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Moving In
(Posted on Thursday, April 18, 2002)
This story was submitted by Jim.

This story is illustrated. Enjoy!  :-)

The lazy afternoon progressed slowly as Rachel sat alone in her new apartment.  The place felt empty without any furnishings in it. “When are those movers going to get here?” Rachel thought to herself. As she sat waiting for the movers to call she thought about all her friends she had to leave back in Florida. Slipping into a daydream about all the fun times that she had with the boys, Rachel noticed she was looking at her toes when she snapped out of her dream. She smiled and leaned forward to inspect her toes a little closer.

It had been a while since anyone had paid attention to her feet. Rachel thought back to her early experiences with foot guys. There was that time back in Miami when she was working at a sports bar. The female wait staff dressed as cheerleaders and the older men in the club loved it.

Rachel remembered the group of Canadian tourists who asked if her toes had ever been sucked on. Several of the tourists held her still while one of them removed one of her shoes and socks and commenced to pour beer down her foot as he sucked her toes.

Her mind skipped ahead to remember even brief occurrences with footmen. It seemed they used to be everywhere. There was the shoe salesman whose hands used to linger on her feet longer than normal. The maintenance man who used to comment on her toenail polish color.

It would be years later that Rachel would finally meet Jim. Rachel and Jim started off as roommates during college. It wasn’t long before they developed a fondness for each other. Jim opened Rachel’s eyes to the world of foot fetishes. Rachel really enjoyed the attention he paid to her feet and soon she realized the power she had over foot guys. Though submissive by nature, Rachel soon learned how to get what she wanted by using her feet.

Rachel began to notice little things that she had overlooked before. Little side comments made by the men she worked and partied with.  She had the ability to detect foot guys a mile away now. Still a little shy about really using her newfound power, Rachel nevertheless took advantage of the opportunity to “have a little fun” with guys whom she knew wanted her feet.

It wasn’t until the night she and her coworkers went out to shoot pool and drink, that she found another foot guy other than Jim. Rachel had chosen to wear a sexy little tank top with blue jeans and of course her favorite Keds without socks on. After a few drinks they all piled into a van to be escorted to their next destination.  Rachel sat in the seat directly behind the two front bucket seats in the van. Being a bit tired, Rachel stretched her legs out and propped her feet up on the console separating the two front seats.

The driver did not notice, but Jon did. With a few drinks in him already, Jon grabbed Rachel’s right ankle and with one swift move, he had her shoe off.

“Awwww pretty toes,” Jon commented as his fingers traced the length of Rachel’s bare sole.  Rachel sat back and laughed as she watched him massage her naked foot. Without warning, Jon dropped his head down and took a couple of her moist toes in his mouth. Rachel was a little embarrassed as the rest of her coworkers watched this display of Jon’s fetish. Her attraction to him mixed with the alcohol in her system made the others all but disappear.

Rachel’s mind snapped back to the present with the ringing of the telephone. Her movers would be there in 45 minutes. After giving them directions to her place, Rachel sat back and laughed to herself thinking of all the fun times she had with Jim and the other boys back in Florida. But that had been months ago. “Months,” she thought to herself. “It’s been months since anyone has even looked at my feet!” She wondered to herself if her feet had somehow lost their appeal. She did everything she could to take care of them. Rachel always covered them in lotion to keep them soft and always kept her nails painted sexy colors.

As she looked at her feet, the sound of a large truck pulling up outside could be heard. She ran outside to greet the movers. Standing on her front porch, Rachel saw two men climbing down from the truck. The driver was an older man she guessed to be in his late forties, a little out of shape, but not bad. Then she noticed his helper. A much younger looking man with a baby face and an incredible body. Rachel had always been a sucker for nice bodies. She found herself very attracted to the younger man.

Rachel greeted the movers on her porch and introduced herself. She instantly noticed that both men glared at her feet as the climbed the stairs. She had been barefoot all day long and the bottoms of her feet were slightly dirty. She felt embarrassed about her dirty feet. She turned around and led the workers into her house. As she did, the movers both watched her feet as she walked inside. They broke their stares only to look at one another, smile, and then direct their attention back to her beautiful feet.

The older man turned to his helper and whispered, “Sevens,” as he closed the front door behind them. The younger man nodded in approval.

Rachel turned and said, “Excuse me?”

The older man informed her that he was reminding his partner what time their next drop off was. She had no idea they were guessing the size of her feet.

Rachel showed the men where she wanted everything and they commenced to work. She really didn’t have much to move in anyway. The men opened the back of the truck and climbed inside. The looked at each other and smiled again. It didn’t need to be said that they wanted Rachel’s feet in the worst way. They had to hatch a plan on how to get her.

“I bet her feet are really ticklish,” the old man began. “They look so freakin’ soft. If needed we can just jump her from behind and tie her up with some of these furniture straps!”

The younger man was more level headed. He knew she might get them arrested if they tried the frontal assault. God knows he wished they could capture her the old man’s way, but it was too risky. “Let me try and sweet talk her,” the younger man started. “Did you see the way she was looking at me? She likes me. We can use that to our advantage.”

The men started the process of moving her stuff in. With each trip inside they saw Rachel’s feet in different positions. Once the bed was assembled, they came in to find her laying face down on the bed plugging in a lamp on the other side of the bed. She had her knees bent back showing them her dirty soles as they walked in.  The old man couldn’t take what he saw and he started in on her.

The younger man quickly grabbed him by the arm and held him back. “Not that way,” he whispered. Soon the movers had completed their job. It was a warm day and they were visibly tired. Rachel offered them a seat and fixed the men a cool drink. As they sipped their drinks the telephone rang. It was Jim on the phone!  She excused herself and walked out on the deck to talk in private.

As they chatted, Rachel flexed her feet getting a little horny as Jim said how much he missed her sexy feet. Little did she know the movers were fixed on her feet. She could feel them looking somehow and decided that if they were in fact looking, she was going to give them a little tease.


Rachel showed off her soles and made it a point to stand on her tiptoes, which made her beautiful calf muscles tighten. Now it was time to see if her tease was working. She hung up the phone and headed back inside. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to be rude,” she said.

Rachel sat down on the futon next to the younger man and crossed her legs. Both men were looking! She finally knew for sure that they liked her feet. Now it was time to have a little fun with them, or so she thought. She pulled her camel saddle chair over in front of her and propped her feet up.


“I hope you don’t mind me putting my old nasty feet up in front of you. It’s just been a long day.” Rachel smirked.

“Oh no ma’am. Not at all. In fact, my partner and I were just commenting when you were on the phone that you have really pretty feet.” The younger man said.

Both men got up and knelt down in front of the stool. “How about a foot massage Miss?” the older man inquired.

“One man for each foot. Now that’s the way a girl should be treated!” Rachel joked.

The men spread her legs a little to give each of them enough room to work.  The younger man went to work on her toes. His strong fingers pulled on each of Rachel’s toes and he slid his fingers between each of them too. The older man was much more into her young soles. He grasp her foot like a sandwich and used his large thumbs to stroke her sole from heel to toe and then back again. He remarked how soft her soles were and complimented her on taking care of them.

Rachel just smiled and thought to herself, “I’ve still got the power!”

Rachel’s foot massage continued for over an hour. Her feet felt like heaven and she was getting horny from all the attention. All good things must come to end sometime and the balance of power was about to switch. The older man ran his fingernail up her sole and Rachel snapped out of her blissful state. She jerked her foot back and laughed out loud.

“A little ticklish are we?” the old man said with a devilish smirk. Rachel told them that she was and asked them to please not do that again.

“Tell you what,” the old man said, “If you can sit still for fifteen minutes of foot tickling, my partner and I will take you out to dinner wherever you want to go.”

Rachel knew of an expensive restaurant she wanted to eat at, but couldn’t afford.  She agreed to the bet.

“Now that means no jerking your feet away. You must leave them sitting here and endure the tickling,” the younger man stated. Rachel placed her sexy ankles together and closed her eyes. The old man slowly ran his fingernail back up her soles. She gritted her teeth and held on to the futon. The tickling stopped. She opened her eyes to see them looking at her with a smile. Quickly the old man held her ankles down as the young man wiggled his fingers up and down her soles at a feverish pace. Rachel recoiled one of her strong legs and out of reflex her legs shot back out and kicked the old man in the head, knocking him to the floor.

He sat up with an angry look in his eyes and said, “Hold her!”

The younger man held her ankles down as the old man pulled out some rope. “That hurt Rachel. I’m going to make sure you don’t do that again.”

That being said, he quickly bound her narrow wrists together running the long piece of rope down and binding her knees together as well as her ankles. Rachel was visibly nervous about being tied up by two strangers.

“We not going to hurt you Rachel,” the young man said.  “But you do need to be punished for kicking him in the head.”  Her feet were tightly bound to the camel saddle.


She tried to move them, but that was impossible. Finally the old man pulled out his handkerchief and blindfolded her. Rachel begged to be let go. Her pleas fell upon deaf ears. The men commenced once again to tickle her feet with their fingers and whatever other objects were around. Rachel thrashed about as much as the ropes would allow. Her sweet innocent eyes filled with tears of laughter. The men took delight in pressing a fork they found, deep into Rachel’s soft soles. The fork seemed to drive her mad! It felt good to her on one hand, but the ticklish feeling were borderline madness. Her helpless feet flopped around like a fish out of water. All of her thrashing was causing the ropes to dig into her skin, leaving behind deep marks. The tickling was non-stop. Rachel even felt a little bit of drool run out the side of her mouth. She was laughing so hard, she could neither breathe nor swallow.


Rachel’s fits of laughter became mixed with moans of pleasure. The men looked at one another and smiled. They knew that they had accomplished their goal of turning their victim into a girl who was truly enjoying her captivity.

“Sounds like somebody is starting to have fun,” the old man joked.

“Please don’t stop,” Rachel pleaded. She ground her hips around and tried to pull her hands into her lap. The rope prevented that. The younger man knew it was time to move the tickling to the next phase. The old man stepped back as the younger man bent down and placed a kiss on Rachel’s big toe. The kiss caught her attention and she bit on her bottom lip. Rachel knew what was next and she also knew how much she enjoyed having a mouth on her tender feet. He started off smelling her feet by running the tip of his nose from her little heel to her toes and then between each toe.

“God her feet smell good,” he commented as he made room for the old man to come in and see for himself. Being the dominant that he was, the old man slapped her soles with his hand after he had smelled every inch of her bound feet. The young man knelt back down and started licking Rachel’s soles with flat, broad strokes of his tongue. When he got to the balls of her defenseless feet, he stopped and used his teeth to chew on them. This feeling sent Rachel into a fit. She bucked her hips and tried to press down on his face with her feet.  The chewing tickled so badly, but it also made her extremely horny.

She knew that she was close to the brink. She begged them to let her, “have it.”

With that, both men went to work sucking on her toes like they were foot demons.  It wasn’t long before Rachel’s moans turned into screams and she was driven to one of the most powerful orgasms she had ever had. Her body fell limp, and also lifeless as they untied her. They laughed at her when she asked if they could stay the weekend with that silly smile on her face. They agreed to stay under one condition; that she be their slave for the weekend and do whatever they asked.

After the orgasm she just had, how could she say no?

They told her to put on some pants and shoes that showed off her feet. Once in her car, she was ordered to always keep her feet on the dash.

Anytime they passed a car, Rachel had to take her shoes off and put her feet on the dash and up against the windshield. They figured they might be able to attract a third or forth guy to have fun with her too.

Rachel enjoyed taking direction from the men. She was a natural submissive. She was treated very well and the men were polite to her. They didn’t want to hurt her; they just enjoyed having her do whatever they wanted. The next day she was told that she was going to the beach. On the drive out, her feet got more than a few stares from the men they passed. Who could miss them way up there on the dash?


Once on the beach, Rachel was ordered to set up her stuff and lay out on her tummy. They positioned her right next to a huge group of guys. They sat hidden from them and watched her go over there alone and lay out her beach things. One of the men even came over and offered to put lotion on her. She had to let him and the men noticed how the strange man even managed to massage the oil into her feet!


After teasing the men on the beach, Rachel was told to pack her things and return to the car. They headed straight home. Once inside, she was told to stand up with her hands behind her back. She was again blindfolded and tied up.

The ropes felt tight on her body, but she liked it that way. She wasn’t even allowed to change out of her bathing suit!


Rachel was helpless lying there as the men took pictures of her tied up. She hated the words “hog tie,” but found that the actual position was quite comfortable. The men rolled her around so they could get pictures from each angle.


The next day they even made a pair of stocks to lock her in!  How kinky were these guys?


Finally the fun had to end. Rachel knew that it was over, but she enjoyed every last bit of it. They had enjoyed smelling her feet after her daily runs and licking between her toes of course!


They had even managed to find a few local guys who had foot fetishes in the area to come by and enjoy Rachel’s bare feet. She found that to be the kinkiest thing they made her do. She chatted with each of the locals online and made times for each of them to come over. They were strangers who just came in and went to work smelling and licking her young feet. She didn’t even know two of their names! Rachel had never been this open before!

Before the movers left, they ordered her on the floor and took many more pictures of her bare footed.

Rachel enjoyed posing her feet for them. She didn’t care how, as long as it pleased the men. As they left, Rachel knew she had them eating out of the palm of her hand. The balance of power had shifted back into her corner. Little did she know, but she was the one with all the power all along!

This story was submitted by Jim.

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