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Tickle Story For Fun Gets Smelly
(Published on Tuesday, April 1, 2003)
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I couldnít stop thinking about how much fun I had Saturday. Joy and I were spending more time together the past couple of weeks, wild nights.  Joy was jealous of Amber. I was always talking about doing this or that to her. I really wanted to smother her with my feet.  It got me so turned on looking at her trapped under my feet.  Joy thought I was sick, but it was fun forcing my cousin to smell my sneaker.  Did you see her fighting to get free!  We really dominated her.  Stacey told me that was the best night she had in a ling time.  Stacey and I really liked torturing people.  Stacey loved the fact that Amber was at are mercy as well.  When she forced Amber to smell my sneaker she was all giddy.  Just thinking about it led to great sex.

Stacey told me about a couple of her friends from Albany who liked to have feet fun.  We talked on the phone a bit and came up with a fantasy that could come true.  Joy and I got a couple of are friends from are bondage group and told them about this great idea.  Most of them were willing to participate.  I just had to get Amanda to return my calls now.

Joy started working on a contraption to hold Amanda in the basement again.  Altogether we found nine willing people to execute the plan.  Joy kept trying Michelle Wade but she could never get her to commit.  Anisa and Debbie were going to come into town from Albany Thursday night and stay with Stacey and help us finalize the plan.  We were going to have a party on Thursday night so we could all meet.  My bondage friends wanted to meet this girl we tormented.  They wanted to see how ticklish she really was.  They all tied people up before, but to find someone so ticklish was rare.  Stacey was worried, with six lesbians in the house and the three of us who like to mix it up with each other this could turn into one hell of a night.

Stacey and I found out when Amber was working and went to see her.  After talking to her I could see all she wanted was for us to come running to her to see if she was okay.  Playing hard to get.  I told her about the party and I did the begging this time.  Amber asked if she could stay with me till Sunday?  Amber liked the attention she got from all of us.  If she was really upset with us why did she keep coming back?

The party went well.  There was a lot of food and drinks.  Amber was the hit of the party.  Everyone wanted to meet her and watch her.  Stacey told everyone how ticklish Amanda was, and told them how we always got her to pee.  A lot of them wanted to jump her now, but thank god no one gave in to their desires.    My one friend Jodi even allowed Amber to tie her up!  Poor Amber tried so hard to get her laughing, but to no avail.

Joy reviewed the plan with everyone.  The goal was to show up as close to your scheduled arrival time as possible.  The group toured the bondage site and asked some questions.  I told everyone that we were doing this to punish Amanda for calling me fat, and telling my family I was gay.  Besides, she likes toes; the only difference is they will be a little smelly.  Remember you have to get your feet really smelly and sweaty.  The person with the smelliest feet can keep her all night.  Almost all of us were runners so most of us were going to go for a long run to get them ripe.  Anisa and Debbie went a little further, they didnít wash there feet since we talked about doing this.  I was felling bad for her already.  She was going to be fighting really good this time.

On Friday we all went to the Buffalo Brew club to drink at the bar.  Amber and I really got a long great, we talked all day and I wanted to back out, it was a little too late for that.  Stacey stayed the night as well.    Joy went down stairs to make sure all was ready and I was too tired to stay up.  I heard Amber and Stacey giggling all night.  Now I couldnít wait to get Amanda.

Joy and I left early to work out and go for the one hour run so we could get are feet a little extra smelly.  The idea was to stagger everyone in so Amanda would smell someoneís dirty feet all day.  Each person would get one hour, then they could watch from the sidelines as the next group had there turn.  Joy was going to tickle her feet the whole time to drive her insane.  As we went running we talked about the line up. Iíll give foot sizes for all the foot lovers. At one pm I would go first, then Joy, and then Stacey.  At four pm Jodi would get there, she was an athletic trainer at baileys.  She was five feet one inches tall and had a size seven feet.  Five pm would be the married couple, Anisa and Debbie.  Anisa was very tall, maybe five foot nine She wore a size ten.  Debbie was five feet seven Iíd say with a size eight feet.  Six pm would be Corrine Bauer.  Corrine never wore socks; she was coming right from work, another manager, this one worked at McDonalds.   I told her she would have to run on my treadmill to participate.  She was very active, very good condition and shape.  Corrine was five feet eight one hundred twenty pounds and wore a size eight.   Seven pm would bring Melissa; she does not want her last name to be public sorry.  Melissa is Five foot nine with a size nine feet.  Finally Brieana will be in around seven thirty.  She is a police officer so we asked her to stay in uniform and pull a fast one on Amber.

Stacey was supposed to have Amber tied up in Joyís creation when we got back at eleven.  We wanted to start early with just the three of us.  When we got in the house they were still having breakfast!   Stacey realized what time it was and said letís watch TV down stairs.  Amber didnít want to go down there.  I was like lets play a game of darts or pool, I need to keep moving.  Amber got down stairs and asked what all the ropes were for?  Whatís this thing?  Joy said itís a cot with a toilet.  I removed the middle of it with a hole so I could put a pee pan down there.  That way you will not pee all over the place and make a mess.  The ropes are for you and the funny long wire is going to hold your ponytail in place so you canít move your head.  The seat belt is for your waist, just like a car, you will not be able to move your waist.  Those extra ropes are going to hold your legs and arms from moving.  The cushion on the floor is for the foot tickler.  I want to see how long you can take being slowly tickled on your feet before you pass out.  I thought of every thing!  Donít fight me; just lay down like a good girl.

Amanda was not going to go easy.  We played chase, we got her trapped in a corner now and we kept trash talking her.  WERE GOING TO GET YOU GOOD GIRL.  KISS MY RUNNING SNEAKER BITCH!  DO YOU REMBER MY SNEAKER?  Amber was begging us again!  We held are ground and let her babble.  WERE ALL BUDDIES, DONĒT DO THIS.  PLEASE NOT AGAIN.  I told her this is what happens to bad girls.  You should have called me.  Now we all took a step forward so she was right in front of us.  Joy reached for her hand and Amanda lunged for her but fell at her feet.  Stacey and I pounced on her and together held her down.  We donít have time to play Amber, itís eleven thirty and the company will be here soon.  WHAT COMPANY, FUCK YOU MARIA! It took a lot of strength but we moved her to the cot.  Stacey was holding her mid section as Joy and I tied her hands.  They were bound in a way that she would not get free.  The ponytail hook worked great.  Amber was unable to turn her head.  Stacey ripped off her shirt so only her sports braw was on.  Next she pulled of her shorts and socks.  If you behave Iíll leave the rest of your close on.  FUCK YOU BITCH!  Okay they will come of to.  It was easy restraining her legs now that her upper body was tied down.  The cot was only a couple inches off the floor.  We moved the love seat over and the coach so people could sit next to the action.  Amber was stunned we didnít start tickling her. She kept asking whatís going on.  Tell me!  I sat down on her chest and asked, would you rather be tickled or would you like to kiss my toes.  Toes yes no tickling.  When I moved my sneakers over her face and took them off she let out a loud Yuk.  I could even smell the horrid smell from my feet.  I wanted to see her struggle so I asked Joy to take off the ponytail holder.  I placed my socked feet on her head; it was an instant turn on for me.  I moved my wet sweaty feet all over her face.  Stacey was asking her, HOW DO THEY SMELL?   I was in total control of her.  Amber was begging me to tickle her now. I want to be tickled please.  NO I DONĒT THINK SO, THIS IS WHAT YOU DESERVE.  YOU BELONG AT MY FEET YOU TOE SUCKER.  I removed my socks and grabbed a whiff of my feet.  They were bad, like a really bad cheese.  My feet felt good touching her face.  Her face was a little cool and that was nice because my feet were still a little warm.  I could feel her body trying to use every muscle she had to break free, the restraints were to good.  After she realized she could not get free she accepted her fate.  When I moved my toes over her nose she let out a moan, then a tear.  She tried to hold her breath but I gave her a jab in the stomach and she started gulping in my foot stink.  I took one of my feet and slide in one of my toes into her mouth.  SUCK IF YOU WANT ME TO STOP!  My little toe was getting sucked so hard; I shoved the rest of my foot in her mouth.  I started fingering myself now.  This is so cool.  Amanda started nibbling on my toes!  I let her continue for a couple minuets.  Wait a minute; you are not supposed to like this.  Stacey I asked, how are you going to make your feet stinky?  I donít want to do that.  What if I made her lick my feet?  No, maybe lick your feet clean off peanut butter.  Yes, you could put it in between your toes.  I moved my attention back to my toe licker.  Lick my feet bitch.  NO, FUCK YOU THIS IS NOT HAPPENING.  Oh no.  Stacey sit at her feet, she was moving her fingers to start the marathon of foot tickling.  I kept my feet on her face as she started to laugh slowly.  Joy attacked her pits and my poor cousin was laughing uncontrollable or the first time this week.  OKAY STOP IĒLL DO IT.  Say youíll do it master Maria.  IĒLL DO IT MASTER MARIA.  Youíll do what.  Iíll lick youíre feet master Maria.  Amber took long licks down my feet; it felt like a cat cleaning my feet.

It was Joys turn now.  I went a full thirty minutes over.  Joy moved the bench over so she didnít have to sit on Amber.  Joy was not comfortable doing this.  I removed her sneakers for her and held them over her mouth.  They didnít really smell that bad, I took of her socks and planted her feet in Amandaís face.  Stacey started tickling Amandaís feet again.  Taking long slow strokes up and down her feet.  Amber was breathing heavier and heavier.  Joy didnít punish her like I did she just kept her feet over Amandaís nose.  Amanda was letting out a peep every now and again.  I donít thing Amanda minded the smell now; she was trying to resist the foot torture.  I told the slave to lick master Joys feet.  Ewe, her tongue feels funny.  I held her foot down so Amanda would lick the whole foot.  Joy didnít like the foot licking but went along with it.  Slow down Amanda, she was licking like it was a race.  I thought she was getting into it, I learned later it was because of the tickling.

Stacey used a knife and put some peanut butter in between her toes and on spots on her feet.  We decided not to tickle her during feeding time.  We all watched as she sucked one foot after another to get it all.  I got a bowl of water for Amber; she must be thirsty after this.  Stacey wanted to wash her feet in the bowl first.  I was laughing; youíre going to make her drink that now?  After soaking her feet for a while she forced a thirsty girl to drink the bowl of water.  Stacey was yelling, DRINK MY FEET SWEAT BITCH< YOU KNOW YOU WANT MORE.  WE had an extra twenty-five minutes to have fun before Melissa showed up.  Letís start filling up the pee can.  I moved my sneakers so they were close to Amberís head, I whispered in her ear you better remember this smell.  We gang tickled her again.  Her body was trembling after five minutes.  Amanda was screaming now, we were all laughing pretty good.  She was tied up so well she couldnít move at all.  I moved to the pee position at her inner thighs.  PEE<PEE<PEE, was the battle cry.  Sure enough we got her.  We were all startled to hear someone clapping.  Melissa watched us for a while from the stairs.  I didnít want to stop your fun.
 Melissa was like, Iíve had my feet kissed and licked before but I never had to get my feet stinky to do it.  I hope sheíll like them, I did my aerobic workout this morning, I canít believe Iím doing this.  Melissa looked down at this naked girl tied so all she could move was her head and said, you are a little cutie, do you remember me, and Iím Melissa.  Would you like to smell my feet now?  Amber was so stunned to see someone she didnít know what to say.   I sat up near Amandaís head so I could watch her face and Stacey and Joy started the light tickling on her feet again.  Earlier we told Amanda that when she felt us tickling her feet she had to say MAY I PLEASE SMELL YOUR FEET!  If she did that we would not gang tickle her.  However she would still have her feet tickled, it was up to her.  Melissa sat down on the bench and removed her sneaker and wiggled her toes in front of Amanda and said, are these what you want?  Joy started tickling faster and amber cried out, MIGHT I PLEASE SMELL YOUR FEET!  Melissa laughed; she really likes smelly feet, shit you can have my feet anytime.  Off came her socks and she placed her feet on Amandaís face and rubbed them all over.  Amanda was getting giggle from the tickling and started letting out that pathetic cry for us to stop.  Melissa thought she was getting turned on from her feet because of the breathing, it was the tickling though.  It was getting funny watching Melissa tormenting Amanda thinking she liked it.  I told Amanda to nibble on Melissa toes like a good doggie.  Amber stopped trying to move her head; I think she was use to Melissa odor now.  Melissa reached down and started to tickle her stomach.  Amanda was like, DONĒT DO THAT PLEASE LET ME SMELL YOUR FEET.  Melissa slide under the bench and grabbed her sneaker, you can smell this well I tickle you a little, okay silly.  I held the sneaker well she had her fun.  I tied the sneaker the best I could around her face so we could all tickle a little.  Joy said look at her feet, they are out of control.  Sure enough they were flexing like crazy.  We let her lay there so she would calm down.  I told her she was doing well; you only have five more feet to smell.  As we waited for the next person to show up we gave Amber a nice massage.

Jodi a. arrived right on time.  Melissa told her, she was begging me to smell my feet.  She really loves it!  Jodi said, sheíll love mine I was playing soccer all morning; I just got done with playing.  Jodi wanted to sit on Amanda so we moved the bench.  I had to back up a little because Jodiís feet had a sharp smell.  I thought you liked smelly feet?  Mine must be really bad if you donít like them.  I moved both sneakers so they were next to her face, the open sides facing her mouth.  After only a minute of Jodiís bare feet over her nose she started gagging.  Sick sheí going to puck.  The girls stopped tickling her feet so they could watch.  Jodi picked her feet up and gave her a minute.  This had us all going wild.  Stacey attacked Amberís feet and sure enough she screamed out MASTER CAN I PLEASE SMELL YOUR FEET!  Jodi smiled, sheís one sick bitch.  Joy was tickling the inside of her foot now that got Amber talking deeper breaths.  Jodi said good girl take big breaths Iíll keep my feet there.  I told Jodi she likes to suck toes, let her show you.  Jodi had long slender toes just like she liked them.  Amber was grunting, Jodi started playing with Amandaís breasts and Amanda was groaning.  Jodi rolled over and started to lick Amandaís clit.  Amanda was going crazy!  Amanda was making all sorts of noises.

Anisa and Debbie showed up next.  Anisa had some really big feet.  I wonder if she could fit all of her toes into Amandaís mouth.  They were all sweaty.  Their shirts were soaked.  What have you been doing?  We will tell you, but let us look at the bitch first.  Amberís eyes bugged out!  Master Maria please stop this, please master.  Iím youíre master now bitch Debbie pointed out.  Debbie and I have been playing basketball all day.  We finished up with some sprints, it was hard work in this hot weather but it was worth it.  Anisa pulled off her sneaker and showed us the sweat marks.  I ran to get the camera to take pictures of this.  This was something to see.  Both girls put their feet in her face and you could hear poor Amanda screaming HELP! Amanda tried to move her head free but the girls were too strong. They rubbed there feet all over her face.  Amanda took her sock off and told Amanda to suck it.  PLEASE DONĒT DO THIS, IĒLL DO ANYTHING.  Debbie told her you will do anything for us now!  Anisa grabbed her jaw and said suck it dry or I will slap you silly bitch.  Amber was really afraid; you could hear it in her voice.  She sucked that sock like a mad woman.  Debbie kept her toes over Amandaís nose as Anisa stuck her toes in Amberís mouth.  They were all over Amanda.  Debbie said, look we made the bitch cry!  Amber placed her size tens on Amandaís face and they took up every inch.  Amanda made her smell every inch of her feet.  Suck on my heal. Anisa made her suck and lick every inch.  There feet stunk up the whole room.   Debbie also wanted her feet pampered.  They even had their feet licked clean.  Corrine got there just then and watched for a little while.  I got her running on the treadmill; we moved it so she could watch the main event.  Anisa and Debbie really got into this stuff.  They even had her licking there toe nails.  I could see that Amberís throat was dry so I got her some water.  Anisa and Debbie just sat by her head with all twenty toes around Ambers nose.  I asked the girls if they were done because we wanted to show them how ticklish Amber were.  Go ahead, were not moving.  Jodi and Melissa took an arm and rib, Joy and Stacey took a foot and I took the pee spot.  On three we all tickle and chant pee,pee, till we get her.  You really couldnít hear her laughing that well because she had to pairs of feet in her face, but her body was shaking.  She pissed for us and we just kept on going.

Corrine ran over.  She sat on the captive and Anisa and Debbie took of her sneakers and planted them over Amandaís face.  Corrine had to catch her breath as well.  Even though no one was tickling her, her feet were still twitching.  After Corrine calmed down she placed her feet on Amandaís face.  Corrine never wore socks.  Amanda was trying to shake off the feet, Corrineís size eight feet muscled her face down though.  As Corrine continued the party, the rest of us started doing some shots.  Letís drink girls.  After Corrine had her feet smelled and each toe sucked she let the prisoner relax.  Itís been eight hours of foot smelling for my cousin, lets give her a break.

We heard this loud banging coming from upstairs.  I went up to see whom it was.  I yelled down the police are here, they want to know if everyoneís okay.  We were all in on this joke.  Amanda looked like she wanted to yell for help but said nothing.  Brianna went down stairs and looked at Amanda in her uniform.  Are you okay?  Amanda said HELP ME, THEY ARE TORTURING ME.  How are they doing that?  They made me smell feet.  So youíre the one thatís been screaming all day.  Why are you doing this to her?  I told Brieana she was a bad girl.  She stole from me, this is her punishment.  Amber yelled sheís a lying bitch!  Brieana moved over to Amanda and said this looks like fun, mind if I try?  Amanda looked so defeated.  She smelled her foot, and cleaned it like she did for everyone else.

We all sat around Amanda, most of us had are feet up by her head.  I said, lets see if we can get her to pee using are feet.  I was playing with her clit for a while now so I new she would want it.  We were all positioned around her and started poking and dancing are feet all over her.  Stacey started foot fucking her and in between Amandaís laughing she would scream.  We were amazed how well Amanda was doing.  Stacey got her to cum and then we let her be.

We let her free, and told her she had to stay on her hands and knees as we all hung out.  I asked her who had the smelliest feet; she was like they all were bad.  We had her crawling all over the place.  It was come her and kiss my toe, or come her and be my footstool.  After we were all drinking more then we should, I told the group we had one last game.  Amanda had to smell are sneakers and match it to are feet.  Amanda donít try to run, there are to many of us.  We lined up all the sneakers and let her sniff them one at a time.  She got mine right away.  That was it, she tried but she could not make another match.  Back to the table bitch!

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