said, "Don't Lick!" With this, she began tracing my lips over and over, eventually flipping them up and down. It was just enough to leave the residue there for me.

She drew her foot back, smiled and said, "You can lick your lips honey." I thanked her and did. God, it tasted great. It was so good, I almost came right there. With this, she came toward me and began to straddle my face. She looked at me and said, "Kiss. Don't lick." She lowered her lips down to me, and I stretched my neck out and began kissing her lovely pussy. After about 20 or so passionate kisses, she couldn't take it any more and told me to stiffen my tongue up. I did as she said, and she began to bounce up and down literally fucking my tongue. It only took her about 3 minutes to cum.

Then she got up off my face. She looked at me with satisfaction and crept back down toward my now purple cock. Almost instantaneously she began stroking and sucking me with love and passion. She then stopped momentarily and looked up at me. "Here hun, lick it clean," she said as she stuck her right foot in my face. Immediately I took her big toe into my thristing mouth and roled my tongue all over it. I licked in-between her big and first toe, and then took her four little toes into my mouth.

Sarah went back to sucking me off and pushed her toes deeper into my mouth as she did it. She then stopped and ripped her toes from my mouth and told me to open wide. I knew what to do. I stuck my tongue out as far as I could, and she placed her heel deep in my mouth. She then slid her foot down, slowly making sure I tasted every part of her sole, and repeated it over and again. By this time she had had enough, and practically lept onto my dick. She rocked up and down faster and faster and began gyrating fiercely. That was enough for me and I came for about a solid 2 minutes.

She sat there a minute, looked up and said, "I Love you."

I replied with "love you" between breaths, and let my head hit the pillow. God, I love that girl. She continues to surprise me day after day, and this isn't the last time you all will hear about it.

This story was submitted anonymously.

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