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Still Desperate, Part 2
(Published on Sunday, February 16, 2003)
This story was submitted by Desperate.

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I have submitted 2 other stories (Desperate and Still Desperate, Part 1) in the past, and so far I haven't been able to get any woman or womens hot, sweaty, smelly feet in my face. Although I will do everything such a smelling, licking, and sucking, the smelling part is the part I want to do the most.

Since my fetish first started in 1999, the thing I want to do the most is to get to women's feet and smell
those feet while I jerk off. I think about which kind of women would have the strongest smelling feet. So naturally I think of women who are on their feet all day long or most of the day. Women like bankers, airline stewardesses, police women, women in the military, even the everyday secretary are just a few examples. Granted, the everyday secretary may not be on their feet as much as the others, but one thing I have learned with all of the secretaries I am currently working with, plus ones in the past, most secretaries seem to wear the same pair of shoes almost day after day because they are nuetral (can go with just about every outfit they wear) and are very broken in thus making them comfortable. Only once in a while, do they wear a different pair of shoes because they
happen to be wearing that one specific outfit.

I also take into consideration the atmospheric conditions that these women work in also. Naturally a
woman will sweat in a hotter and more humid atmosphere than in a cooler and less humid atmosphere. So naturally, the hotter and more humid atmospere would be preferred by me because it will make the women's feet sweat more in their shoes.

I also take into consideration about the type of of shoes or boots they are wearing, and whether they are wearing nylons, socks, or nothing at all.

I have also taken into consideration their body chemistry. Some womens body chemistry will make them have a strong body odor thus making them have a strong foot odor and, some women will have a medium body chemistry with a medium foot odor, and some women will have a light body chemistry with a light body odor.

Yet another thing to take into consideration is their hygiene habits. How many times a day do they bath? Do they use after bath splashes, body lotions, etc.?

Finally, the last thing to take into consideration is the foot itself. I want a foot that is reasonably
taken care of and looks to gorgeous. No ugly feet, feet with corns, or caluses, or apparent skin problems or what have you. I want to be aroused, not turned off.

If you have read my stories, you will know that my wife has a light foot odor. Although I usually don't
get to them until she is asleep and after they are aired out, there has been a very rare occasions that I
get to her feet right after they come out of the shoe. Sometimes we will go to a party and she usually has too much to drink. By the time I get her home, she is usually pretty wasted or passed out drunk. This is my favorite time, because I can get to her feet immediately. However even though her foot does have a somewhat strong odor when they first come out of the shoe, it disappears very fast.

I can only come to the following conclusion: My wife has a light body chemistry (she has hardly any body odor what-so-ever) much less a foot odor, plus she does shower 2x a day. (before work and after work), she has alway been that way.

I have noticed being here in Germany that the Germans have very strong body odors. If any of you readers have been to Europe, you will know this to be true. Korea is the same way also, although I believe the Germans have the stronger odor. Their hygiene just isn't near to the standard that we have. I would love to be able to get my hands on a strong body chemistried female or females and do my thing with her or their feet.

After taking all the above into consideration, I truly would love to have a european airline stewardess, or even a european everyday secretary, wearing nylons (the nylons are a definate must, they help trap in the smell and the moisture, and they just add more to the euphoria and visual stimulus) wearing their everyday broken in comfortable heels that goes with most everything they wear, with a strong body chemisrty thus making them have a strong foot odor, who doesn't have the hygiene practices we have, in a hotter, more humid atmosphere (they don't have AC near to the extent that they do back home in the states), who take care of their feet and do not have ugly repulsive, diseased looking feet.

Can you imagine getting a hold of feet like that? I would go crazy over their feet. I would do anything the woman or women would want back in return to satisfy them, just so as I can get ahold of their smelly feet.

I still waiting for you women out there to get in touch with me. I've had some women contact me and said that they would be willing to help my fetish come true, however, one lives in Michigan, another lives in Pennsylvania, and yet another one lives in Ammen, Jordan. The problem with that is that I am in Germany. I just cant hop on a plane to go satisfy my fetish. They also were not willing to hop a plane and fly here to Germany. I want women here in Germany either American, or European to contact me. I would love nothing more than to get to their feet and do my thing. Of course the stronger the foot smell is the better.

Can you women out there who have smelly feet, who want their feet worshipped, and are willing to let me do my thing with their feet, please get in touch with me. I can be reached at

I will make it worth your while. Serious inquiries only. I have had people contact me and lead me on only to find out they were messing with me. One time I even made arrangements here in Germany to meet a woman in Heidelberg Germany (I live in Mannheim; 30 minutes away) only to be stood up. Call me crazy, naive, or what have you want, but I want this to happen very badly. Only a true foot fetishist can relate to me. I tired of sniffing socks and shoes, or jerking off to foot fetish pictures.

Although they along with my wifes aired out feet, and the few other instances in my second story have been the closest I came to satisfying my fetish, I want the real smelly foot, or feet in my face more than anything.

Please contact me at for your thoughts, or if you can help me.


This story was submitted by Desperate.

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