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Library Tickle
(Posted on Monday, July 1, 2002)
This story was submitted anonymously.

I've been working on a tickle survey for  a while to see just how many women
are ticklish. I generally look for a pretty girl that is alone and wearing sandals or flip flops and I tell them that I'm doing a reflex and response survey, If they say they are ticklish, I ask to see their foot and give her a quick tickle----believe me, it works! They are usually more than willing and I have tickled many a pretty girl in this manner.

Well, this story took place in the library.  I went there to look up some books(I'm a huge reader) and I
noticed a very petite attractive girl. She looked to be Hispanic with long dark hair.  But what I really noticed was that she was wearing flip flops. Besides being a very attractive girl, she had very cute feet with red toe nail polish.  I looked at her feet for a few moments and decided I better get my books. 

After about an hour, I decided to take off but as I was leaving, I noticed that she was still sitting at a table doing some work for school. I went into the book aisles next to her to take a look at her feet again. She had her right leg over her left but I thought that if I was going to get her that her she had to reverse this position so that when I walked by her, her pretty foot would be facing I waited and waited and looked at some of my books. After about 10 minutes her cell phone rang and she talked on the phone and during this time she reversed her legs to the position I wanted but I could not do anything until she was off the phone. So I continued to wait.

She got off the phone but to my dismay, she brought her feet down flat on the ground. Then a few moments later, she crossed her legs to the wrong position again----at this moment I was frustrated and just about given up hope to leave but I decided to look around the library for a few more minutes to
relieve my frustration.. I eventually came back and she was still there but STILL had her feet in the same position.  I finally decided to look at those cute feet one more time and get on my way. As I sat down to take a look in the book Aisle, a miracle happened...she slowly uncrossed her legs and
crossed her left leg over her right in exactly the position I wanted...Now those nice feet were facing me...I decided it was now or never.....she was the only person in the section, so I got up...looked to check to see if anyone was coming---no one was. So I went for it.

I went around the book corner and started to walk by her. She never looked up, so as I got to her, I said "excuse me" she looked up and I told her that I was doing a survey...She seemed pleasant enough--nice smile..So I asked her if her feet were ticklish.

She responded by saying "MY Feet?"

I said, "Yes"...She replied that they were ticklish and she giggled sweetly at my question. 

I took a look at those feet and asked her If I could see her feet and she obliged...She took her shoe off and giggled as I took a quick look at them...I could tell that this was going to be easy to tickle those pretty feet. At the table that she was sitting at...there is this bar that goes under the table so I asked her to put her foot up so I can test her reflex. She did it and I sat in the chair right acrossed her and asked her to put her other foot up too..So now I had both feet under the table just inches away.  

She asked me if I did this all the time and I said it just depends on my mood
and if the person I'm asking seems cool with it...I then asked her how this feels and then ran my finger down the sole of her foot.  She laughed and twitched her foot and she said it tickles. I then used all my fingers and tickled her foot for a few moments and she twitched around and laughed. Her laugh was very cute...She laughed very softly but you could tell she was in torture but she let me continue.

I then asked her that I was going to try something else on her feet...and pulled out a long seagull feather--these feathers are fairly firm and excellent for tickling...she did not see it because I hid it from her, I then ran it up and down both her feet and she said it tickled as she squirmed and giggled.  The cool thing about these kind of feathers is that you can actually hear it going up and down the feet--and
her feet were not soft or hard but in the middle so it made for a cool sound.

I just listened to her laugh softly and squirm in her chair...Her toes would
curl and I could feel her leg muscles twitching. I then ran the torture feather between her sexy toes as she continued to
laugh. I then told her that I wanted to tickle her feet for about 10 seconds and she if she could handle it...she agreed and appeared to grab the bottom of her chair with her hands.  I started ticking her feet with my fingers as I counted to ten..she laughed softly and twitched and squirmed in her chair.

She didn't try to pull her feet away...Even though I had one hand holding her feet down.  her feet just twitched and I got to 10 and continued counted to 11...12....13...etc...and she continued getting tortured. I counted to about 35 and she said that I was supposed to only tickle her for 10 seconds and I said it seems that you are holding out just fine and I tickled her for a few more seconds and then I stopped..I then told her thank you for being so cooperative and she seemed real cool with it..I noticed that she still had her feet up on the bar and I gave her another tickle and she took her feet down as she laughed.  

We then talked for a few minutes about what she was doing in school, then I bent down to pick up my books to leave and I gave her feet another quick tickle----her feet were back in here flip flops now and I got the tops the heel, etc. I wasn't holding her feet this time so she was able to move them around to get them safe...

I finally quit and got up to leave and she told me good luck with my survey and that it was fun and I thanked her and left....As I was leaving the library I noticed that I forgot my pen, so I went back to retrieve it and when she saw me, she smiled and asked did I forget something? 

I said yes, as I reached down to get my pen----as I was reaching,  I said to myself what the
hey, and grabbed her right flip flopped covered ankle and tickled her feet again---she reacted more violently this time... Squirming fiercely in her chair and laughing a little harder--I tickled her for about 15-20  seconds and stopped after she almost fell out of her chair.  I told her that I was sorry but had to get her one more time. 

She smiled and said "no problem".

I complemented her on her feet and she thanked me and told her good bye again and as I was leaving she said "hey!"  I turned around and she had both feet facing me soles up and flip flops off....She said her feet want to tell me bye and while she said this, she wiggled and curled her toes in my direction
and laughed, I smiled, waved and went on my way... I know this was a long story but it is true. I find that getting to tickle pretty women's feet is the ultimate in excitement and they like it when us men appreciate their feet.  Thanks for reading

This story was submitted anonymously.

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