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Crystal's Beautiful Feet
(Posted on Wednesday, March 6, 2002)
This illustrated story was submitted by Likes Soles.

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Author's note: "I just read your "disclaimer" at the top of my story [see below]. While I don't like the fact that it's there, I do understand your obligation and legality of putting something on your website that might arouse controversy.  I do however want to let you know, and you may add this to the story, that there was consent for sex earlier and other consentual kissing and touching prior to her obvious signs of being drunk.  I decided not to because of her level of intoxication.  I had left out those details as I didn't think they were necessary to the foot fetish aspect of the story.  I do not think it is right, nor would I ever have sex with a passed out drunk female, even if there has been consent prior to her passing out.  As you can see in the pictures I sent you, she remained fully clothed, except for her socks of course :P, throughout the rest of the night."

Webmaster comments to the author's note above: I was happy to receive the author's note above as it indicates to me that no ill intent was in the mind of our fellow foot fetishist. Permission to publish the author's note was included with his e-mail as you can see above. The author went on the mention in his e-mail that he had seen quite a few stories on our Web site in the past dealing with drunk or sleeping women having their feet worshipped. He goes on to say, "On not one of these stories did I see a disclaimer," wondering if anyone sent email or threatened our Web site, which caused us to put such a disclaimer in his story. As many of you know, there are disclaimers included in some of our stories whenever there is a question involving legal or moral issues about that particular story's content. Also, I don't recall more than a very small handful of stories on our site that were about "drunk or sleeping women having their feet [worshipped]." In any event, unless we somehow missed it, those stories, along with similar stories, all had disclaimers in them, or they all included appropriate story notes by the respective authors. And yes, we do occasionally get e-mail about some of our stories. Whenever there is a question about a particular story's content, and whether of not it should be censored or deleted based on the policies of our site, we take such e-mail very seriously. We are a responsible adult site, so our intention is to always promote safe, sane and consensual sex. This of course includes rape fantasies, role playing, and bondage scenarios.

Webmaster note: This story is certainly an erotic one, no doubt, but at least one very important fact needs to be clarified so that people will not be confused: It is important to remember that all sexual contact should be consensual. Clearly, someone who is drunk and essentially unresponsive is not of the mind to consent to any kind of sexual act. Foot fetishism is of course a sexually arousing act for those of us who have a foot fetish. Having stated this, especially in the context of this particular story, sexual contact is subjective. Based on the context of this story, we really have no idea how this young woman, Crystal, would have reacted to this young man's foot fetish adventure. However, as the outcome was sexual to the young man, most certainly, Crystal may have objected to his advances. It's also possible that she may have been fine with it.

My personal experiences tell me that most women are fine with men who have foot fetishes even when they themselves don't have one. Furthermore, it's been my experience that most women actually welcome the attentions of a man who want to get off on their feet - under the right circumstances. Might they find it odd? They might, which wouldn't be surprising. Then again, they might also feel quite aroused themselves with foot fetishism given the right circumstances and the right partner.

So let's be careful to be responsible, people, and in the interest of free speech, let's continue with the story ...


I am a frequent visitor of your site and obviously love female feet and especially soles. I wanted to send you some picutres I took last night after a night on the town with some friends.  My friends know nothing of my foot fetish and I wasn't about to let on.

Last night we met a very pretty girl named Crystal.  We left the local pub at closing and came back to my house at about 2 a.m. for some after hours partying.  My house has a very light colored carpet and when we all got back from the pub I made everyone take off their shoes. Crystal's feet are about a size 5 or 6 and very beautifuly pedicured (as you can see below).  But when she took her shoes off, she was wearing a pair of black socks which made it hard to tell that.

Foot Fetish Photo 1 Foot Fetish Photo 2  Foot Fetish Photo 3  Foot Fetish Photo 4

Foot Fetish Photo 5 Foot Fetish Photo 6 Foot Fetish Photo 7  Foot Fetish Photo 8  Foot Fetish Photo 9

Crystal started showing obvious signs of being pretty drunk, she was slurring her speech and falling over things.  We decided it was time to put her to bed.  My other two friends were also pretty drunk, and I was the most sober, so I "volunteered" to put Crystal to bed.  This was the perfect opportunity to see those beautiful feet!

I picked Crystal up and we stumbled to the back bedroom where I laid her on the bed.  She rolled onto her side and immediately passed out.  I could feel the anticipation growing as I pulled her socks off ever so slowly.  I was astonished at the beauty of her feet.  I really wanted to ravage them at that point, but I wanted to be sure she was out, and I wasn't sure if my friends would come in to check on her.  So I put a throw blanket over her and went back out to see what my friends were up to.

They were watching TV and on the verge of passing out themselves.  I knew my
moment would be soon.  I went into my room and got my digital camera, so I could capture the moment.  As I walked through the TV room I could see my buddies were fading fast.  I sat down for a second, then I said, "I want to make sure Crystal isn't going to throw up."

I got up and went back into the bedroom where Crystal was, and she hadn't moved and was now snoring.  I knew this would be fun.  My ideal position is with the woman flat on her stomach so I can enjoy every centimeter of her soles.  As I stated earlier, Crystal had passed out on her side, so I decided I would risk waking her and roll her onto her stomach.  I would just say I was worried she would be sick if she woke.  I grabbed her bottom leg and pulled it out straight, then the top leg.  She rolled very slightly when I did that, but her arms were crossed at her chest.  I grabbed her arms and straightened them out one at a time.

While I was doing this Crystal mumbled very softly and incoherently.  I knew she was not waking up, no matter what I did.  I was obviously very hard and knew I could take my time and do what I wanted.  I bent down and smelled her soles, which smelled heavenly.  I then started kissing and licking each sole from top to bottom.  I ran my tongue in between each toe and even sucked on each one.  I WAS IN HEAVEN.  I could hear her breathing getting heavier and again she was snoring quite loudly.  This was a sure sign that she was deeply passed out.

I then began softly biting her soles and again no movement.  I then started biting them harder and harder.  Again, she kept snoring, and no movement.  This is very erotic to me, so I kept licking, kissing and biting her soles for the next 3 hours, during which I came multiple times.  We all woke up and had breakfast this morning like nothing happened.  Although I could still see some bite marks that I had left, that aroused me even more I think.  Knowing all I had done, and she didn't have a clue. I wish I could do that every weekend.

I welcome any comments or feedback.

This illustrated story was submitted by Likes Soles.

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