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Penis Massage
(Posted on Saturday, April 3, 1999)
This story was submitted by PJE.

Dear Great Feet Surfers,

I last wrote to you back in February 1998 (MALE FEET: CONCLUSION). This time, I thought I would share a story more suited to the GREAT FEET Web site and as well inform you as to the success I have had searching for females with a fetish for male feet.

This story began early last summer. I immediately noticed this young female runner the first time our paths crossed. I frequently saw her on my daily runs. From the beginning, we would always make eye contact, followed by the traditional runner's salutation, such as a wave of the hand or a quick smile or an appropriate weather comment like, "Nice day?" And each time, I would try to examine her beautiful legs. Often, I would turn to watch her, as she would run pass me. She no doubt knew I found her appealing. I would always resume my run while imagining the feet attached to those beautiful legs.

As the summer months passed, our encounters were more and more frequent. Then one day we just happened to intersect and run in the same direction. We ran together for a short while and casually made conversation. Upon leaving to continue on our respective paths, she introduced herself and asked me my name.

As time passed, it seemed that more and more we ran together, and more and more I was attracted to this beautiful runner, especially to those great legs and those feet I could just imagine. I guess she enjoyed my company and I always hoped we would meet. If a couple of days would pass without seeing her, I would be disappointed. But being quite regular in our running schedules, our encounters continued through until the winter.

Winter months up here can be real cold. Proper winter running attire is crucial to beat Canadian winters. One day, I guess I did not realize the wind-chill was making it so cold. As I ran against the wind, I could feel the cold pass right through my clothing to my skin. Just when I was about to turn back and run with the wind to my back, I saw her running towards me with a big warm smile. I could not pass up an occasion to see her, so I just continued on. As we ran together, we mostly talked about this deceiving wind.

After about five minutes, I noticed that my crotch area was hurting. I rubbed my hand over my genitals and felt pain. Oh no! My penis was freezing. As I slowed my pace, she asked what was wrong. I told her I would have to stop or turn around because I was afraid my penis was frozen. She thought for a second and then said we could stop at the small Recreation Center up ahead. I told her that it was closed during the winter. She informed me that many people think this because this trail is so isolated but that it was actually open.

Since I knew we were very close, I decided to continue. By this time I was beginning to panic since I could no longer feel my penis. As we rushed inside, she guided me to a small changing room surrounded by long wooden benches. We noticed that the Center was not heated but at least we were out of the wind. I removed my gloves and inserted my hands in my underwear and tried to gently rub my penis to warm it up. My hands were too cold and rubbing it was painful. Suddenly, she moved towards me and offered to help. She said she knew a way to heat it up quickly without hurting it more.

She sat on the bench in front of me and slowly uncovered my shrunken penis between my clothes. She put her mouth over my icy cold penis and I immediately felt the warmth of her breath. Gently, she enveloped my penis with her mouth and pressed her lips against my body with her tongue. She swirled warm saliva around my penis.

As the pain subsided, I began to realize the situation I was in. Within minutes of her warm massage, my penis transformed from its shrunken state to one that was fully erect. With her lips still pressed up against my body, I could feel my penis now moving down her throat. I put my hands on her shoulders. As she looked up with these sexy eyes, she slowly pulled back and started sucking my hard penis.

After enjoying my penis for quite a while, she stopped and told me her feet were now really cold. She asked if she could warm up her feet against my chest. My knees buckled! I nodded yes. She quickly removed her shoes and socks. Still seated, she leaned against the wall, raised her feet to my waist and slipped them underneath my sweatshirt and undershirt, and pressed her soles to my chest. They were as cold as ice! Although, from what I saw, they looked hot!

As she slowly rubbed them against my chest always searching for a warm spot, she stroked my penis between her hands. After a few minutes, she moved her feet higher up on my chest until her sexy toes popped out from beneath my shirt at the neck. I leaked down and saw these exquisite toes that were perfectly manicured. She asked me if I could warm up her toes. I tucked my chin in and started to suck on her toes. They were salty sweet!

I knew she had gorgeous feet! As I ran my tongue between her toes, she grabbed my waist and pulled me forward as she was now able to resume eating my penis. Although extremely flexible, she concentrated primarily on the head, feverishly moaning as she used her lips and tongue. It was as if the head of my penis was a candy she really enjoyed while I enjoyed my own ten little candies.

This did not last very long since I could no longer control myself. Between her lips on my head and mine on her toes, it was pure ecstasy. I told her I was going to explode! She leaned back against the wall, slid her feet down my chest, wrapped them around my penis and started to steadily stroke my penis between her marvelous feet. As I watched her feet playing with my penis, I was hypnotized by her shapely feet. She wore tight black leg warmers that stretched over her gorgeous legs and covered her ankles. This no doubt accentuated her soft white feet as they danced in the air around my penis. I could sense every movement her cold soles and toes made as she continued teasing my penis with these objects of worship. It was incredible!

She whispered that she wanted my cum to warm her feet. Instantly, I was cuming all over her feet. I never came so long and hard. After squeezing every once of warm cum out of my penis with her feet, she raised her feet higher and rubbed them together as I watched my cum being massaged all over her fantastic feet!

I still see her when I run. Maybe not as often as I would like. On those days when I really miss her, I simply think back to that cold winter day.

Regarding my search for females with a fetish for male feet (remember my first letter back in October 1997), well lets just say my mailbox has been pretty lonely! I have had only three inquiries and only one was from a female. Now maybe it would be easier to reach me if I had an e-mail address, but I am concluding that there is really not an abundance of these females. They are in fact quite rare compared to males with a fetish for female feet. But I remain hopeful. And as you can see by my story, I would enjoy sharing stories with women who like me, have a fetish for their own feet.


Very discreet!

This story was submitted by PJE.

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