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The Bank Lady
(Published on Friday, December 13, 2002)
This story was submitted anonymously by Michael.

There is this woman that works where I do my banking and I have had this fantasy about her for the longest time. It starts with a phone call from my bank. They have some papers for me to sign. The woman I talk to on the phone says that she'd come by sometime that afternoon with the papers. So I
wait and wait and wait and finally I see a car drive up.

So I go out to greet her. As I walk up to the car, the driver's door opens and out comes these beautful bare feet in black leather slides with dark red polish on the nails. This woman is BEAUTIFUL. She's wearing a form fitting sleeveless dress that shows off every curve. She has long dark hair ( almost her to waist ). She's wearing a gold bracelet on each wrist. She gets out of her car and walks around to the trunk. She tells me the papers are in a file in the trunk. She has to reach so far into the trunk to get the file box that she has to rest her knees on the bumper.

As she starts to pull the box toward her, her bracelets get hung up on something. She can't pull
too hard because she's afraid she'll break the bracelets. I offer to help, so I reach into the trunk and feel where her wrists are hung up at. I hold on to her wrists and begin to gently pull, but they won't move. I reach over her to try again and as I do my hand brushes against the underside of her arm. She giggles. I ask why she giggled and she told me it was because I had tickled the underside of her arm when I reached over her.

"Are you ticklish?" I asked.

"VERY," she replied.

The thought of a very ticklish, very beautiful woman stuck in such a position that she couldn't move even an inch. Her arms reaching out infront her. I decided to try to free her one more time, or so she thought. As I reached into the trunk, my fingers felt for her wrists but then once finding her wrists, I
slid my fingers back to her underarms and started to tickle her. From the instant my fingers started tickling her, she erupted with laughter and tried pleading with me. I just smiled and walked my fingers down to her ribs. I counted each and every rib as I give them a heavy dose of tickling. I continued to tickle down her beautiful legs and as I did she kicked her legs as much as she could.

Up to now I had been just tickling and teasing but now I was at her feet, those beautiful bare feet in those black leather slides. As I started to take the shoe off her right foot, there was a look of panic in her eyes. That told me all I needed to know. Her feet were her most ticklish spot and there was nothing she could do about it. I took the shoe off her left foot. Now with both of her beautiful bare soles facing me, I began to tickle and tickle and tickle.

She was in hysterics in seconds. Her laughter was music to my ears. The more I made her laugh, the more I wanted to hear her laugh. She began to promise me all sorts of sexual favors if I would just stop tickling. I kept tickling anyway, sometimes slowing down to just making her giggle and switching to the hard tickling, making her scream out laughing.

After what seemed like hours I was finally able to get her free, but by then she had passed out. I carried into the house and laid her down on the couch. As she laid there I sat down at her feet, I had to know what those beautiful toes tasted like. I put her toes to my mouth and began to softly suck on each and every one. My tongue licking between them and as I sucked her toes, I notice she was awake. Not only was she awake but she was fingering her pussy, her very wet pussy. She put her fingers to my lips, so I could taste her. I parted her thighs and lick every drop of her juice. In the
end she had an earth shattering orgasm. I signed the paper I needed to sign. She gave me a wet kiss and went on her way.

This story was submitted anonymously by Michael.

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