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Sleeping Wife

(Posted on Monday, February 8, 1999)
  This story was submitted by Donphile.
(Great feet has edited this story to fit our Editing Policy)

I have had a foot fetish for as long as I can remember. Whether by luck or otherwise, I married a beautiful woman with particularly lovely feet. My wife Annie has luscious dark hair, thick sensuous lips and a great figure. Her tall, shapely legs draw one's gaze down to her sexy size 10 feet. Those feet make me hard just writing about them. They are shaped perfectly. Her big toes, long and soft with a slightly upward curl; each of her other toes just shorter than the one next to it, each one long and straight. Her soles an inviting soft white, her arches high, the pads on her feet so soft you could sleep there.

Annie takes great pride in her feet. She gets pedicures every couple of weeks and keeps her toenails painted various shades of red. Of course Annie is well aware of my foot fetish. She indulges me whenever I ask. Foot worship, foot jobs, you name it. Over the years, I have cum on her feet more times than I could possibly remember. Sometimes I play with her feet while she sleeps. I love the heavy weight of her sleeping feet in my hands, and posing her in various positions. On those occasions, I play with her sleeping feet for hours, cumming again and again on them.

There was one fantasy that Annie would not indulge me in, at least not straight out on her own. I have always wanted to see another man get off on Annie's feet. Unfortunately Annie was not comfortable with this idea even though the fantasy of it turned her on when I would tease her about it. This confused me a little. You see Annie is well aware of how attractive her feet are. In fact she frequently gets complimented on them. She loves to find ways to show them off. I guess in her mind there is a big difference between showing them off and having someone other than me play with them.

A few months ago, I devised a plan for following through on my fantasy. Since Annie did not want to participate in this, I figured what she did not know would not hurt her, especially the way I had things planned. First, I had to find the right guy to invite to the encounter. I had someone in mind. My friend Eric was someone I knew well, and he had admitted to having a foot fetish. Eric was a single guy who I thought might not get many chances to indulge his fetish.

In casual conversation I asked him if he thought Annie's feet were attractive. He quickly agreed that her feet were as beautiful as any he had ever seen. I told him I was looking for someone I could trust to join me in playing with my wife's feet. I could see the bulge rising in his pants. After explaining the plan to Eric, he was enthusiastically on board. As it turns out, Eric has never actually made love to a woman's feet before. This would a first. The fact that it was Annie made it even more exciting for him. He would join me and Annie next Saturday night.

The next day, I told Annie I wanted to have a quiet, intimate dinner at home Saturday night. I would make some pina coladas and snuggle in for a romantic night. She was delighted. We would have a simple dinner and watch a romantic movie while we drank. Of course, my real plans were somewhat more elaborate.

That week took forever. I could not wait until Saturday night. Finally the big night was at hand. I asked Annie to change into her sexiest night gown. She changed into a black, lacy gown that stopped at mid-thigh. She was wearing nothing else except a pair of black, open toed sandals with a two inch heel. She knew these were my favorites. I wanted to rip them off and get busy with her feet right then and there, but I resisted. I had much bigger plans for those precious feet tonight.

Annie made a simple chicken and rice dinner that we washed down with some white wine. After a candlelit dinner, it was time to settle into the living room. I asked Annie to go get the movie ready while I made the pina coladas. What I neglected to tell Annie was that instead of using our regular rum, I was using Baccardi 151. This is of course far more potent than what she was used to. In addition, I slipped a little vodka into her glass. I knew that this would add even more kick to the drink without her tasting it. My plan was simple; get Annie really drunk and wait for her to pass out. I also had an idea on how to help that along.

I went into the living room. Annie was curled up on the couch. "Sleepless in Seattle" was just starting on the VCR. I handed Annie her drink. It was everything I could do to keep myself from staring at her as she drank. As Annie drank it down, the bulge in my pants throbbed. Of course she noticed that her drink was far more potent than usual. I had used extra ice to minimize the taste, but there was no missing it. She drank it down anyway and went right along with my plans of seduction. She knew that I was up to something, but she certainly didn't know exactly what it was.

We snuggled there on the couch. After about 25 minutes or so, Annie started feeling the effects...just in time for me to get her another drink. She kept this up as the movie played on. I sipped at my drink frequently without really drinking much of it, while she drank through three large pina coladas in about 90 minutes. By now, she was bombed.

"Don," she said, "I think I drank too mush".

"Are you okay?" I asked with mock concern. I knew she was fine. Just drunk.

"I...I think I'm drunk...but I only had a few drinks..." She said, slurring.

Sure, a few drinks with 151 proof rum and a little vodka for good measure. Now she was slurring her speech and giggling at nothing in particular.

"Sweetheart," I said, "I think you've had a lot to drink. Maybe I should put you in bed."

"I guess...if you think sho... but let me finishss my drink ... is so good ..." She said as her head lolled about as if attached to her neck by a slinky.

She took a big swallow from her fourth large pina colada. She proceeded to drink down the rest, finishing just as Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan enjoyed their happy ending. By now Annie could barely keep her head up.

"Whoa ... I'm weally wasssted ... are you gonna take avaaanage uss me?" She continued to slur quite badly. I could barely understand her.

"I've got a suprise for you, honey." I smiled. "You just going to sleep for a while. And while your sleeping, we are going to have a guest. Remember Eric?"

"Errricc? I dunno. Whatsa doin?" She tried to ask.

"Yes, Eric is coming over in a few minutes." I said. As I said this, Annie's head landed on my lap. She was down, but not out yet. She was still conscious, but getting glassy eyed. I wondered if she could feel my rock hard erection through the haze and what she would think of it. My underpants were soaked with precum. With so much alcohol, she'd be out for hours.

"Eric has always admired your feet Annie. Did you know that?" Annie answered with a few blinks and a glassy stare. "And Eric is going to prove how much he admires your feet. You see you are going to be unconscious soon. Once you are out, Eric and I are going to have our way with your feet. Before this night ends, your feet are going to be soaked with cum."

Annie tried to reply, "Nooo. Ya woodunt ... wudya'? Ohh, yur soo baaaad ..." That was it. With that, Annie trailed off into a deep sleep. Her entire body went limp on my lap. Her nightgown had climbed up to her snatch. One of her ample breasts had popped out. I was pleased to see that both of her sandals had stayed on. I wanted her feet to stay shod for now. That would leave a slight layer of moisture for Eric to smell and taste.

I got up and lifted Annie from the couch cradle style. I carried her into the bedroom. Her body was totally limp, all her limbs hanging lifelessly as her hair tickled my thigh. I placed her on our bed, lying on her back. A little while later, Eric rang the doorbell. Per his request, I had covered Annie with a sheet, keeping her shoes on. It was show time.

Eric could barely contain himself. He was wearing nothing but shorts and a tanktop. His fully erect penis was plainly evident. I told him that Annie was out cold and we went to the bedroom. The room lighting was dim. Annie was exactly as I left her. I took a seat in the corner. I wanted to give Eric a chance to have those beautiful feet all to himself for a while.

Eric went to the foot of the bed and slowly lifted the sheet back exposing Annie's still shod feet. With her shoes still on, Eric lifted her left foot up to his mouth. He gently rubbed her ankle as he slid his tongue under her toes. Gingerly, he slipped the strap off of Annie's heal and slid the sandal off her foot. He planted his nose right into her toes and sniffed vigorously. He spent the next couple of minutes licking every inch of Annie's foot. I knew that foot was soft and warm with a slight and not at all unpleasant odor. The pad of her foot had a slight pinkish hue, and glistened in the dim light with the dampness of Eric's saliva. Eric lifted her left foot even higher off the bed, then let it drop. It dropped heavily bouncing a little as it landed on the mattress. Then he went to work on the right foot.

After a few minutes, Eric had his shorts off. He had one of Annie's feet in his mouth, while he rubbed his throbbing penis with the other foot. By now, I had taken my pants off too. Annie's entire body was rocking slightly as Eric worked her feet over. I sat off to the side trying hard not to cum right then and there. Watching this guy make love to my wife's feet made my balls ache to cum. At some point, Eric decided he needed to roll Annie over onto her stomach. He did so, despite her dead weight, exposing her ass completely. One of Annie's arms flopped off the side of the bed. She made some grunting, snoring type noise. Eric grabbed her at the ankles and slid her down so that her feet now hung off the end of the bed, toes pointed down.

Within a few minutes Eric had both her feet in his hands and was thrusting his rod between them. He would alternate between sucking on her toes, then rubbing his dick all over her soles, then licking his precum off of her, and starting the whole thing again. I could not stand it anymore. I had to join in.

I went to the head of the bed to check on her condition. A smile was on her face. Using two fingers, I pried one of Annie's eyes open. Her pupil was fixed and did not dilate with the room light. She was totally out cold. I went to the foot of the bed and grabbed Annie's left foot, while Eric continued to work the right foot. With only one foot each, we were each moving one of her feet between our dicks and our mouths.

There we were. My beautiful wife lay on her stomach, dead to the world, with her legs spread wide apart, each of lifting one of her feet high off the bed. Me with Annie's left foot in my hand, Eric with her right foot in his hand, each of us masturbating onto her feet. Eric could not hold it any longer. Ribbons of cum shot out of his dick onto Annie's sole. Eric moaned loudly as he spurted again and again. I have never seen so much cum in my life. Her foot was totally soaked. His cum dripped from between her toes and ran down her ankles onto the bedsheet. Now it was my turn. I shot the biggest load of my life right then. I must have pumped a gallon of cum onto my unconscious wife's foot. I watched as rivulets of my cum streamed down her foot, along the wrinkles of her lovely soles.

We each dropped her feet back to mattress. They both fell heavily as our semen slopped all over her legs and ankles, and onto the bed. Of course we were not done. Eric and I, sometimes one at a time, and sometimes together, played with Annie's feet for hours. Even when she began to stir, we continued playing with her feet. Both of us. Annie started slowly grinding her crotch into the bed, but she didn't say a word. Not one word. It seemed to me that she was completely out of it still, but to play it safe, Eric soon left.

The next morning, Annie woke up feeling sluggish and hungover. I decided to take a chance and tell about the night before. She didn't say anything about it, except to say that she had felt wonderful the night before. If it wasn't for the hangover, she even softly admitted that she'd like to do it again.

Like I said, I'm a lucky guy. Annie was actually kind of turned on about it the idea that even unconscious, her feet could make two men have the biggest orgasms of their lives. I expect this is just the start of more foot adventures for me and Annie.

  This story was submitted by Donphile.

(Great feet has edited this story to fit our Editing Policy)

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