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My Stepmom’s Feet
(Posted on Sunday, January 27, 2002)
This story was submitted anonymously.

I believe that I was born with a foot fetish.  Ever since I can remember the sight of a naked female foot was incredibly erotic.  I was in seventh grade the first time that I had the chance to actually touch a woman’s feet.  As you might have guessed by the title, those feet belonged to my stepmother, Marty.

Marty is about 5’6” tall and around 120 lbs.  She has straight brown hair and hazel eyes.  Her skin was always white, a very sexy and creamy shade of white.  Her feet are size seven and a half and are perfectly shaped, and I do mean PERFECT.  Narrow heels, high arches, and uniformed toes of average length.  Marty worked at a bank and of course wore pumps and pantyhose everyday.  As a result of wearing pumps, the outside of both big toes had become a little hard.  I always thought that the little extra skin on her big toes added to their sexy shape. Most of the time Marty left her toenails unpainted, but there was the rare occasion that they would be colored a nice shade of red or plum.

Marty always was barefoot around the house most of the year.  I loved to watch her walk around the house.  Marty’s feet were always in plain site.  If we were in the living room watching TV, her legs would be stretched out in front of her.  It wasn’t hard to find a position around her that didn’t offer an excellent shot of those feet.

We were often alone in the house together on weekends.  Marty would be either outside doing yard work barefoot or lying in a chair reading a book.  I wanted so bad to touch them for the first time, but I could never build the courage to do so.  I would watch her lying on the sofa reading from another room.  I could see her feet but she couldn’t see me.  I would stand there and go over and over what I could say or do to give her a foot massage.  I was only thirteen, so this seemed an impossible task.  Sometimes I would build the nerve to go sit at the foot of the sofa and make conversation, but I lacked the balls to ask her if she wanted a foot massage.  I was so nervous and excited that my hands trembled and it was almost impossible to speak without my voice shaking.

One evening it finally happened.  This is going to sound made up, but it is 100% fact.  I had to do a paper in seventh grade English class that was to be about a way we help a member of our family.  To this day, I’m proud of my slyness in getting her feet!  My paper talked about the normal bullshit a kid would write.  I wrote about how I helped Marty out around the house.  How I took out the trash and helped with the dishes, blah, blah, blah.  Towards the end of the report I added that I even massaged her feet at the end of the day sometimes.

Once the report was finished I tried to build the nerve to show it to her.  Just the thought of her reading the words “foot massage” turned me on like crazy!  It was a weeknight and we were alone in the house.  I knew that everybody would be back in a few hours.  I kept trying to build the nerve to go into her bedroom where she lay reading, barefoot of course.  I saw that we only had an hour left alone together.

My head buzzed and my palms sweated as I walked into her room.  She asked what I  was up to and I told her about the paper.  I asked if she would read it to see what she thought.  I handed it to her and climbed up on the other side of the bed.  She got in a fetal position facing me to read my report.  When she got to the end she smiled and I knew she was reading the foot part.  She handed it back to me and said that it was good.

That’s when she said, “Since when have you been massaging my feet?” Saying it in a laughing tone of voice.

“Well” I stammered “Would you like one?”

Marty’s response couldn’t have been better.  She turned on her back and sat up on the bed. She extended her feet right in front of me.  My hands reached out and touched her feet for the first time.  I had the best view of her soft little soles facing me.  Marty looked at me with a smile for a minute and talked about how good that felt.  I barely heard her.  I caressed her feet and pushed my fingers between each of her toes.  She went back to reading her book.  I sat up Indian style on the bed
and put both feet together in my lap.  I looked down at her superb arches and soft toes.

That night her toes were painted red.  I took one foot in both hands and held it like a sandwich as I dug my thumbs deep into her soles.  Sliding my thumbs from her narrow heels up the ball of her foot and back down again.  I alternated between feet and then pressed both ankles together as I would raise them up to my chest.  I planted her warm soles firmly on my chest and reached forward to push the legs of her pants up.  I slid them up below her knees to expose her creamy calves.  I stroked the underside of her hanging calf muscles from her heels to her knees.

I took both feet down and put them back in my lap.  The side of one foot rested next to my cock and the feeling of her foot touching it sent electricity shooting thru my body.  She didn’t notice where her foot was.  I brought one foot up in front of my face and held it with both hands under her heel. My hands were making the shape of a football field goal post.  Her tender heel resting on top of my thumbs as the rest of my fingers gripped the side of her foot and the arch on the other side.  I must have looked like a savage holding a golden idol up to the gods!  I held her foot in front of my face and studied every line and wrinkle on her sole.  My index fingers gently ran up and down the length of her incredible sole.

If this story were fiction, this would be the point where I would tell you how I leaned forward and began licking and smelling her sole.  She would have lowered her book, winked, and spread her toes as I licked between them.  Of course I can’t leave out how her other foot would have went to work on my cock!  As much as I wish that would have been the way it happened, it didn’t.

I continued the massage until I couldn’t take anymore.  She thanked me for the massage and I went back to my room and shut the door.  I sat on my bed and smelled my hands.  They still had the sight sweaty scent of her feet on them.  I took my cock out and just barely touched it when it exploded!

Over the next seven years I must have given her fifty foot massages.  I was young and didn’t know how to pace myself so it didn’t look like I was obsessed with her feet.  Every time we were alone in the house I massaged her feet.  For the first couple of years she didn’t catch on that it was sexual for me and loved the massages.  It was like our little secret.  If I was massaging her feet and somebody came home she would take her feet away and I would move to another seat in the room.  I started to get the feeling she knew how I felt and was turned on by it.  I still like to think that whether it’s true or not.  One night I went too far and it all was downhill after that.

What happened was, we were alone and I was rubbing her feet.  She was reading as she always did when I rubbed her.  I asked if her feet were ticklish and she said, “Yes.”

I tickled her feet with my fingers playfully and she let out a little laugh and flexed her feet to escape my fingers.  I got so turned on that I put one foot down almost directly on my extremely hard cock.  I held one foot up with both hands and used an elbow to press her foot down on my cock even harder.  I didn’t thrust my hips or grind her foot on it.  I merely just pressed it down.  The sight and feeling of her heel pressing down, right on my cock was too much.  I felt like I was going to cum.  You guys know how easy it is to get carried away when you feel a nut coming on.  My mind was clouded and all I could think about was how they smelled and tasted.  Somehow I really believed that she was going to like this and actually let me do it.

She always held her book in front of her face.  It wasn’t uncommon for me to hold her foot up in front of my face so she didn’t stop reading.  That’s when I leaned over and up my nose right up next to the underside of her toes.  They didn’t touch, but I could really smell her feet well.  I had taken her sneakers and socks off prior to the massage.  Her feet had a nice sweaty smell to them.  I massaged her toes and the ball of that foot, as I smelled it.  This lasted a few minutes, as I smelled from her heel up to her toes.  I again tickled her foot with my fingers.  Marty put her book down on her chest and laughed, again flexing her foot and pointing her toes.  I pushed her foot down harder on my cock.  Then I doomed myself.

I asked her if he had ever had her toes nibbled on before.  She looked at me with one of those what are you going to do looks and said that she hadn’t.

“I bet this tickles you then!”  Having said that I lifted her right foot to mouth and lightly bit that hard spot on the side of her big toe.  I then proceeded to nibble on the tips of each of her toes.  The look in her eyes said it all.  She was thinking what the heck is going on, I don’t like this, but I don’t want to be a bitch kind of looks.  Her eyes held that look that we men get when the doctor has to stick his finger up our ass.  That kind of “Whoa!  Hey!” look!  I then moved to the ball of her foot and nibbled my way across it.  As I did I stuck my tongue out a little to taste her foot.  Her first attempt to stop me failed.

She said, “I don’t think you want to do that. My feet are really gross right now.”  Kind of a polite way to say, “STOP!”  I didn’t.

I worked my way from the balls of her right foot, down her arch to her heel.  Pressing my nose hard into her sole as I did.  Her other foot was now getting ground into my crotch and I finally came in my pants.  I shot the biggest load ever right in my pants.  A pillow halfway rested on my cock so it wasn’t noticed that I came.  I bit down on her heel a little hard when I did come.  So there I was. One of Marty’s size sevens on my cock, the other one with my lips against the heel, and a load of cum in my pants.  The whole incident lasted maybe two minutes.

I excused myself and went to my room.  Believe it or not I was still allowed to massage her feet, but it was never the same.  She always watched me and when a foot was placed near my cock, I could feel her slowly moving it away.  Sometimes she would pretend to adjust her sitting position and move her foot to my knee off my crotch.  Giving her foot massages became harder and harder. She would never say no if asked, but it was clear that she didn’t want one.

Finally after years of enduring my foot massages she finally said she didn’t think it was a good idea anymore.  It was fun while it lasted!

This story was submitted anonymously.

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