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Ugly Girl, Nice Feet
(Published on Tuesday, January 7, 2003)
This story was submitted by Toby.

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This story, unlike my Blackmail stories, is based on a real experience. Some of the details and names are different, but the jist of the story is true.

Fall sucks for a diehard foot lover like me. I live in the midwest and it gets cold here in October, and before that even, it seems that women are dictated by fashion trends and go around wearing those ugly boots or black shoes that completely cover their feet. It is a pretty depressing time for someone like me. I was proven wrong the other day.

I went to the mall to get a jump on some Christmas shopping. It was crowded and uneventful. I always hope that when I go to the mall even in the winter that there will be someone daring enough to wear something that reveals even a little foot. I didn't see anything. It was probably due to the weather that day. It was cold and there was a solid drizzle that just made everything wet and cold. So I got what I needed and headed out.

I had quite a hike through the parking lot, and was a little irritated that I was getting wet. I had come
straight from work, so I was still in my suit. I looked sharp, but now I just looked soggy. As I made my way to my car, I could see a figure walking along the road. I couldn't see much, but I felt sorry for whoever it was. It had to be a breakdown or something because that stretch of road is not meant for pedestrians. It is really busy, and there is no sidewalk. I got my car started and headed towards them to see if I could at least offer my phone. As I got closer, I was absolutely delighted to see that it was not only a woman, but she was wearing shoes that I did not expect to see anyone wearing this time of year, especially someone in her predicament!

Form what I could see her shoes were those wedge soled slides that were extremely high. Her heel must have been six inches off the ground, which gave her foot that tippy toe look. That drives me wild. I couldn't really see much of her, but it appeared that she had a nice body. I decided that I would get on the road, and pull up to see if she wanted a ride. I figured it would be a nice thing to do anyway, and I could at least get a glimpse of some nice feet.

I exited the mall lot and got on the road, and pulled up behind her and flashed my lights. She turned around and walked up to my window. I was shocked to see that from a distance she looked smoking hot, but when I got a look at her face, that was a different story. She was a little fugly. Her teeth were really crooked, and a few looked like they were possibly rotting. And I can't really describe her face. It just was not pretty. I hesitated for a second and decided that ugly or not she was walking in this nasty weather and probably could use a little kindness.

I rolled down my widow and asked if she needed a phone or a ride. She looked relieved and said that she could use a ride if it was OK.

She walked around to the passenger side of my car and got in. I got a better look at her feet and despite her ugly face, her feet were gorgeous! Her body in general was nice, but her feet were by far her best feature.

She told me that her name was Beth. She was shivering and wet, so I cranked up the heat and asked where she needed to go. She told me that her shift at the mall ended and she was supposed to be picked up by her boyfriend, but he never showed, and after trying to call everyone she knew, she decided that she didn't have a choice and started hiking it. She had about a ten mile walk ahead of her. I told her that I would drive her home.

We pulled out and got going. She thanked me up and down repeatedly and kept asking if there was anything she could do to repay me.

I wasn't sure how she meant that. I didn't want to freak her out by just blurting out that sexual favors
would be fine. I wasn't sure if that is what she meant. I told her, "Don't worry about it."

"You don't know how many assholes passed me! I can't believe that. One guy even stopped and let me get up to the car, and then peeled out!" She said. I shook my head as if in disbelief, but I knew exactly
what happened. Had I not just wanted to see her feet up close, I may have done the same thing. "For real, I am so grateful for this. Anything you need, or want, let me know." She said. As she said that she emphasized, "Anything!"

To me that was a green light. The only problem that I could see was that she probably expected me to ask for a blowjob or a handjob or something, but that is not what I wanted. At this point I was actually trying to have her catch me eyeing her feet. I was trying to keep the car on the road and check out her toes at the same time.

Finally she bit. She sort of rotated her ankle as if to see what was on her foot that had my attention. I looked at her and she grinned and said, "What?" I really could have done with out the grin. I was
afraid that I might wince if she kept doing that.

I decided  to just go for it. If I offended her, no big deal. I was for sure not looking for anything more
than a quick foot fix with her. So I said, "I am one of those guys who really likes pretty feet. I mean REALLY likes them."

She sort of frowned. Not like I offended her. It just looked as if I confused her. "What do you mean you like feet?" she asked.

"When you said to ask if there was anything that you could pay me back with, what if I would have asked for a blowjob?" I asked her.

She gave me sort of a grin and said, "Well, what does that have to do with a foot?"

"Well, instead of you sucking my dick, I want to suck your toes." I replied.

She looked confused, but said, "If you really want to. But I have been on my feet all day, and they probably don't smell too good."

She said that we were close to her house and if her boyfriend wasn't home, we could go there, and if he
was, we could go down the road to a quiet spot that she knows of.

We only drove for another minute, and when we pulled up to her house, there were no cars, so she said to pull into the drive.

The house was a bit of a dump. Dirty dishes, clothes spread all over the floor, I was hesitant to sit
anywhere in fear of what might crawl on me.

She went into the kitchen and found a note on the table that was from the boyfriend. She said that he
was at his buddies drinking beer, which she suspected was code for out with some other girl. He wasn't expected back until late, so we were safe.

She sat down on the couch and said, "Well, what ever you want to do to my feet, go ahead and knock yourself out," and raised her foot up.

I was a little unsure of how to proceed. She was absolutely clueless, and while I really didn't care what she thought of me, it bothered me a little that she seemed to think that I was sort of strange. Oh well.

I just wanted to have my fun, and I really could have cared less if I never saw her after this. So I went over by her and sat on the floor by her feet. I gently lifted her feet, taking care to keep those sexy shoes on for the time being.

I held her feet up at the ankles and studied the bottoms. It was really sexy to see the little bit of sole
spilling off the bottoms of her shoes. I leaned in and nibbled at the parts of her soles that weren't covered.

I was coating the parts of her feet that I could get to with my saliva, and started to work my tongue between the sole of her shoe and the sole of her right foot. I pulled the shoe slightly away from her foot and took long wet licks on her heel. Her feet only smelled slightly from the shoes.

I was in pure ecstasy. I was sucking and nibbling on these soft little feet that were attached to someone
that I would not have straight sex with for any amount of money, but that didn't matter. I was all about her feet at that moment.

I removed her shoe and held her foot up to study the soles. They were perfect in every way! Her toes were perfectly formed, the sole was smooth and soft. Not a single callous. As I was holding that foot up, I moved the other to my lap so it sat on top of my now aching hard on.

I leaned in and pressed my face into her sole. As I did that, I glanced at her, and was stunned by her
expression. She looked a bit grossed out. "How can that be good?" she asked.

It pissed me off a little that this girl who probably hasn't been laid by more than one or two people, and
here she is questioning me! I just shrugged, and kept at it. I slid her other shoe off her foot and held both soles up to my face and inhaled her foot aroma. It was fantastic.

My cock was rock solid, and it was pushing through my slacks. I didn't touch it though, because I know that the second I did, it all would be over.

So I kept at her soles. I slid my tongue over every inch of her foot bottoms with long wet strokes. Her heel was so petite that it fit easily into my mouth. As I mouthed her heel, I pressed the other foot into my crotch. My cock jumped in anticipation.

I kept working on her foot, and moved from licking to nibbling. I scraped my teeth against the fleshy side
of her heel, and she jumped a little. I looked up at her and she said, "That tickled!"

"Sorry," I said.

My cock was starting to ache, so I pulled it out. I held onto one foot, and let the other drop on to it. As soon as her foot touched it, I almost came, so I lifted it a little and rubbed the head of my cock onto her sole. I took her other foot and stuck all of her toes into my mouth and swirled my tongue around them. I could barely take it anymore, so I decided to let it go.

I stood up and pulled her feet up to me. This forced her to lay on her back. I intended to have her give me a footjob, but I still wanted to suck on her feet, so I held her feet at the ankles, and burried my face in her soles, and grabbed my cock with the other hand. I barely stroked twice and I erupted. The force of my orgasm prevented me from aiming, or care where my cum went, I just let it go.

After the second squirt, she sort of screamed, and tried to pull her feet away, but I was holding onto
them for dear life. I kept pumping my cock, and she kept trying to pull her feet out of my face.

After a second, I let go, and saw why she was struggling. In my haze of foot lust I had shot my wad
onto her face, hair, couch, and anything else that was in the way.

All I could do was pull up my pants and mumble, "Oh. Sorry about that."

She looked disgusted, and said, "Fuck. You could have said something. Hand me some tissue."

I did, and while she was cleaning up my mess, I started gathering my stuff. "Sure. Get your jollies on my feet, and leave. You guys are all alike," she said.

"I don't want to be here when your boyfriend gets here, but I would like to see you again sometime. Maybe I will swing by your work this week." I told her, not quite sure if I really would or not.

"Hmm. I'll believe that when I see it." She huffed.

"Goodbye, and thank you very much. Your feet are amazing, and I would love to be able to do that again sometime," I told her.

"We will have to see. If you come to my work this week, maybe I'll think about it." She said.

"Cool. I'll see you then." I said as I walked out the door.

This story was submitted by Toby.

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