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Bar-B-Q Tickle
(Published on Monday, August 12, 2002)
This story was submitted anonymously.

A friend and co-worker had invited me to a celebration in honor of his daughter’s graduation from High School. A real nice affair with more nice looking bare or scantly clad feet than I had seen in some time. Best part was that most of the ladies were also pleasing to the eye above the ankle.

The Hostess was a lovely little thing herself.  No more than 4’ 10” she could almost pass for the older sister of any of her daughter’s friends.  Corry’s best friend was also in attendance. I later found out that they had known each other since grade school. Sherry was a raven hair beauty, very nice body and pretty face. On her feet she wore a pair of platform flip-flops.

I took up a seat where I could be at least somewhat involved in conversation and still see the major area of the yard.  I could see Sherry’s seat very well but for at least an hour it was almost like those shoes of hers were glued to the sole of her foot.

I even walked by a number of times in hopes of seeing a bit more, but no luck.

A short time later I was making my way towards the house and Corry and Sherry were talking just off the patio. I could hear Sherry say, “Oh come on.”

And as I walked pass Corry started to turn away and said, “No, I’m not going on the trampoline. I have other things to do.”   (Another great source of seeing ladies in their bare feet was the trampoline.  There was a crowd of lovely young ladies playing around on it.)

Just as I passed by I heard Corry scream, “OK OK I will I promise!!!”

As I turned around I saw Sherry with both hands around Corry’s sides, her fingers digging into her ribs. Corry dropped her drink cup and her knees buckled, as if she was going to hit the ground.

I stuck out my arm and caught her up.  Sherry said, “OK, see ya there.” And turned towards the trampoline, walking away.

Corry hung onto my arm for support as she tried to regain her composure.  “You ok?”  I asked?”

“Yes. She knows how much I hate when she does that. I wish just once I could get even with her,” she replied.

“Seems to me, you just need to catch her off-guard
once. Unless of course, she isn’t ticklish.”

She up-righted herself but still held onto my arm and said, “She’s just as ticklish as I am. She’s just stronger and has longer arms. Last time I tried to beat her in a tickle fight she almost had me pee myself. Won’t be doing that again.”

We started walking slowly towards the trampoline, “Perhaps you should hire a champion to stand in your place,” (my mind is racing a mile a minute trying to
figure out how to set this up to my best advantage).

“Could this champion come up with a plan?”

Then like a ray of light a plan comes to me. The trampoline is pretty high off the ground. Sherry is standing on the opposite side of the step-up. Neither girl is really tall enough to get up on it without help.

“I’ll take it I’m hired,” I said. “Here’s the way it will go. When we get over there you introduce me to Sherry. Then ask me to give you two a boost up. I’ll get a beer and go sit down. When I come back for a refill, you ask for me to help you both down. I’ll take care of the rest.”

I moved in the direction of the beer keg and said, “Pull me towards the trampoline.”

She did, they were fairly close together.

“Sherry, this is Ed. He works with Dave and is an old friend”

I stuck out my hand and said, “A pleasure to meet you Ma’am.”

Corry, as we shook hands, said, “Ed, give us lift up will you please?”

I put down my cup and interlocked my fingers and offered the step to Sherry.

She slipped off her shoe and placed her foot in my hand and put her hand on my shoulder.  Her foot was the softest thing I ever felt in my life.  It was like there was no rough spots at all on it.

I helped her up and got a good close look at the soles of both her feet. They were just as white as could be. You couldn’t hardly tell where the outside of her foot ended and the arch began.

I didn’t want to look like I was looking to hard at her feet so I moved over towards Corry and offered her the same step-up.

There was quite a difference in the feel of her foot compared to Sherry’s. Hers was several sizes smaller and she had been walking around bare foot most of the
time. She only put on her flip-flops to walk out towards the rougher area of the yard where the trampoline was located.

They each thanked me and I left going after a refill. Then I returned to my chair.

I kept half an eye on the ladies watching for a sign from Corry, while slowly drinking my beer. When I finished I got up and started towards the keg, stopping to talk to give Corry time to talk Sherry off the trampoline.

As I got close to the keg Corry called out to me to come over and help them down.

Sherry walked over to the edge, sat and swung her legs out so that the edge came about half way up her calf. Those beautiful, soft feet were facing right at me.

I could feel my heart pounding as I got closer. I started to get nervous wondering if this was going to come off well or would this be one of those things you never get to live down. There were a lot of my co-workers there. If things went badly, I’d never hear the end of it.

Corry smiled at me as I got close. I was mere inches from Sherry’s feet now. Her legs slightly apart. “Could you give me my shoes first?”  she asked.

This was it I thought. It’s now or never. “Sure thing. But first I have to give you something from Corry.” And with that I grabbed her left ankle and trapped her leg between my forearm and rig cage.

There was a bit of a shocked look on her face but then my fingers started to dance across the sole of her foot.

The tickling sensation reached her as she realized what was going on and had just started to object, “Oh God, wha … HA HA HA, oh nooooooooooo don’t,” and she bust into a gale of giggles. “CORRY!!!!!  He he he, no don’t please!”

And that was the last she could say as the fits of laughter took her over. I kept an eye on my watch counting off the seconds. Five, ten she was already gasping. Fifteen seconds and I stopped to allow her to catch her breath.

Gasping for air she still tried to speak, “Corry, please stop this.”

“Can you say pretty please?” she asked with a smile.

Before Sherry could respond I started to tickle her again. With the same results.  She wasn’t screaming, but she was pitching a fit in laughter and squirming in an attempt to get away. I had a firm hold on her so she wasn’t going anywhere fast.

Near the end of the second set of tickling she gasped out, “Corry, please I’m going to pee myself!” each word interrupted with assorted giggles and laughs.

Time was again up and I halted so she could catch her breath. Panting, Sherry this time had no breath for pleading.

Corry spoke right up though, “Tell you what Sherry, promise you’ll never again tickle my ribs and I’ll have this stop.”

For whatever reason, Sherry refused to respond or even acknowledge the request.  Rest break over the tickling began again.

At the end of the third session, really looking spent and out of breath Sherry could only lay there and again Corry made the demand. Once again Sherry refused to acknowledge the demand.

But this time as I got ready to start again, Corry said, “Tickle her for a longer time this time. She’s getting off too easy.”

As the forth session started and her laughter filled my ears I moved my fingers from the sole of her foot up to the base of her stretched back toes. When my
fingers hit the base of her toes she began squealing and kicking with a new energy.  Her right foot that had been kicking me in the back somewhat slid up and came to rest on my shoulder. Under other circumstances I could have been nibbling and licking on her toes. But I remained content to simply tickling her and resting my fresh shaven face on her foot.

The forth session was all but over when Sherry broke down. Somehow she found the breath to plead and promise with Corry and agree to her demand.

Corry accepted her word and told me I could stop.

I picked up my cup and made the short trip over to refill the cup and returned.  Sherry was still just laying there, her feet right at my chest level.  I set down the cup after a few sips and grabbed one of her shoes.

When I stood up I took her ankle in my hand and she panicked, “OH NO PLEASE.”

I just placed the shoe on her foot.  I retrieved the other and also put that one on.  Then I offered her my hand to help her sit up.  She claimed she was still too tired to move. “Wanna bet?” I asked and my finger slid slowly along the side of her right foot. She quickly sat up.

I lifted her by the hips off the trampoline and when she got to the ground she just fell right up against me. She just clung there for support. There’s no way she couldn’t tell how turned on I was, but she said nothing and a few seconds later straightened herself up.

To my surprise, she grabbed my shoulders, pulled me down lower and planted a soft kiss on my check.

I turned to face her and whispered, “Stick around, I think you’ll like this.”

I turned to Corry who had assumed the same foot off the side of the trampoline as Sherry had been. I walked over to her and bent down to pick up one of her flip-flops. Just as I was about to place it on her foot, I dropped it back to the ground, grabbed her ankle in the same manner as I had Sherry and began to tickle her foot.

She too was wonderfully ticklish and started to laugh and squirm trying to get away. She kept trying to ask why, but the question was lost in the giggles.

Like with Sherry, I stopped after 15 seconds. Gasping she asked, “Why are you tickling me? Please, I told you I can’t stand it and my feet are even more ticklish than my ribs.”

“Remember, I said you should HIRE a champion?”

“Yes, but what does that have to do with tickling me?”

“It’s time to pay for the services rendered,” I replied as my fingers started once again to dance lightly around the sole of her foot.

“NOOOoooo ha ha ha. Please he hehe I…” anything else she wanted to say was lost in the laughter. When the second 15 seconds were up, instead of stopping as I
had been doing, I moved up to take on the base of her toes.

Again, like Sherry, she found new energy to squirm and laugh with the even more ticklish toes.

After a short time there I went back to tickling the sole of her foot again and at 30 seconds stopped. While she lay there I picked up her flip-flop and placed it on her foot. When I went to get the other, Sherry came up and said softly, “How about just a little tickle on her other foot?”

So before I replaced that shoe I gave her other foot a short tickle to her shock and amazement, not to mention giggles.

The rest of the party was pretty uneventful after that. Nary a glance passed between the three of us for the time I remained. When it was time to depart and I said goodnight to Corry, it was like nothing ever happened.

I’m not sure how to take that, but I doubt that such an opportunity will come my way any time soon.

This story was submitted anonymously.

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