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Kelly's Smelly Feet
(Published on Saturday, June 29, 2002)
This story was submitted by Simon.

Firstly, can I just say that is the best and only TRUE foot lover’s site on the net.

This story im about to tell is from my very first foot fetish experience. It was about two months ago, a week before my 22 birthday.

My friend, Kelly, asked me if I wanted to go round to her house with a few of my buddies, (Kelly’s family were out of town for the weekend, which was quite regular, as we usually have a little party when they are gone. And by the way Kelly has THE most gorgeous size 7’s you’ve ever seen, ive only ever seen her feet once, when she was sun bathing by the pool in her backyard, she was laying on her back, her toes were pointing upwards and the smooth skin on her soles was a yellowy golden colour with white arches. I thought to myself, it would be a dream come true if I could have them feet to myself for 20 minutes or so, ive masturbated myself over the thought of it many times.) I asked her who was going to be there and she said about six of us, so I agreed to go.

The next day we all arrived at Kelly’s house at around 8:30 in the evening, as soon as I arrived I saw that she was wearing no shoes or socks, just bare feet and my cock began to throb at the sight of those perfectly shaped feet. We all knew nothing was going to happen between the girls and the boys as we were all good friends.

As the night went on I couldn’t stop staring at Kelly’s feet. everybody started to get a bit tired at around 12:30, so my buddies left and I tried to ring a cab to get back to my place, but they were all booked, I must have tried 3 or 4 different cab companies without luck. Kelly kindly offered for me to spend the night there as I had no where else to go. She said I could sleep in her bed at the opposite end as the floor was a complete mess, I thought to myself this could be my chance to get close to those smelly soles while she is asleep. I agreed to her offer and we walked up the staircase to her bedroom, I managed to hide my erection until we got into her bed. She obviously trusted me not to try anything sexual, which I wouldn’t anyway because she is a good friend. Her feet were now under the covers, they were facing the back of my head, I didn’t turn to face them just yet as I wanted to wait until Kelly was fully asleep.

I lay there for a while thinking about how those golden soles would smell. You see, what really turns me on about women’s feet, is the smell, it drives me mad, the odour given off by smelly, sweaty feet is enough to make me cum in my pants. And the best thing about it, is that I over heard a conversation the other day between Kelly and her best friend Lisa, where I thought I heard Kelly admit to having smelly feet. I couldn’t take it any longer I had to see them.

I checked to see if Kelly was asleep, she was, so I slowly turned my body round and peeled back the blanket which was covering her feet. Firstly I saw her toes appear, then her arches, then finally her heels. I admired them for a moment, then I thought id better have a good sniff to see if they smelt.

They stunk! It was lovely, they had a kind of cheesy smell to them, I stuck my nose in between her toes gently trying not to wake her. Her feet smelt so good I had to taste them. As I stuck my tongue out to meet her sole, I was wanking myself hard. When they connected I licked her smelly soles up and down, this made Kelly wriggle in her sleep, it also made me cum all in her bed and over her sheets.

That was the best night of my life, I jerked off another 2 or 3 times that evening. I hope you have enjoyed that story as much as I have writing it. All the memories have flooded back to me, in more ways than one…lol. Please email me and get in touch im , thanks!!

This story was submitted by Simon.

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