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Taught a Lesson
(Published on Thursday, March 20, 2003)
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I have been living with my best friend Lisa for a little over a year now with her younger sister Ashley.  Ashley was kicked out of her house, so we let her stay with us rent free. After high school was finished, she would help with rent.

Lisa is 5í7 and around 130 lbs. Ashley was a smaller girl at 5í3 and about 100 lbs. It was hard at times, but for the most part we all got along. Lisa had a horrible childhood and her mother was always pushing her around. Lisa was like a spoiled kid always getting what she wanted. Before Ashley arrived, I had to fight with Lisa to help with some of the housework.

My problems started when Lisa started dating Rick. They would stay up late yelling and they always had people over on Friday nights, which sucked because I worked early on Saturdays. To top it off, Rickís younger sister just started college and was becoming a bad influence on Ashley.  Those two would hang out smoking when Ashley should have been in school. I came home on more then one occasion and found them locked in my bedroom with the radio blasting, smoking weed.

I finally decided to tell Lisa to leave Rick and find someone else. Lisa and I had a big blow up and we didnít speak for a couple days. I know Lisa was spreading rumors about me, telling Rick I thought he was a horrible person and telling Ashley I was going to turn her into the school. It was stupid stuff, but these people went along with anything. Even our mutual friend Diane blew me off.

Diane and I both went to nursing school together. Diane was tall and slender with long blond hair. If I could afford a place on my own, I would have moved. It was getting uncomfortable for me when they all got together. Itís like I was the evil witch.

Lisa and I work at the same store, so I usually give her a ride home. I decided to just leave her stranded, let her walk home. I went to see a friend and we talked for a couple hours. When I got home Rick, his sister Jodi, Lisa, and Ashley were all sitting at the kitchen table. I have to admit Iím a little drama queen; I like a lot of attention. They were all giving me dirty looks, so I said, "What are you trash looking at?"

No one said a word to me, so I said, "Whatever assholes," and went to the bathroom.

When I came out they were all making comments about me. "Why are you out to get us?" Somebody asked.

"Loosen up," I told them. "We are supposed to all be friends."

I went to walk away, but Rick grabbed me and said, "Listen to what they have to say."

I tried to get free, but his grip was too tight. Lisa planted so many lies, I knew they would keep twisting everything I said. I told them, "Why should I explain myself? Let me go! Iím going out!"

The next thing I knew, Lisa and Rick dragged me into their room. Rick said, "You're not going anywhere 'til we work this out."

I was glad Lisa wanted to patch things up, but "Why bring everyone into it?" I thought.

I donít know why I said it, but I told them I didnít want to talk to hoodlums.  I did want to talk, but I wanted to play them a little. Lisa shocked me by pulling my hair and yanking me across the width of the bed! Rick was lying on my back and I felt my legs being tied down.

"What are you doing to me!"

My legs and ankles were tied so I couldnít move them. Ashley and Jodi moved to the other side of the bed and tied my wrists together. Then a rope that was tied to my feet, was tied to my wrists. I was totally immobilized. Now I was getting frantic!

"What are you doing? Let me go!"

Lisa tried calming me down, but I was scared. Lisa asked me if I remembered what I told her a couple of years before when she and I had been talking about what scared us the most, and it hit me. "Oh my god!  No n n no no please! Why?  Oh please no Lisa. Iím sorry. We're best friends. Donít do this to me."

I felt my sneakers get slowly pulled off. "You need to be taught a lesson, girl."

I was trying to get free, but it seemed like the more I wiggled, the tighter the ropes got.

Lisa told me, "Baby, were going to tickle those feet of yours all night! The biggest fear you had is coming true. Were going to move out of the room for a couple minutes to figure out our strategy. Just think about how bad itís going to feel when your feet are tickled for hours and hours!"

I was going crazy thinking about it. Then I figured they were trying to scare me. "They wonít really do it," I thought to myself.

Then I noticed a couple of bondage magazines on the floor. It looked like they belonged to Jodi. My god! They were going to torture me.

Ashley came in and sat in front of me. She told me they were all taking bets to see how long it would take me to pee. "How long do you think you can hold out?"

"Ashley, please help me. Donít do this. NO NNNNN ooo nonono ha aha ha ha ha ha ha ha," I screamed out as I suddenly felt my feet getting tickled. It felt like twenty fingers attacking my socked feet. "HELP H HE HE HE HELP!!!!!!"

I heard Lisa say, "I told you so."

They stopped after a couple minutes.

"Was that ticklish, Nicole?"

"Please! Iím begging, please stop!"

"But we just got started."

I felt someone lay down on my legs and they placed their feet next to my ribs. Then I felt true terror as I felt my left sock come down a little.

"Tickle tickle."

Someone was running their fingernails over my heel.

"HA HA HA HA HA! Oh no no nn n n nnn no o o  no mercy please!"

Jodi sat down in front of me and said, "She must like it because sheís laughing," and she started tickling my chin saying. "Gotchee goo you ticklish thing."

I felt so helpless with my feet being tickled, but having my chin tickled and all the humiliating comments made it worse. Now my sock was pulled off. My toes were being held back as someone started tickling my weak spot, my soles. I felt a new wave of terror coming over me.

Jodi exclaimed, "If this tickles, wait 'til both feet are tickled at the same time!"

I was laughing too hard to speak as I felt my other sock come off. I thought I was going to die as the tickling finally stopped.

"Catch your breath and then we will start again."

I looked at the clock and saw that I had already been tickled for 40 minutes.

"I canít take anymore! Let me go," I cried out.

Jodi said, "You now will have both feet tickled with forty fingers."

"Please guys. I am so sorry," I cried out.

Lisa said, "You sure are ticklish on your feet."

"But damn, you are the most ticklish girl Iíve ever seen," said Rick.

I felt the side of my feet being lightly tickled with a nail going up and down, and then someone had their fingers moving rapidly on my soles with someone tickling my poor toes. Jodi just kept telling me how ticklish I was. "Hell, god only knows how long we will torture you."

I couldnít speak. I was laughing so hard, I couldnít beg any more. I had tears running down my face as I felt my body twitching from the onslaught. I could feel my bladder getting ready to release my urine. I was laughing too hard to try to keep control of it, and then they stopped. I put all of my energy into one last pull to break free. I screamed as I pulled, but it was no use. My best friend was laughing with the rest of them.

Lisa spoke up, "You canít get free."

I looked Jodi in the eye and cursed her. "This is all your fault."

Jodi gave me a love slap and said, "This is all your doing for the way you treated us all."

Lisa and Rick walked over and showed me a couple of toothbrushes. My eyes must have gotten really big, because Lisa told me, "Itís only another 15 minutes."

Rick, that bastard added, "And another 15 minutes, and another 15 minutes."

I started crying when I realized they were never going to let me go. "Help me, please Lisa. Iím sorry. I was wrong!" I screamed with pure panic as I felt those toothbrushes scrubbing my toes.

They got the bottoms of my toes and then in-between them. I felt my urine flow down my leg, but they just kept tickling. Rick finally noticed I wet myself and he jumped off of me. After 15 more minutes, they stopped. I was crying from all the tickling. "Please! Iíve had enough!"

Everyone kept laughing at me. Lisa was mimicking me saying, "Please stop. Iím such a baby. Iím so, so sorry. Letís get her out of those wet pants."

My feet were finally free. Lisa pulled off my pants and undergarments. I felt ashamed and embarrassed at being naked from the waist down, but I was too tired to fight it. As someone wiped my ass, I jumped because it was ticklish.

"My, my. Donít tell me youíre ticklish on your bum."  I heard Ashley say. "This is so much fun. Can you believe how ticklish she is?  Iím glad Iím not tied up. How does it feel Nicole?"

"Fuck you!" I cried out. My feet were retied, but now Lisa sat on my back with her feet dangling next to my head. Jodi took a feather and started tickling my nose. Lisa used her toes to tickle my ears as her fingers started stroking my armpits. I heard Ashley ask for the other feather and then my ass was being tickled. This was the worst feeling I ever had. The tickling sensation on my nose was getting maddening. The tickling on my butt drove me insane. I was bucking like a wild bull to escape the feeling, but it was no use. I felt totally dominated. They were manhandling me!

Lisaís toes were tickling my ears, but that was turning me on. I loved it when my ears were fondled. I almost passed out when I felt someoneís tongue running along my toes. "That must be Rick, that pervert," I thought to myself. Lisa was moving from my pits to my ribs, but the tickling on my butt was taking my breath away. I felt myself drain again just as I noticed they never stopped after my 15 minutes, and then everything went black.

I woke up to find myself tied on the table with everyone sitting around me. The table was cold. "Oh my god, Iím naked," I thought to myself as I realized my predicament. I tried to say something, but I had tape over my mouth.

"Welcome back, troublemaker! Trying to talk, cat must have her tongue. We were only going to tickle you a short time, but you are having so much fun, we will go on for you."

Lisa gave me a smile and then she told me, "Itís okay. I told everyone how much you wanted this.  You love getting helplessly tickled, donít you? What are best friends for?"

My hands were tied tight, but my legs were not very strong. I was going to fight to get free, but everyone started to tickle me again. Lisa was using her fingers on my neck and arm, and Jodi and Ashley were tickling my ribs and stomach. I was rolling my head all around, but when Rick tickled the tops of my feet, I was going hysterical. It was worse because I couldnít yell for help. I thought I was going to pass out again from the forty tickling fingers moving all over my body when they stopped.

"Jodi wants to play a game now," Lisa said. Jodi explained that they all would take an ice cube and see who got the best reaction. "Lisa gets to go first, being the friend and all."

When I felt that cold ice cube touch my neck, it felt good. I was so warm. When she moved it down my arms, I was twitching, but this was not that bad. Next to go was Jodi. I jumped when she touched my waistline. I was trying so hard to move away from the horrible feeling I was having, but she had no problem keeping it on me. At least they were going one at a time. Ashley used her ice cube on my side.That was even worse then the waistline. They were all smiling and amused with my discomfort.   Rick was happy to go next. That ice on my feet was almost too much to handle.

Lisa was in my ear saying, "That must tickle. Look at you trying to get away."

I was so tired from the nonstop tickling. The way they were talking to me was turning me on. Jodi placed her pop can on my stomach, and as she moved it around, I started bucking, hoping to get free to stop the torture. Then the phone rang. I started screaming through my tape as best I could when I heard it was our friend, Diane. Lisa was talking to her as I was brought back to reality. Rick was tickling my feet again as the two other girls worked over my tummy and ribs.

I heard Lisa say, "You want to talk to Nicole? Hold on."

Lisa put the phone over my mouth as I was being tickled. Diane asked what we were doing, and Lisa said, "We started her birthday early. Can you stop for a bag of ice? Okay, see you then. Guys, Diane will be over soon." Lisa looked at me seeing I was thinking they would let me go. Then she said, "Diane is going to help us break your bad mood. I told her you always talked badly about her, and she isn't too happy with you."

I felt devastated. "No one will help me," I thought. They started working my lower body again. My feet were tingling from the torture. Again, they all converged on my feet driving me to the brink of insanity. My sides, tops and soles were all being mercilessly tickled. My friend knew how ticklish I am. "Why was she doing this to me?" I thought. I looked down and saw them all laughing and having fun sending me to a breakdown. Finally they stopped when a car pulled into the yard.

Diane came walking in. She was going ballistic with laughter when she saw me. "Is she okay?"  I started shaking my head no when they started tickling my feet again. Diane watched as I rolled the best I could all over the table. They tickled me 'til I was shaking and gasping for air, and then Lisa attacked my stomach. I closed my eyes, trying to block out all the overwhelming feelings I had when I passed out again.

When I awoke, I was on the floor in the bedroom with my feet tied together and my arms tied. Ashley  was the only one in the room with me. The tape was gone, so I pleaded with her to let me go. "It looks so funny watching you squirm. I like doing that to you. Tell me, how does it feel?"

"My whole body is on fire. I'm going to die. At the same time I was getting really turned on from all the touching."

"Diane was telling us you always talked about getting tied up."

"Not like this," I told her. "Help me, please."

Lisa said, "You took off for the weekend so we could celebrate your birthday. I guess she wants to tickle you all weekend."

I begged her to just untie my legs for a minute. "They hurt."

"Let me see your wrists, first."

She took my wrists and hooked them to my ankles. Now I was stuck bending down towards my feet.  She ran out the door saying that she was ready for more!

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