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Tickle Fun, Part 1
(Published on Sunday, January 19, 2003)
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My friends and I liked to sit around at my house and drink and get a little frisky on Saturday nights. My name is Maria and Iím more or less the leader of the group. Iím not fat, but Iím a little chubby. I work out four nights a week, so letís just say I have a healthy look. If you must know how old I am, Iím 21, but I will not tell you how much I weigh. My two best friends are Joy, who is 22 and muscular in the legs and arms, but very pretty, and Stacey who just turned 20. Stacey is the odd duck; she is tall and skinny and has an intoxicating laugh.

We all have been friends for about 5 years now. Joy and I have boyfriends, but we like to pleasure each other as well. Anyway we all share one common interest. We love to tickle people. I myself am not ticklish. Joy only has one weak spot, and thatís her armpit. Poor Stacey is very ticklish all over her body. She loves it when we hold her down and tickle her like mad. We never really tickled her more than a couple of minutes though. My second cousin is also very ticklish and gullible.

There was a small family get-together for my brotherís birthday. At this party my cousin, Amber showed up. She normally did not attend these gatherings because of work or boyfriends. Amber was a tiny girl with a very good figure. I could wrap one of my hands around her arm. Amber just broke off a one-year relationship that was long for her.

The party was winding down and Amber wanted to hang out. She was off from work the next day, so she asked if we could shoot some pool at my house. I told her that would be fun; we could play doubles with my friends.

While we played pool, we drank wine coolers and beer. After a couple of hours passed, the conversation was turning to guys and sex. Stacey told us she dated a guy who loved to tickle her for foreplay. "Sometimes he would tie me up and tickle me from my hands down to my feet. It would really get me wet. When he tickled my ear with his tongue, I would let out screams. This one time he even sucked my toes and it sent me into convulsions."

I told her, "I knew you were ticklish, but I didnít know you were a freak about it."

Joy gave me a smile and said, "We'll have to hear you scream."

Amanda blew my mind when she told me that her boyfriend would tickle her in the mall or car and she got turned on when he did this. I had to do something. I was going crazy, so I asked everyone how long they thought they could get tickled before they went wild. No one really knew. I know how long Amanda could go for, but I will fill you in later. I told them that I had a fun idea, but I had to go pee first.

When I got back downstairs, I saw Joy holding or sitting on Stacey, tickling her ribs and saying, "Whoís your momma?"

Amanda was sitting on the couch by Stacyís head, just starring at Stacey with big eyes and a grin. I think she was getting exited watching this. Stacey started kicking and bucking, but Joy was too strong for her.  I sat Indian-style on her stretched out hands and started to get her armpits. Amanda was sweating at this point and breathing really heavily, so I told Joy so stop for a minute. Joy and I got so much into the fun, we forgot about my cousin, Amanda. Stacey was catching her breath now and was telling us she wanted to get up and get a beer. I told her, "You can get up if you tell me Iím the most beautiful girl in the room."

She smiled at me and said, "Amanda, you are absolutely the most beautiful girl in the room."

With this Joy asked, "What am I then?"

Amber kicked off her sandals and put her foot over Staceyís lips and said, "Kiss the Queenís foot pretty girl."

We all laughed at Staceyís expense. After we all laughed, Amber put her other foot in Stacyís face. Joy said, "That's punishment enough."

Joy, who I think was developing a crush on my cousin, said, "You heard her." Joy attacked poor Stacysís ribs and stomach, even behind her knees to switch up the attack. I slowly ran my fingers up and down Staceyís inner arm, watching her try in vain to fight us off. Joy kept saying, "Kiss the Queenís feet and I will stop."

After a good 10 minutes, I saw Stacey kiss Amber's foot. I could not believe she was bailing out. We didnít even go all out on her. I thought her feet were her sensitive spots. After she kissed Amanda's foot for the fifth time, I asked, "Amber, did she kiss your foot?"

Amber said, "No."

Joy yelled out, "I can feel her trembling. Thatís so cool."

We all stayed where we were, laughing at Staceyís humiliation for a couple of minutes. Amber was really getting into it. She either had too much to drink, or was feeding off of our laughter, because what she did next shocked me. Amber said, "Kiss the dogs or be punished again!"

Amber held Staceyís head down with her one foot and hung the other one a couple of inches above her mouth. Joy and I moved our fingers to her ticklish spots and I asked, "What's it going to be?"

Stacey tried moving her head up, but Amber's other foot held her head down. Stacey looked at me like she was going to cry. She kept saying, "Please let me up. Iím going to pee on your floor."

Pam was was about to get her again when I said, "Let her up. She's had enough."

She just stayed on the floor, so I helped her up and to the bathroom. She told me, "That was a lot of fun, but Iím going to kick your cousin's butt."

We all got something else to drink and opened a bag of chips in the living room. I turned on the radio and we talked about how cool it was to tickle someone like that. I liked to tickle Joy, but she didnít really get laughing like that. Stacey asked Amber if she had a thing for feet. She was pissed that someone would put their feet in her face for so long like that. She said, "I can still smell those foul puppies."

Amber just laughed and said, "It's cute watching you beg me to stop your tormentors from making you piss in your pants. Itís not like my feet stink."

Stacey told Amber, "I bet you couldnít last 5 minutes with all three of us tickling you."

Joy, seeing an opportunity to have some more fun spoke up as well. Joy told Amber that if the rest of us tied her down and tickled each of her feet for a minute, behind each knee, her ribs and arm pits without her letting out one scream, we would all buy her one new shirt.

At first Amber refused. She knew she could not handle being tickled for very long. "You promise you will only tickle me for one minute per spot?"

Stacey said, "Your cousin will watch the clock," but thatís what she was worried about.

"Three new outfits for 8 minutes of fun. Lets do it," Amber replied.

Joy and I moved Amber into my bedroom where we already had a play section on the bed set up. When my cousin saw the restraints on the bed, she got scared. I took her by the hand and told her this wonít be so bad. Amber was kneeling on the edge of the bed, and trying to figure out if she wanted to lay on her stomach or back. Stacey moved behind her prey and moved a fork across her exposed size 5 feet. Amber jumped forward with a scream. Joy said this is a suckerís bet and grabbed hold of her arms, dragging her forward. Joy placed her left wrist into my makeshift handcuff on the one side of the bed, while Stacey took care of the other one.

There was no problem getting her wrists into place, but as Joy and I were moving her feet into the restraints, Stacey said that she was going to get a cup of ice and a feather. This sent Amber into a panic. She kicked me right in the face! Joy had no problem, as she had her feet tied up in no time. Joy asked if I still had the extra restraints around, so we could tie down her waist to the bed. I ran off to look.

While we were coming up the stairs to the bedroom, I heard my cousin yelling, "Not yet. Not yet ... please ... ha ha ha ha ha."

Stacey and I stopped at the door and watched as Joy was working all 10 fingers on my begging cousin's foot. She went from top to bottom and then she went between her toes. Amber would flex her foot and bend her toes, but Joy just kept moving her fingers faster and faster. I let Joy have her fun for a couple of more minutes, and then I yelled, "Leave my cousin alone!"

Amber kept yelling, "She cheated! She cheated!"

After Amber calmed down, I could see her smiling, so I knew she was not mad. I said, "I forgot the stopwatch, though. Itís in the garage. Iíll be right back." I really had it in my dresser drawer, but I wanted to see Joy tickle her foot again.

I acted like I left the room and motioned for them to continue. Stacey kept telling Amanda that she was going to be tickled for hours and hours. Joy moved to the other foot this time. One hand pulled on her toes while the other moved from her heel to her toes non-stop. After Stacey was done telling her how many different ways she was going to be tickled, she came down to the end of the bed and with both hands started tickling her heel. When Amber felt the nails sink in to her heel, she tried fighting to get free, but she could not get out. This went on for only 5 minutes. Again I stomped my feet so that Amber would think I came to her rescue. I told Stacey to grab a couple of garbage bags because I didn't want her to wet my bed.

I remembered the time that Amber and I were younger, and we had a tickle fight. My cousinís sister and I hung her upside down in a tree. We tickled her for 4 minutes before she pissed in her pants.

Amber was pleading now for us to just stick to the game. I told her, "Little cousin, you have to learn a lesson for what you did to Stacey. But before we begin I need Joy to help me with something in the basement." Stacey knew what I needed, but thatís another story.

After we left, Stacey told me that Amber had tried to apologize to her.  Amber even said, "If it will make you feel better, I will kiss your foot so that we're even."

Stacey had replied, "Thatís so sweet. You must be very ticklish to offer to kiss my feet. My feet could use a little pampering. Iíll tell you what, my feet are dirty from walking around barefoot, so I donít want you to pass out, but if you suck my toes Iíll let you go now."

Amber replied, "There is no way," and tried to yell for me. But Stacey picked up a pair of my socks from the floor and pushed them into Amberís mouth. Stacey kept her hand over her mouth so that she couldnít spit them out and started to tickle her armpit.

Stacey told her, "Iíve seen your cousin and Pam tickle people before. They really know how to make someone squeal."

Stacey started tickling with both hands, moving from her armpits to her ribs. Stacey looked at the clock. Her friends would be back any minute. Stacey pulled the socks out of her mouth and slid her toes into her mouth. Amber gave up and started sucking. Stacey laughed at the sound affects Amber was making. It sounded like she was sucking on a sucker. Stacey told me she felt like a stallion. Stacey kept saying, "Whoís the queen now?" Stacey then went to the bathroom to finger herself.

Joy and I came into the room and there was no Stacey. We laid down, one on each side of our captive. I asked, "Are you ready to get tickled?"

Amber said, "This is not fair. Please just let me go!"

Stacey came back in and said that she had to take a lady's sized dump. "I hope it was okay to leave your cousin alone."

I put the stopwatch in front of Amber's face and told her to watch it and let us know when the time was up. I said, "Lets start with her left foot. Do we all tickle her left foot for a minute or should we all take a different spot?"

Amber yelled, "What do you mean, you farts?"

We decided Joy and I would get a foot and Stacey would start with her knees. Amber was yelling, "This is not fair!"

We all started at the same time and my poor cousin was trying to buck herself free. She was laughing so hard, she didnít even realize 3 minutes had gone by. Her foot was so soft, my fingers just slid all over her dancing foot with no problem. Joy was using a fork, poking her and running it gently over the tips of her toes. Stacey was bouncing up and down from Amanda's bucking and fighting, but that didnít stop her from using the feathers on the backside of her knees. Amanda was in hysterics. Stacey pulled down Amanda's shorts and started tickiling her inner thigh.

All of a sudden Stacey jumped back yelling, "Stop, stop! She just peed!"

I exclaimed, "Oh my god!"

Amanda was so embarrassed. She was still shaking on the bed. Joy said, "Let's switch positions and see if we can do it again."

Amanda couldnít even speak. I told Pam to get some water for her and Iíd clean her up. Stacey pulled Amanda up a little by the waste and dumped a glass of ice under her stomach, which sent her bucking again. While we were gone, she sat on Amandaís lower back so she could not move up away from the ice. Amanda was pleading to Stacey to move the ice. "Please, itís cold. Itís tickling me."

Stacey shot right back, "Itís cold, of course itís cold. Itís ice."

After we cleaned her up and gave her two glasses of water, we asked her if she could go on. She said nothing. This time Joy and I sat up near her ribs and Stacey wanted Amanda's feet. We started off slowly at first. Stacey had Joy undo the ankle restraints and put on a toe cuff instead. Stacey was tormenting Amanda so much that she had to have Joy hold her feet down. They were going really slowly on her feet. Stacey took one finger and moved all along her feet in a slow tormenting zigzag. I started tickiling her just above her waist and she started making groaning noises.

I was fascinated the way she started moving her waist.  She was trying to fuck the bed.  After a couple of more minutes, her toes were pointing forward, her whole body straightened out, and I knew she had just had an orgasm. I started to massage her back, and the girls stopped and started to free her hands.  She kept saying, "That was amazing," and, "Iím sorry about the bed."

We all just lay on the bed for a while until Joy said she was going to sleep on my couch. I told my cousin to sleep in my bed, and Joy and I would take the spare bedroom. I asked Stacey if she wanted to stay, but she said she had to go. Amber asked Stacey to stay and talk for a little while, and she said, "Only if you behave."

As Joy and I were walking out, Amber asked for the key to the toe cuffs. Stacey said, "I have it. It's okay."

Joy went to make sure they were okay. She found Amanda had handcuffs on, and Staceyís toes were in her mouth while Stacey was fingering Amanda. Stacey didnít leave that night and I heard more laughing coming from that room.

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