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Tickling Donny's Mom's Sleeping Feet
(Posted on Thursday, May 16, 2002)
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I have been a reader of this site for some time and this is my first story submission. I was about 15, my buddy Donny asked me if I wanted to spend the night. We usually did the usual teen stuff, Talk about girls, stay up late, have munchies, etc etc etc.

At the time, his mom Bonnie was a tall slim redhead, around 37, attractive. I of course had (and still have) an intense foot fetish. Touching and tickling her feet was definitely on my agenda. I didnt have any chance of getting close to her til the next morning. It was a Saturday. Donny was in the living room watching TV. His brother Jim was sleeping in his bedroom and Bonnie was sound asleep in her room. I excused myself and told Donnie I was going to the bathroom.

The bathroom was up the hallway, this would allow me to pass Bonnie's bedroom. Out of sight, I tip toed into her room. My heart was pounding. I was scared of
getting caught but also excited because of what I was about to do.

She was asleep face up. I could tell she was still in a deep sleep. I very quietly crawled to the foot of the bed and loosened the sheets so I could get at her bare feet. After a few minutes of prodding the sheets up I exposed those vulnerable helpless barefeet. They were about a size 7, pinkish, wrinkled soles. Being only 15, my hormones were going nuts and my heart was beating faster.

With my index finger I started to gently tickle the soles of her right foot. These were without a doubt the SOFTEST soles I had ever felt. At first no response. I did it again. This time a little faster. She started to stir. Then I decided to tickle both feet at the same time. This time I got a reaction. She let out a Mmmmmmm Mmmmm. I started drawing circles on both of her feet with the tips of my fingers. She was making little gurgling sounds like she was talking in her sleep. And she was stirring a little more.

I continued tickling because I was really getting turned on by her reactions. The faster I tickled the more she stirred and I thought I heard a little giggle. By this time I was so excited. She was still asleep but I feared her waking up or Jim waking up or Donny wondering what was taking me so long in the bathroom. Before I got the
hell out of there I had to do one more thing. I put my face right up to her bare sole and ran my tongue slowly from her heel to her toes. Again I heard, Mmmmmm Mmmmm. This time it was louder. I quickly but quietly crawled out of there. Walked back down the hall and joined my friend in the living room.

At 15, I dont know where I got the guts to do that. When Bonnie woke up and went into the kitchen I made sure I  said good morning. She never knew what I had done. Donny also has an older sister named Mary. There were times when I had even more fun with her sleeping feet. Hope you enjoyed my story. If you have any comments you can email me at

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